To any normal person this may have looked like an innocent nudge but to Videl Satan it was so much more. While most people moved out of the way for the daughter of the hero, this guy had brushed her shoulder with his arm. This part was normal but the fact that it had knocked her to the ground was not! Getting to her feet, Videl looked down the path to see that the guy hadn't even bothered to help her up. His head was hunched over as if he was deep in thought but you think he would have realised that he had walked into someone.

"Calm down Videl," said the ever bubbly Erasa to her friend.

"If I saw his face I would put him on the most wanted list," threatened Videl contemplating storming after the guy.

"Just relax; we've only got a week left before school starts and we are not going to spend it hunting down some random stranger who has a really bad sense of fashion. I mean, Khaki pants are so last season," stated Erasa.

Videl took one final look at the guy walking down the street. He seemed to be a normal sort of guy wearing navy blue khaki pants and a long sleeved shirt covering his torso. Except for some strange reason the left sleeve hung at an awkward angle, almost parallel with his torso. Videl couldn't delve on it anymore as he blended in with the crowd although from time to time she could see his jet black hair amongst the waves of people.

Videl felt her arms get pulled as Erasa dragged her into a nearby coffee shop. They took their seats after ordering their drinks and Erasa began to blab away at a million miles an hour. Videl only managed to pick up every second or third word and thus made little attempt to decipher the message in its entirety. Her mind was still set on that strange man and how his sleeve looked too big for his arm. Finally deciding that his arm was broken and in a splint that had to be at that angle, Videl sipped away at the skinny hot chocolate that had been put down in front of her.

After the hot drinks had served their purpose, Videl was dragged to all of these different clothes stores by Erasa. Had Sharpner been around he would have been forced to watch but since he was on her father's martial arts camp there had been no annoying men for a while. They had been at the camp for a fortnight and were coming back this evening. Erasa searched through rack after rack searching desperately for the perfect formal dress which she would need in eight months time. Videl knew that Erasa would never pick a dress but this exercise kept her entertained for hours on end.

A sudden beeping sound alerted Videl that something had occurred and she looked at her wristwatch. Pressing a few buttons communications with police headquarters was established. "What's the situation?" she asked the chief on the other side of the line.

"We've got a situation at the mall south east of the centre of the city near the Grand Cinema, few men just robbed a jewellery store" he announced. Videl made note that that was where she was as a gun shot rang out across the other side of the mall.

"I'm on it," said Videl cutting the communication. Turning to Erasa she commanded, "Stay here!" Erasa didn't need to be told twice. Videl rushed out of the door and sprinted towards where the shooting had come from. Except when she got half way there she realised she had only heard the one shot. That didn't stop her sprint as she rounded the final corner. Gobsmacked would be an understatement to how Videl felt when looking at the situation.

From the looks of things there had been three people who had tried to escape in a truck which was now sitting on its side while the three men were sprawled out across the ground unconscious. Videl just looked at the mess as the first of the police vehicles arrived on the scene. One officer stepped out the car and surveyed the situation. "Well done Miss Videl but don't you think tipping the truck was a little too much?" he asked.

"But I only just got here," stuttered Videl.

The officer was now confused as the rest of the cops placed handcuffs on the criminals. "So if you didn't do it who did?" he asked.

"I may be able to help," said a bystander who came rushing over to give his report on the story. "When those thieves came running over to their truck this man stood in front of them, blocking their road. Eventually they tried to do a hit and run but the man stopped the truck with one hand! It was amazing. Then he took a sidestep and it looked like the crooks were going to get away when he hit the side of the truck and it tipped over."

"That sort of feat is impossible unless the truck also hit a pothole or something like that," said Videl trying to come up with an explanation.

"Anyway," continued the old man, "then the three guys began to attack this man. He was moving so quick my eyes couldn't keep up with him. Then one of those crooks pulled a gun at him and shot him in the shoulder from close range. He continued fighting and knocked the last of them out before walking off. It was bizarre; he didn't look like he cared about what had happened even though it did look like he was bleeding quite a lot."

As if to prove a point one of the officers who was taking photos yelled out, "We got a trail of blood over here. Do you think it belongs to another criminal?"

"From what this guy is saying that blood belongs to the person who stopped them," shouted Videl.

"Does that mean you didn't do this Videl?" asked the cop.

"No I had nothing to do with this," said Videl. "This guy here said that some random guy stopped these crooks and got shot in the process. You take care of the crooks and I'll go to the nearest hospital to see if this guy is alright." With a nod to show that they understood they went their separate ways. Videl sent a quick text to Erasa explaining that police business had gotten in the way of their day and as such would catch up with her later. She didn't bother to look at the reply message because she knew the words would be screaming at her.

Decapsualizing her jet copter, Videl made her way to the nearest hospital. Upon arrival she talked to the lady at the desk who told her that no man had come in with a bullet wound today. Could he have not made it? What if he collapsed? Surely someone would have taken him to a hospital if they saw him collapse on the ground, she thought. Her wristwatch began to go off and she answered it. "Uh Miss Videl, you're not going to believe this," said the voice.

"What is it?" asked Videl.

