Super Robot Taisen S

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In fact, after careful thinking, I decided that I might as well squeeze in a couple new series in my story. I am talking about Rinne No Lagrange and Eureka Seven AO, both of which have only recently reached conclusion, and it will be some time before they show up in a Super Robot Taisen game. Hopefully, I will be able to add them believably, and to make my story all the more epic for that! In fact, I already have quite a few ideas about how they will blend in with all the mess!

But if you are curious to see how I organized the massive cast of series, you only have to look at the prologue chapter of my story, where I made a roster of all the series that will appear - or have already appeared in this story, and the seasons in which they're going to play a part! I apologize to all those who might think I'm never making up my mind, but there are series who are just so awesome, I couldn't help but sneak them in!

Anyway, where had we left our bold heroes last time? Oh, yeah... Lahge and Mitsuko were helping Amuro Ray hijack a Dijeh Mobile Suit and escape from the Neo Zeon base, taking advantage of the assault from the Mazinger Team, the Dancougar Team and a couple of old faces from the original Gundam. However, as they were trying to make their escape, they were held down by everybody's favourite immortal cockroach, Yazan Gable. And it's not the worst of their problems, to boot: just as the fight between the rescuers and the defenders was reaching a stalemate, an unexpected problem came to trash the fight and rampage through the Neo Zeon base - a gigantic Mechasaurus Dai, a powerful war machine that the Getter Robo team has already had to deal with in the past! This is surely going to spell trouble for everyone... will our bold heroes manage to take down the mighty fortress and both save Amuro from his captivity and recover the Excellence-C frame, before it ends in the wrong hands?

To know the answer to all these questions, all you have to do is keep reading! This chapter will definitely feature one heck of a fight!

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Chapter 25 - Mechasaurus Rampage

It was a truly awesome, breath-taking yet horrific sight. The titanic Mechasaurus Dai that had emerged from a fissure in the earth was now beginning a slow, ponderous walk throughout the devastated base, knocking down and destroying everything that was unlucky enough to be in its way. The fortified barracks were no match from the dinosaur-mounted fortress, who as simply crusing them underfoot like they were made of chalk, and scores of Mobile Suit fled instead of staying and throwing their lives away in what seemed like an hopeless fight. Those who were foolish enough to stay couldn't do much: beams and bullets all bounced of the brontosaurs' thick metallic hide, while their massive tails swept the ground behind the Mechasaurus and smashed to pieces any robot that happened to be in their radius of action.

"What the... What the Hell is this... THING?" Shinobu exclaimed, almost not wanting to believe what he was seeing. He hadn't been present when Getter Robo had faced the mighty mobile fortress, but he had hard second-hand just how tough that thing had been. And yet, he was convinced that, with the Dinosaur Empire dead and gone, the Mechasaurus Dai wouldn't have been heard of ever again. The behemoth standing in front of him right now, sadly, was begging to speak otherwise...

"Damn... just what we didn't need right now!" Kouji cursed, slamming his fist on Mazinger Z's console. "Everyone, try to scatter! That beast won't hesitate to stomp us flat if we stick together for longer than needed!"

One of the two brontosaurs, as if it had heard what Kouji had just said, turned its small head, standing on top of a long, serpentine neck, towards Mazinger Z and let out a long, frightening roar before breathing in and shooting a powerful sphere of glowing red energy, which lit up the air around it and hit the demonic robot, sending it flying a considerable distance before landing with a deafening crash just a little inside the Neo Zeon base's premises. The Super Gundam and Sarah's Messala, temporarily forgetting about their own fight, aimed their beam rifles to the mighty beast's uncovered flank and let loose with a barrage of beams, but neither of the two managed to inflict much more than cosmetic damage on the dinosaur-carried fortress, and the tail of one of the brontosaurs quickly whipped around and tried to smack them away like they were flies. Luckily, Sayla and Sarah were quick to react, and while the pink-haired Newtype got away clean, the Super Gundam was nicked in its right leg and lost balance, ending up sprawled on the ground as its beam rifle rolled away.

"Damn... what is this thing?" Sayla exclaimed, in a frantic attempt to get some distance and recover the Long Beam Rifle. Despite its bulk, the Mechasaurus Dai was faster than anyone expected, and it was managing to hold its own against the combined might of both the attackers and the Neo Zeon defenders. In fact, the Neo Zeon troops were falling back, preferring to run away and fight another day, rather than stay and get wiped out by the thundering behemoth. "Where the Hell did it come from?"

