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For many of those watching the battle with baited breath, they were shocked at the beam of energy extending from Videl's hands. Yet there were those who recognised the technique instantly, the ring announcer being one who could do nothing but watch in awe as one of the most famed techniques in history blast through the arena. For those who could sense the energy in the attack, they were able to clearly feel that the amount of energy in it would not do any permanent damage, if it were used against a mountain it would burrow a shallow hole in it and nothing more. Yet their attention was not on the attack itself, but rather what Hercule would do now that he was in this position. Screams of fear echoed around the stadium as a number of people feared for Hercule's safety, yet the former world champion's eyes remained focused and he didn't flinch at the oncoming beam.


"What do you mean Videl's going to shoot one of those beams at me!" shouted Hercule in fear as he stared at the carnage Gohan's Kamehameha had done to a mountain.

"Don't worry, her strength will barely scratch the surface of that mountain, let alone blow off a chunk," reassured Gohan. "I'd teach it to you but you're barely getting the hang of controlling Ki, stepping it up to such a technique at this stage of time would completely destroy your body."

"Then why is Videl learning it?" asked Hercule worried for his daughters safety.

"Because she is likely being taught it from the person who originally created the technique, Master Roshi himself," said Gohan calmly. At that Hercule's jaw dropped slightly, even he knew of the formidable strength that the Turtle Hermit possessed.

"So how am I meant to stop something like that?" asked Hercule.

"This moment will be one of the defining moments in the fight, and by no means will you be able to tackle it with physical strength alone. So far I've been teaching you how to use your Ki for offensive purposes, now it's time I teach you how to utilise it for defensive purposes."


Gohan watched proudly, his eyes picking up every single movement Hercule made as his feet seemed to put extended pressure into the ground. In all honesty, there were two ways for Hercule to combat this attack and Gohan was proud that he had chosen the one that he would do in this situation. As the energy beam closed in distance, Hercule began focusing his energy to the palms of his hands, a soft blue glow surrounding them as the Kamehameha wave grew ever close. When it was mere feet away, Hercule slammed his hands forward and directly into the heart of the attack.

The group gasped in shock as the beam halted its movements forward. "Ladies and Gentlemen, if I hadn't seen it for myself I would never have believed it!" shouted the ring announcer, his voice radiating through the arena. Yet the crowd hardly heard a word of it, their eyes entranced on the battle taking place before them.

Videl gasped as she saw her father holding his own against her attack, wondering how he was able to accomplish such a thing. Growling, she channelled more of her energy into the attack, the wave increasing in intensity as some of the tiles began to crack under the pressure the beam was radiating, despite that however Hercule stood strong against the flow of the beam. Yet this was not without a price either, both members of the Satan family could feel the strain on their bodies as Hercule blocked Videl's attack. A war cry emitted from Hercule's lips as he began to push against the beam, but rather than pushing directly against it, he was angling it up. Gohan had taught him the fundamentals about energy attacks like this and it had been clearly explained that a beam of this magnitude would follow the path, even if the path was to veer in another direction. He knew that in this battle, if he were to remain like so he would undoubtedly lose and knew that with what he was about to do there would only be milliseconds in it.

Pulling his right leg off of the ground, he lifted his foot behind his knee before swinging forward with all his strength. Just as his foot was about to connect with the attack, he pulled his hands away from the beam and channelled all of his energy into his foot, his toes connecting with the underside of the beam. The stadium watched in shock as the attack suddenly careened upwards, flying high into the sky. The crowd watched in awe as Videl stopped the flow of her attack, now knowing that it was useless to continue wasting her energy meaninglessly. She still had one final trick up her sleeve and she was just waiting for the opportunity to use it and show the world what she was now capable of. All around the two competitors there was silence as the people watching tried to comprehend what they had just seen.

"More, we want more!" shouted a man in the crowd, his voice radiating through the stadium which quickly turned the noise levels up their maximum as the crowd shouted in anticipation for more.

"Wow, Videl's gotten so cool," admired Erasa.

"I never thought she would think to sink as low as to use light tricks though," scolded Sharpner.

"Tell me Sharpner," said Gohan leaning over to where the blonde was sitting, holding his palm out in front of the teens face before focusing his Ki to create a small ball of energy in his hand, "Is this a light trick?"

Sharpner's screams of fear went unheard as all attention was on the centre of the ring as both Hercule and Videl stared at one another, breathing heavily as the wounds of the battle began to show. In the same instant they charged forward at one another, Videl's speed much greater than anyone could anticipate, as if her feet were gliding over the tiles without the soles of her feet so much as touching the ground beneath her. In a solid punch, their fists collided against one another creating a small shockwave which blew Videl's hair out of her face. Hercule opted to close the distance, reaching around and grabbing the back of Videl's head with his spare hand. Seeing the danger of the situation, Videl opted to do the same and they held each other in close confines.

Hercule took the initiative, pulling his hand away from Videl's neck and quickly jabbing her in the stomach, causing her to wince slightly. This brief moment allowed Hercule to pull Videl's hand away from his neck before landing a quick hook to Videl's lower back, yet the attack was not yet finished. Hercule followed up by kicking Videl in the back of the thigh, forcing the teenager to drop to her knees before twisting his body, intending to land an uppercut directly into Videl's jaw. Spotting the incoming danger, Videl did the only thing she could do at the time to escape the attack.

