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Magic can be a tool

Merlin was prince Arthur's manservant and friend. However he didn't tell him everything. The dark haired boy had magic. It was a secret that he couldn't share with him. But still there was something else about him. Merlin had also hopeless feelings towards the handsome blonde. His love and desires were growing and growing with every day of his doleful life.

The boy sometimes thought that one day he would do something stupid. His dreams became more courageous and dirtier. Merlin knew that it was sick but what could he do? He was only a young and horny man.

The sorcerer finally lost his mind. He was desperate. He needed to do something and some dirty idea crossed his mind. It was dangerous but the boy thought that it was worth the risk.

Merlin carefully planned everything. He prepared the disguise. Black clothes and good mask were all what he needed. Besides he had to find some spells in his book of magic. It took him a while but the boy was excited because of the fact that he was actually doing something.

Finally that day came. Merlin did all his chores for Arthur and came to his and Gaius' chamber. He waited as the old physician fell asleep and then escaped from his bedroom in disguise. In the way to Arthur's chambers he was very careful. He didn't want to lose the chance that he had.

Merlin knew that he was risking. His magic powers could be revealed but he couldn't think clear when his desires were so strong. Arthur was worth that. The boy could at least die trying to do something that he wanted with all his heart.

The boy slipped into the Arthur's chamber aa quiet as his own clumsiness let him. In fact Merlin was able to be quite graceful when he could gain some profits.

Arthur was sleeping in his bad snoring lightly. Merlin couldn't help but thought that prince looked and sounded very cute. He started to desire him even more.

Merlin made his way towards the bed. "Now or never." he thought and placed a chaste kiss on prince's cheek. Arthur's smell was so magnetic. They boy couldn't believe that he hadn't done it before.

Abruptly the blonde opened his eyes. They were a bit foggy but Arthur was aware that something strange was happening. However before he could say anything, Merlin whispered a spell thanks to which prince couldn't recognize his servant's voice. Then the young warlock cast the second spell.

"What's going on?" Arthur whispered because he was not able to scream. The future king wanted to jump off of bed but he couldn't move. Merlin's spell worked. Arthur could only lie on the bed and waited for that evil sorcerer's vengeance. The blonde thought that it was attempt on his life.

Arthur was watching the sorcerer very carefully. He wanted to prove that he was not a coward and that he could face the death. "Do it!" The blonde snarled. "Kill me."

The foreigner only snapped his fingers and Arthur's shirt disappeared showing prince's well-built and very naked chest. It made Arthur confused. He was ready for lots of things but not for something like that.

Suddenly Merlin leant down and did even more confusing thing. He started licking Arthur's chest making the future king gasping. The prince didn't want to admit it but he liked the feeling of warlock's tongue on his skinn especially on his nipples.

Merlin was horny so he didn't wait long and snapped the fingers one more time. This time Arthur was lying wearing only his tight breeches.

The warlock started grabbling him. Merlin's trousers exhibited his erection very well. It was all to much for Arthur and his own cock. The future king was aroused as well. He stopped thinking about magic. He just wanted the touch of the other man.

Merlin started taking off prince's breeches without spells. He wanted to do it with his fingers.


Arthur was very amazed by his own reactions but he didn't care. The future king wanted more and more.

Merlin drew up and started slowly, very slowly, taking off his trousers. Arthur was like in trance watching the sorcerer.


"Do you want it?" the warlock asked.

The prince nodded. The desire was written on his face.

"Good." Merlin smirked. His mask showed his mouth and his eyes. But there was dark in the room and the warlock used his spells. Arthur couldn't recognize him.

The sorcerer pushed prince's legs harshly.


Finally they came. Arthur was first. He couldn't stand it any longer. The spot, the heat, the stranger and his magic were just too much. The prince knew that having sex with a man he broke the law. That practices were forbidden in Christian world. But most of all the prince was doing it with a sorcerer. Maybe he had no choice because the warlock had used a spell but he enjoyed it and it was surely the act of betrayal.


After a huge climax he fell on the prince's flesh. They both breathed hard. It was their first time not only together but also at all.

Merlin couldn't help but bit into Arthur's neck. The prince moved him closer. It was really strange but Arthur felt safe with that warlock. As if he knew him.

The sorcerer lifted his head up and placed a sweet kiss on Arthur's mouth. Then he stood up and just went out. He got what he wanted. So why did he feel so bad and miserably?

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