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Chapter 3: The Truth

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Warnings: SLASH, man on man

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The Truth

There was the night. Arthur was aware that he had been fucked only twenty four hours before. He was also aware that he was waiting for the stranger. It was sick and dishonourable but he really hoped that the stranger would come back and lead him to the other world of pleasure and dreams.

The prince knew that it all was hopeless, that he should forget. It had happened once and there was no chance for the other times.

However there was something what didn't let him forget. It wasn't even that burning desire or pure curiosity. It was that feeling that the stranger wasn't a stranger at all. There was something familiar about him. Arthur knew that he had felt that before. He just couldn't place it. Something blocked that memory but the man was sure that it was somewhere deep in his mind and that he could find the way to recall it.

Arthur closed his eyes and focused on his thoughts. That feeling was hidden there. He saw the pictures of his life, the people that he had met and places where he had been. Suddenly his heart beat faster. It happened right then when he remembered his second meeting with Merlin. The words: there's something about you Merlin... I can't quite put my finger on it rang in his head.

The fair haired man opened his eyes quickly. That was it. He found that feeling. Merlin was the only one who made him feel like this.

"It can't be true..." Arthur whispered. He didn't want to believe it. His clumsy manservant who had prince's trust couldn't be that stranger. Merlin couldn't be a sorcerer.

However the future king already knew that it was the truth. There was nothing what could change that.

Arthur was shocked, hurt and even a bit scared. He wanted to forget. He wanted to wake up and find out that it all was just a stupid and crazy dream. But it was hopeless. There was no way of returning.


Arthur had a plan. At least it was some sort of plan. He couldn't think about details because it could be too much confusing.

The prince avoided his servant all the next morning and afternoon. He decided that evening was the best time for his crazy scheme. The young man had to control his emotions till the evening, till the moment of truth.


Merlin had a hard workday. He was glad that he hadn't been seeing his master oftener than it was necessary. The boy only hoped that the guilty that he still felt would let go soon. He never was the best manservant, in Arthur's opinion he was actually the worst servant in the history of Camelot, but now he was even worse. The boy couldn't focus on anything and it made him work slowly.

Suddenly the doors flew open and Arthur came into his chamber.

"Merlin..." he said seriously.

The warlock looked up at him and felt that something was wrong. He couldn't help but swallowed hard. The prince had a demon in his eyes.

"Yes?" Merlin asked his master. He was telling himself to calm down but as always it was hopeless.

Arthur locked the doors and hid the keys in the pocket of his trousers. Then he leant against the wall and watched Merlin carefully.

"Sire?" the sorcerer dared to speak. "What's going on?"

"I should ask you that question, don't you think?" Arthur's voice was cold.

"I don't understand, sire."

The blonde smirked. "Don't be so innocent, Merlin. We both know that you are not."

Merlin started panicking. He wanted to get out of that chamber as soon as it was possible. "Arthur, please, unlock the door. It's late. Gaius will worry..."

"No, Merlin. You're not going anywhere."

"Why?" The boy's voice started trembling.

"Because I know the truth."

Merlin was truly scared. He came up to the doors desperately. Arthur stopped him by grabbing boy's shoulder. "I told you something," he hissed.

"What do you want from me?" Merlin asked him. He still hoped that his master was pretending and he would laugh out loud soon. The boy wanted that more than anything.

"The same what you wanted from me..." Arthur raised his eyebrows. "Sorcerer..."

"Excuse me?" Merlin whispered.

The future king took something from the other pocket and before Merlin could do anything, Arthur unpacked it and applied it to boy's nose. The effect was immediate. Merlin felt weak and his legs started shaking.

Arthur grabbed him and threw on the bed. The boy couldn't move but he was aware of everything what was happening all around him. The prince was really furious. He started tearing and ripping his servant's clothes and he didn't stop till Merlin was completely naked.

"Do you like it, sorcerer?" he hissed. "It's such a fun, isn't it? Don't you want to have some fun before you die?" Arthur asked the scared boy. He didn't know what he was saying. He was too mad to control his own words.

The future king took off his own trousers and breeches. His cock was hard, half because of his rage and half because of the burning desire.

Arthur wanted to make Merlin sick. He sat on the boy and smirked widely.


Merlin couldn't do anything. He just took everything what Arthur was giving him. It was less painful. The boy knew that it all was only his own fault. He was the first one who had started that crazy ride. Merlin had used his magic in a very bad way. He'd made a mistake and now he was paying for that. Every pleasure has its own price.

The prince became even more mad. The rage was running through his veins. It took control over him. The truth was that he was scared as well. He didn't really want to hurt Merlin but it was the only way to show the boy what he'd done to him.

Arthur couldn't stand it all any longer. He came very soon.


The boy was blushing bright red but he was aware that he deserved it. That situation didn't change his feelings. He still felt the burning love inside his heart. Merlin was ready for everything. He always knew that he could stand for Arthur much more than any other person. The humiliation was nothing.

Merlin lay, waiting for his fate. His eyes were closed. He started to like that world of darkness. Arthur would lead him to the world of pain soon. The blonde was regenerating and the dark haired boy was waiting.

The future king's hands came back very fast. They turned the boy down. Now he was lying on his stomach. And than it happened.


The prince's movements were fast and painful. But they had also something beneficial. Merlin couldn't understand it but he was glad. Maybe it was his end. Maybe it brought him lots of pain. But it was Arthur.

