Summary: Double Drabble, Gen, set during 'Shindig'. Just where did those tight pants come from?

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Disclamier: Much as it pains me to say it, these characters aren't mine.

"Right size n' everythin'," Kaylee beamed as she examined the mountainous pink layer cake Mal had put in her bunk. "I think I got some makeup round here somewhere. Oh, what'll I do with my hair?" she asked, eyes lighting up.

"Whatever you do, make it quick. We got ourselves a party to get to," said Mal.

"An' what about you, Cap'n?" Kaylee asked. "What are you gonna wear?"

Mal began to climb the ladder to the corridor above. "Don't you worry 'bout me," he called over his shoulder. "You just get started on cleanin' the grease out from under your nails. Meet you at the top of the ramp in thirty."

He made his way towards the lower decks. After buying Kaylee's dress, he'd had just enough of Badger's coin left to get himself a nice shirt and jacket, but there was one crucial part of the ensemble he still had to sort.

He wasn't sure which felt more ridiculous – hauling two tons of dress-shaped cotton candy down the main street of town, or what he was about to do next.

Mal ducked his head into the infirmary.

"Doc. Got a favour to ask... need to borrow your pants."

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