"This... this is one of the most powerful machines used by the Dinosaur Empire!" Sayaka explained, as her Aphrodite A helped Mazinger Z up and tried to patch up the damage inflicted upon it. "But I thought Ryouma and the others had managed to destroy them a few months ago! How is it possible they're still around?"

"Yeah... we faced some of those guys some days ago, whn we were investigating this Neo Zeon base..." Kouji explained. "We still have no idea what they were doing there along with Dr. Hell's Machine Beasts!"

"Well, we'll talk about that later!" Shinobu exclaimed, his Eagle Fighter executing a flawless aerial roll as he approached the brontosaur-carried fortress. The huge monster sent several fireballs his way, but Shinobu was too skilled to let himself be hit like that. "Come on, you big, dumb beast! Let's see how you manage to hit me!"

"Shinobu, don't be an idiot." Ryo tried to warn him, as a fireball landed too close to his Land Moth for confort. "Hmph... guess we don't have much ofa choice then. We will have to combine and form Dancougar, in order to defeat that beast."

The Neo Zeon soldiers and the remaining Titans officers were beating a fighting retreat, covering their tracks with several shots from their beam rifles and long-distance weapons. Rakan was trying to lead his men to the evacuation routes, cursing his bad luck. "Everyone, keep retreating! Shoot down everything that tries to interfere!" he exclaimed, his Doven Wolf's incom guns darting all over the place as he tried to blast away at the Mechasaurus Dai. "Damn... this is just our bad luck... has anyone located Amuro Ray? We must at least take him and that unknown exoskeleton with us!"

"I'm sorry, Sgt. Rakan, sir..." Jerid answered, his Baund Doc quickly closing in. "Lt. Gable is currently held up in a battle with the prisoner as we speak. It seems that Amuro Ray and the two guys we had captured earlier have managed to get the Dijeh out of our hangars, and are using it to get away from here..."

"Damn... Lady Hamaan and Lord Dekim won't be happy about this at all!" Rakan said, gritting his teeth in frustration as he glared at the Mechasaurus Dai wrecking the place up! "All thanks to those damn rebels and that damn beast... Everybody, get away from here! This base is lost... all we can do is try to survive and bring as many of our men with us as we can! Lt. Mesa, relay the retreat order to Lt. Gable as well!"

"Okay..." Jerid grunted a grudging affirmative. As far as he was concerned, if that animal Yazan kicked the bucket there, he wouldn't shed any tears. However, orders were orders, so he grabbed his radio and contacted the Hambrabi. "Yazan, we are to leave this base as soon as possible! Leave the battle you're involved in, and head to the escape route!"

Sarah's Messala was doing a good job staying out of the Mechasaurus Dai's range, using its superior mobility to run rings around the bulky war machine, but the pink-haired Newtype knew her luck was not going to keep her going forever. She needed to join the others and get way as soon as possible... but before she did that, there was one thing that needed to be taken care of... The Super Gundam's Long Beam Rifle was laying abandoned on the battlefield, and the combined Mobile Suit couldn't possibly get to it without exposing itself to the Mechasaurus' powerful attacks. There was something she could do from there, provided she could do that without getting seen by her fellow soldiers...

However, Rakan's Doven Wolf and both Jerid and Mouar's Baund Docs were busy trying to lead the survivors out of the doomed base, and that animal Yazan was not around - Sarah was hoping with all her heart that Amuro Ray would take him out, but that Yazan guy always seemed to cheat death somehow. After making sure nobody could see what she was doing, Sarah moved her Messala to the side, pretending to dodge a volley of gunfire from the Mechasaurus Dai, and reached the Long Beam Rifle, before kicking it towards the Super Gundam. The powerful beam weapon landed right in frontof the combined Mobile Suit, and Katz slightly widened his eyes as he saw that.

"S-Sarah?" he murmured, casting a wary glance towards the Messala. In the Jupiter Mobile Suit's cockpit, Sarah returned an icy gaze to the young pilot, but if one could have seen her, he would have seen a glimmer of sadness in Sarah's large green eyes... then, the Messala took off in pursuit of the rest of the Neo Zeon team...

Sayla wasted no time in picking up the Long Beam Rifle, just as one of the brontosaurs turned its head towards her Super Gundam and shot out a fireball. Luckily, the blonde's reflexes were better than that, and she managed to make the combined Mobile Suit swerve sideways just in time...


"Tch... just when I was starting to have fun..." Yazan muttered, doing a quick check to his Hambrabi's systems as Amuro's Dijeh left a large gash in its shoulder. "Well, it's been a good exercise for clearing the cobwebs! See ya soon, my friends! And I'll be sure to entertain you a little longer! Hehehee..."