"Talking to the witnesses it seems that only one bullet was fired throughout the entire scuffle and guess what we just found on the ground," said the officer.

"Don't tell me," said Videl in shock.

"Yep, we got a blood covered bullet sitting here on the ground." The dreaded words Videl didn't want to hear.

"So does that mean the bullet went straight through his arm?" asked Videl.

"Well here comes the next problem, the bullet isn't fully covered in blood, only the front half of the metal is actually red while the rest is as if it never came out of the firearm," said the officer.

Videl was shocked. The fact that there was blood on the bullet meant that it had hit its target but the fact that it wasn't covered in blood meant that the bullet hadn't gone all the way through. "So what does that mean? That the bullet didn't penetrate all the way through?"

"It would appear that way, an option I can think of is that the guy has an abnormally large bone structure which stopped the bullet in its track," said the officer sounding like a forensic scientist.

"But if that is so does that mean that he pulled the bullet out of his arm and just dropped it there?" Videl exclaimed.

"Apparently so, I can see no other explanation," said the officer.

"Thank you very much," said Videl solemnly before cutting the connection. Somehow she had the feeling that nobody was going to come here today. Videl told the nurse that if a man came here with a bullet wound to his right shoulder that she was to be contacted immediately before heading home. This day had lead to too many unanswered questions and her brain had gone into overload now.


"Hey sweet pea," said Hercule as he watched his daughter come in through the front door.

"Hey dad," said Videl as she embraced her father in a hug. "How was the camp?"

"Those men were good but they will never be as strong as the man who defeated Cell," Hercule boasted.

"Yea," said Videl in defeat. She never believed that her dad had beaten Cell but what was one girl's opinion against the rest of the world.

"Oh did the maid tell you about the new neighbour?" asked Hercule.

"What! Someone actually purchased that place off of Bulma Briefs?" exclaimed Videl. The house next door belonged to the one and only owner of Capsule Corp and its size made the Hercule mansion look like a doll house. Rumours had it that the building was over a mile wide and had over eight stories. From looking at it the rumours could more or less be true. On several occasions her father had tried to purchase the house from the briefs only to be bounced back with them saying that they had no interest in selling the house. It was identical to their house in West City, just a large dome. Who knew what was actually inside the house.

"According to the maid a single man about your age went inside only a few minutes ago but it didn't look like he used a key or anything to get inside," said Hercule.

"I bet the bastard broke in," exclaimed Videl. After all, nobody her age had enough money to buy something from the Briefs.

"Yea, no smart aleck punk could afford that place, he's probably trashing it now," stated Hercule backing his daughter's claims.

"Leave him to me," said Videl as she charged out the open door. She couldn't trust her father to do anything, outside of the dojo and the tourney held every once in a while Hercule was all talk. If the situation was in the public limelight he would give it his all but if there was a chance he would get seriously hurt he would flee without a moment's notice. That's what separated her from her father; she wasn't afraid to do the dirty jobs.

Sprinting, she ran straight up to the door and tried to open it when she realised the very important fact, the door had no handle. "What do you want?" asked a crackly voice over the nearby communicator.

Pressing the button for the communicator, Videl made her statements. "Are you the owner of this place?"

"No what would make you think that?" asked the voice on the other end of the line.

"Do your parents own this place?"

"No, they don't own this place."

"Then how do you have access to Bulma Briefs house?"

"Why shouldn't I have access to my own God-mother's house?"

This took Videl back a couple of steps because that meant that he had a legitimate reason to be there. "I'm sorry; I thought you had broken into this place since hardly anybody ever comes here."

"That's fine, would you like to come in, I just made myself a snack," he offered.

"Sure thank you, that would be nice," she replied. Might as well get off on the right foot, she thought.

"Just follow the robot," he said as the connection cut and the doors slid open. Videl watched as the doors slid to both sides and a small robot on wheels stood in the centre of the hall. It began to roll down the corridor and Videl followed, knowing that she could easily get lost in this place. She looked from room to room, various appliances could be seen in each one. Finally the robot came to a spot and beckoned for Videl to go into the adjacent room. Following its orders Videl found herself in the kitchen where a meal fit for a king sat out in the open.

"This is a snack!" she exclaimed as a body appeared out of the other side of the refrigerator.

"It might be enough for dinner," he said as he closed the fridge with another plate of food in his hand. Videl quickly eyed the man and instantly wanted to strangle him. He was wearing navy blue khaki pants and a long sleeve shirt with the left arm hanging awkwardly. There was no doubt that this was the man who had bumped into her earlier. But when she had a closer inspection she could only stand there stunned.

"Oh. My. Kami." Videl said under her breath. Upon further inspection she realised that this man's sleeve hung down awkwardly for a reason. Not only was it hanging loosely but it was hollow, this man had no left arm! Along with that the other arm was badly stained red with fresh blood, a small cloth had been tied loosely around his right shoulder. A few drops of blood splashed on the ground as the man put the final plate on the counter.

He then walked over to where she was standing; giving off a goofy smile as if everything was perfectly dandy. He held out his arm for a handshake. "My name's Gohan, nice to meet you," he said, his onyx eyes staring at her face while he smiled.


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