The audience stared in shock as Hercule's attack missed his daughter, the former champion focusing his attention upwards where Videl hovered several feet in the air away from immediate danger. "This is incredible ladies and gentlemen," shouted the ring announcer adjusting his sunglasses. "Videl Satan has just avoided a punishing haymaker and now we can't help but witness her floating above her father like an angel ascending to heaven." Videl grimaced slightly as she gripped her side in pain, her father's combo having been censored around the same spot. Yet the attack had also shown her that he wasn't prepared to fully injure her, had he opted to strike the back of her knee compared to her thigh, not only would it have been game over but she wouldn't have been walking for many months afterwards. Despite that, she had been forced to use her trump card and now found herself flying above her father, catching her breath as she formulated a plan to use this to her advantage.

Hercule couldn't help but let a small smile grace his lips at the sight of her daughter hovering above him as he created a small energy ball in the palm of his hand. Seeing the attack, Videl prepared to avoid the attack but was stunned when Hercule opted not to throw it at her, but at the ground by his feet, creating a cloud of smoke which blanketed him from view. Videl became wary, knowing that she would only be able to see Ki attacks once they came flying out of the smoke towards where she was hovering, a dangerous situation if any. Yet what came flying out of the smoke left many people shivering in fear as a fist implanted itself in Videl's stomach.

"Incredible, not only has Videl managed to achieve flight but miraculously Hercule is now airborne as well, is there anything these two can't accomplish!" shouted the ring announcer, soaking up the atmosphere of the situation. As Videl regained her balance, shifting the energy circulating around her body where necessary in order to stabilize herself, she was shocked to see that her father was floating at an equal height, the smokescreen having been a distraction to get her off guard.

"Surprised Sweet Pea?" asked Hercule knowing the answer just from the expression on Videl's face. Videl's eyes sharpened as she flew towards where Hercule was floating, her arm prepared to attack before she jabbed at his face. Hercule, seeing the attack coming, opted to temporarily remove the energy from his system allowing him to drop a foot before stabilising himself, successfully avoiding the attack before he punched solidly into Videl's sternum.

Bile escaped Videl's lips but before she got the chance to escape, Hercule gripped her foot with both hands, twisting in midair as he hurled Videl towards the arena with as much strength he could muster. Videl hit the ground painfully, unable to slow herself down in the slightest before her back connected with the concrete slabs. Opening her eyes slowly, she looked up to see her father holding a glowing ball of energy in each hand. In an instant they came sailing towards her and as much as she willed her body to move out of the way her muscles wouldn't respond as the attack connected square with its intended target.

Smoke and debris flew in all directions as Hercule landed on the arena floor, his energy all but depleted after pouring everything he had into the last attack. As the smoke cleared out of the way, he could see his daughter, her chest rising and falling slowly with deep breaths as she struggled to move an inch from her position, her finger twitching every so often.

"Videl Satan is down, but is she out!" shouted the ring announcer as the crowd went silent, wondering if the city hero would have it in her to get up after the last attack. "One...two...three..."

As the ring announcer continued to count, Videl opened her eyes slowly, pain radiating through her entire body after having taken the last attack head on without any chance of dodging. Two raspy coughs escaped her lungs, as she rolled to her side. Even such a simple movement caused her body to spasm slightly in pain as she pressed her hand to the concrete beneath her. Willing her body onwards, she got to a single knee only to fall to the other side.

"You can do it Videl!" shouted Erasa at the top of her lungs, causing Videl's eyes to open wide at the sound of her friend cheering for her. Slamming her fist into the ground with renewed determination she got to her knees, swaying slightly as she put one foot forward before getting to her feet struggling to keep upright. All around the stadium cheers erupted as the crowd watched Videl get into a sloppy stance, fierce determination evident within her eyes.

"Even though her body is broken, her will pushes her forward, but just how much more can Videl Satan take?" questioned the ring announcer, tears trickling from behind his sunglasses. Hercule watched as Videl walked towards where he was standing, struggling to remain upright with every step. Seeing his daughter in such a state brought a tear to Hercule's eye which he quickly wiped away as Videl got within striking distance.

With a roar, Videl swung her fist forward, only for her limb to get caught tightly within the confines of Hercule's palm. She winced, expecting a counter blow of any kind to come crashing into her face or chest, a finishing blow which would leave her unable to get up again. Yet it never came. Videl opened her eyes and looked up at her father observing her with a gentle smile upon his face. Slowly, Hercule lifted his arm up and with it Videl's. Releasing his grip, Videl's fist remained raised in the air as Hercule walked backwards, away from where Videl was standing until he reached the edge of the platform where he leapt to the ground without any hesitation.

"Through an amazing turn of events Ladies and Gentlemen, Hercule Satan, the saviour of the world and former world champion has given Videl Satan the win. Videl Satan WINS!" shouted the ring announcer which caused the crown to burst out into a round of applause, both for the bout they had witnessed and for Hercule choosing to be a parent over a fighter in the final minute of the battle. Videl stood there, her mind slowly coming to grips with what had happened but before she could process it all, her legs gave way underneath her as consciousness faded from her body.

Yet she didn't hit the ground, rather she had been caught before any more damage could be done to her, by none other than Gohan himself. "You did good," he said softly as he held her in his arms, slowly walking towards where the medics would be waiting.


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