I know I've posted this before but, I have to change a few things, because I was writng something that fit in with it. And pls review. BTW, this is based on the night that Gibbs burns down Jenny's house.

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He walked through the automatic doors slowly and gingerly, into the cool air of the morgue. It was just past midnight, and the morgue was deathly quiet, all the lights turned off as Ducky had gone home for the night. His chest tightened, as he tried to hold back tears. He had to be sure. Before he put the gun in his mouth, he had to see for himself.

He crossed the room silently, flicking on a single overhead light and as he reached the freezer door, Leroy Jethro Gibbs started to cry softly. He began to open the door, and then stopped, seeing a note taped to number '439'. He tore it off and read it aloud.


I knew you would come to see her. She should have told you. About everything. Her being sick and how she felt. Among other things. Jethro, I know you are hurting but don't do any thing stupid. Please. You know that if you need to talk, I am here." Signed Ducky.

He sighed, scrunching up the paper, and dropping it onto the floor. He wondered what Ducky meant by 'Among other things', but discarded the thought, and swiftly shutting the door he started to open, proceeded to open '439'.

As he did, he found it hard to breath. With shaking hands he pulled out the draw, and a sob shook through his body as he saw the second love of his life laying on the cold stainless steel, unmoving, his first being Shannon.

Jenny Sheppard. He could see where she had been shot, though the holes had been filled with putty. His fingers brushed across her pale cheek, and he flinched at the coldness under his hand, suddenly making him sick in the stomach.

Jethro took a step back, his hand reaching for the gun on his hip. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He had stopped so many people from taking their lives. He couldn't see why they would. Until Jenny died. She was the last straw in a long line of grievances.

First it was his mum. He never got to say goodbye, and she never knew how much he loved her. After Jethro had yelled at her, blaming her for ruining his life, she had died. Probably of a broken heart.

Next were Kelly and Shannon. They didn't deserve to die. If Shannon hadn't been in the wrong place at the wrong time, they wouldn't be dead. And if Jethro hadn't left to go to Desert storm, they would be alive.

Then it was Pacci. That one was Gibbs fault. If only he had listened to Chris and helped him out, he might…no he would be alive.

Kate. No one was to blame for that except Ari. That bastard didn't have a motive for killing her, except to get back at Gibbs.

Now he was alone. No, that's not true. He had Abby, Tim and Ducky. Tony and Ziva weren't part of his team anymore. Director Vance had split them up, sending Ziva to Israel, Tony to the Ronald Reagan. They had been gone far too long.

No one knew of Jethro's plans. Ducky had his suspicions, but couldn't be sure, and Abby just thought he was coping with losing Jenny. She was right in a way, but he was sure she would never pick him as the kind of guy to commit suicide.

He wished Ziva were here. He could always talk to her when things got rough, and she always understood how he felt. She saved his life, yet it was all about to be for nothing.

He looked Jenny over one more time, but before he put the gun in his mouth, he saw something. Jenny's hair was slightly mused revealing a patch of skin on her neck.

There wasn't really a reason he did what he did next, just sort of a hunch he supposed. He took a step forward, gently rolling her head to the side, so he could see her neck more clearly. He looked closer; teary eyes curiously inspecting a small mark.

Jethro jumped back, grabbing hold of a gurney, trying to steady himself. NO, he thought. This can't be real.

What he had seen was a small love heart tattoo, inked onto her neck, just behind her ear. The exact tattoo that he had seen for so many years on his dead wife Shannon, on that exact same spot. Inscribed in elegant letters were the words Kelly + Jethro.

There was no doubt in his mind, nor no possible logic way, that the body in front of him was Shannon.

Abby slipped into her black coat, her mind