Then it happened again. The prince hit the roof. However this time his servant followed him as well. It was stronger than the strongest will. It was strange but being in such a dangerous situation made him aroused. His mind didn't want that but his body did.

Arthur stood up. He came up to the window, still naked. There was dark outside. He started calming down slowly. The thought that he just had raped his servant suddenly came to his mind. The boy was a sorcerer but now he didn't look scary at all. To be honest, Merlin had never looked scary. He was just a Merlin, his clumsy and friendly manservant. He had come to his prince two nights before but Arthur had enjoyed it. Somewhere inside he was glad that it had happened.

The fair haired man turned around and focused his gaze on the skinny flesh of his servant. Then he felt it. He had hurt Merlin, the boy who had shown him the other world. And now that boy was lying in his bad, raped and defenseless.

Arthur ran up to his bed and started shaking warlock's arms. "What had you done to me then?" he asked. "What?"

Merlin didn't answer. He only looked up into prince's eyes.

"Tell me! I order you to tell me!" Arthur didn't give up. He wanted to believe that Merlin had done something to him, that it was boy's fault. It could make him feel better. It could give him back the belief that he hadn't made a mistake. Actually, Merlin had done something to the prince, and he was still doing this. The truth was that that it all had begun a long time before. And it had nothing to do with magic. The dark haired boy had a special place in the future king's heart, a special corner, but Arthur was too pride to ever admit it. Till that day.

The man who was meant to rule that kingdom in the future finally understood the truth. He didn't want to hurt the boy any more. No, he wanted to make it all better. However he was afraid that it could be already too late.

Arthur didn't think too much. With trembling hand, he caressed Merlin's cheek, which wasn't as pale as usually but red from a shame. His manservant didn't react at that touch. The prince leant down to his ear and whispered "I'm sorry". Then he dared to kiss the sorcerer tenderly in his neck. "I'm really sorry..." he repeated.

Merlin moved lightly. He was very shocked. He was ready for everything but not for that words from Arthur's lips. Not after what had happened. The boy thought that it was some other Arthur's silly game, cruel trick.


"Leave me," the boy whispered. "Kill me and let this all come to an end. I want to die..."

Arthur cupped Merlin's head and made the sorcerer look into his eyes. "I won't let you die," the future king hissed. "Do you understand?"

"You've already bullied me..." Merlin sniffed. "I know that I made a mistake. I regret all the things that I've done..." His voice was weak and the boy wasn't sure if he could carry on much longer. "I let you down Arthur... I didn't want it to end this way. I'm sorry..."


"Please, let me finish what I need to say before you kill me," he asked. "I was supposed to show you... to prove that magic is not evil. That it's neutral... that it's a gift that we can use in a good way. Just like a tool." Merlin couldn't stop his tears and started crying like a child. "But I screwed it all... You won't believe now that magic is not evil but please... don't be blind. Maybe one day you'll meet a person who will show you the truth about magic." The boy took a deeper breath. "I hurt you because I was selfish... and stupid. So stupid! My body won against my mind and heart. I'm ashamed of myself... Now Arthur..." Merlin wiped his tears away and faced the prince who couldn't be his. "Now you can kill me."

Arthur was shattered. "Merlin... I'm not going to kill you."

The boy, who had been closing his eyes, opened them immediately. "What?"

"I wouldn't kill you..." The prince finally admitted.

"But I'm a sorcerer! And I used you..."

"I'm not my father, Merlin... I know that you have magic but it doesn't matter. Not any more." Arthur laughed. "And you didn't use me. I mean... what you did was wrong but I'm glad that you did that. I enjoyed it, Merlin!" The prince smiled weakly. "Thanks to you I realized who I really am."

Merlin blinked few times, way too shocked to understand everything. "Then who are you?" he dared to ask.

"A slave."

The warlock frowned. Arthur could be many things but not someone like that!

"A slave of my feelings... If I killed you, I would kill myself too. I don't know what it is but... you make me feel a human." He sighed. "You should have told me that you were a sorcerer but my anger melted away. I... I love you, Merlin."

The boy's bottom lip started shaking. "Love? Me?"

"Yes." Arthur felt such a wonderful relief after admitting his feelings. Finally he was honest with himself. "You had hurt me. I hurt you... I can't see future but I hope that if we forgive one another, we'll be able to try to be together."

"You should forgive me, not otherwise. I started it all..."

"It doesn't matter who started it. We can try to forget about what happened. If you feel the same of course..."

"I do," Merlin whispered.

Arthur leant down and kissed warlock's lips. It was the sweetest kiss that they ever tasted.

When they broke apart, Merlin looked at him lovingly. But there was something hidden in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Arthur asked him.

"You're the prince... You're Uther's son... One day you'll become king and you'll have to produce an heir. What we do now is a craziness."

"It is." The fair haired man nodded lightly. "But it's a very nice craziness."

"It has no future..." Merlin continued.

"Don't say that. We'll conquer everything."

"What if..." The boy started but Arthur stopped him kissing him once again.

"I'm a great swordsman. You have magic. We'll cope with all difficulties," the prince assured him. "Now we have to be careful. But it doesn't mean that we can't be together now at all, huh?" Arthur smirked.

Merlin could only nodded. The words were unnecessary. The rest was a secret of the dark night.

You have to remember that the truth can hurt. However the same truth can make it all better.

The End

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