The Choice

Chapter 4

I crossed my legs and propped them up onto my coffee table whilst clutching a bowl of salted popcorn on my lap whilst watching the TV. I wasn't sure what I was watching, something to do with the police chasing after a criminal, but I didn't care, I was too busy thinking about what had happened earlier on today. Ryan Cage was going to be easier to capture than I thought! Yes, he was extremely good looking and sweet but I was not here to get a boyfriend with an enemy spy, I was here to carry out a task. And that's exactly what I was planning to do. Tomorrow, I would head to the library in the city where he hangs out hoping he would be there and lure him into asking me out, then after he gets to know me as Isabelle he'd realize how amazing she is, then I would find out what I needed then leave him. An early night, that's what I needed, I turned off the TV, locked the doors and headed to bed with my bowl of popcorn.

Ugh! Where the heck is he, I'm sick of waiting at this lame old fashioned library! I've been waiting here for the past hour and a half and no sign of Ryan Cage! This is supposed to be his usual hang out place, so where the heck is this dude!
"Gosh, if you clutch that book any tighter I swear you'll rip it in half" came a low voice. I turned around and faced the book shelf and peered through the gap where I'd taken out a book. He was there. I stared into those deep blue crystal eyes and took in his perfect skin, hair, cheekbones. WHOA! Snap out of it Bethany, say something already and stop acting like a retard!
I laughed, "Yeah, have I seen you before?"
"Yeah, remember last night at the club, Nightlife." He replied smiling, I scoffed,
"Oh yeah, you're that jerk from last night." I muttered then turned around making my way towards the next isle pretending to be interested in the current book I was holding. He ran up behind my eagerly, "Yeah, about that, I'm sorry, I'd really like to make it up to you, if you don't mind, do you wanna head to Starbucks for a coffee or something?"
Yes, I was hoping he would ask that.

"What… and then to the disabled toilets after for some make up sex for calling me a hooker? No thanks." I said, facing him, fury in my eyes. He stepped in closer to me, our nose almost touching,
"Hey, don't be unfair, you know what I said last night was a mistake. If you don't wanna have a coffee then fine. It was nice meeting you." He said, and then simply walked away towards the exit. Shit. What was he playing at? Was he trying to lure me? I grumbled under my breath, trying to decide what I wanted to do now, he had me right where he wanted me, not the other way round. As I saw him turn the corner as he exited the library I quickly walked up next to him, he stopped and faced me, a smirk on his face, I narrowed my eyes then smiled,
"Well, since you put it like that, then I guess, I should at least give you the opportunity to make it up to me." I said flirtatiously then walked the other way towards Starbucks Restaurant leaving him behind. Obviously, he followed, and a few minutes later we were seated opposite each other, me sipping a frappucino and him a cappuccino.
"So what's your name?"
"Isabelle Brown, what's yours?"
"Ryan Cage, so how long you been living in New York?"
"About 2 years, what about you?"
"About 9 months, you don't really look like the type of girl to read, what were you doing in the library today?"
"What do you mean I don't look like the type? I love to read thank you very much." I said in a jokingly over protective voice. I smiled warmly at him,
"Sorry. Wow, seems like I've been judging you too much too fast lately" blushed Ryan, gulping down the last drop on his cappuccino.
"Yeah, maybe you should stick around, get to know be better wise guy." I teased. My phone started vibrating and I took it out of my pocket looking at the caller ID. It was Spencer, the text read:

'Need to talk to you urgently, call me. S'
I got to go Ryan, thanks for the coffee it was great" I said getting up and heading towards the door.
"W-Wait, take my business card, I'm a photographer, call me anytime." He said shoving his card into my hand, I smiled at him and said,
"Yeah, I'll call you"