The Hambrabi quickly switched to its faster and flight-capable Mobile Armor mode, quickly rearranging itself into a form reminescent of some sort of fighter plane, before speeding off where the rest of the Neo Zeon forces were going. In the Dijeh's cockpit, Amuro breathed a sigh of relief and lowered the beam naginata, turning to Lahge and Mitsuko. "Well, we managed to scrape through, somehow... but it seems that something else is causing problems around here!" the Newtype ace stated, showing the Mobile Suit's radar. "Something huge is causing the Neo Zeon Mobile Suits to scatter.. and is currently engaging the team that came to rescue us."

"What? Oh, man, never a dull moment here, huh?" Lahge said sarcastically. "Well, better try to help out... can we do anything from here?"

"We can try at least..." Amuro answered. "My Dijeh is still in good shape, so we can get to them!"


The situation was getting quite hectic back in the clearing right in front of the Neo Zeon base, as the Mechasaurus Dai continued its rampage through the premises, crushing everything it found underfoot. In the span of a few minutes, the gigantic dinosaur-like machine has turned half of the base into worthless rubble, and was now advancing threateningly towards the Gandora team, covering their vision almost entirely. The Cyber Beast Squad and the Mobile Suits were doing all they could, but even their best efforts could at most slow down the massive behemoth. Mazinger Z, in the meanwhile, has managed to recover from the damage it had taken earlier, and was now rejoining the team.

"Damn... this guy isn't letting up, is it?" Kouji muttered as Mazinger Z took a fighting pose and stood bravely in front of the dinosaur-carried fortress. "Fine then... we'll just have to see who's the most stubborn of us two! Rust Hurricane!"

A powerful gust of wind was blown out of Mazinger Z's grill-shaped mouth and hit several cannons mounted on the Mechasaurus Dai's front. The metal immediately began to rust away and crumbled into dust, reducing the number of guns that were being aimed at the team. The Mechasaurus Dai's twin heads roared in unison as the monster staggered backwards, finally giving the rest of the team some breathing room.

"Way to go, Kouji!" exclaimed Sayaka, firing a pair of Breast Missiles that found their mark on the Mechasaurus' heads. However, the massive beast took the blows in stride, continuing its thundering advance towards the Gandora team. "Ugh... but I'm afraid we're going to need a little more firepower if we are to defeat this thing..."

The Mechasaurus was not about to let that happen. With a single kick from one of its legs, it managed to send the Super Gundam flying, and had it not been for Sayla's quick reflexes in activating the verniers, the comined Mobile Suit would have taken severe damage from the impact. Its armor was dented in several points, and giving off electric sparkles as the Super Gundam climbed on its feet again.

"Sayla, we've taken considerable damage." Katz said, wincing as he surveyed the damage reports. "Our left leg is disabled, and we're quickly losing power... we need to stay as far as we can and blast at that monster from a safe position."

"I'm afraid even that won't do much to this beast..." Sara commented. Her Land Cougar's gatling gun was bouncing off the Mechasaurus Dai's thick hide. The powerful dinosaur-carried fortress stepped forward again and let out a couple of ear-piercing roars before it fired twin fireballs from its mouths, hitting Aphrodite A and blowing the feminine robot all the way to the edge of the battlefield, where it bounced on the ground a couple times before stopping in a prone position. Sayaka grunted in pain, and tried to make her robot stad once again, despite the damage it had taken.

"Ugh... Kouji, we're in trouble." Sayaka murmured, taking a couple deep breathes to calm herself down. "I didn't remember this thing being so powerful..."

"Last time, we were fighting it at Ryouma and the others' side..." the hotheaded Mazinger Z pilot answered. "Heh... but I'm not giving it up! There surely is a way to take down these overgrown lizards, we just have to find out how!"

"In that case... how about we combine?" Masato said, winking confidently. The Cyber Beast Force had managed to regroup, weaving their way through the massive crossfire from the Mechasaurus Dai... and they were now standing very close to each other, ready to execute their combination sequence."

"Now you're talking my language, kid!" Shinobu exclaimed. "Okay, everyone! Are you ready?"

"Right behind you." Ryo answered.

"Yeah, I'm ready too..." was Sara's answer.

"Okay then... LET'S DO IT!" Shinobu concluded, exclaiming his catch phrase at the top of his lungs as he began pressing buttons on his console. "D-A-N-C-O-U-G-A-R! Dancougar, LOCK OFF!"

An angry red aura flared up around Shinobu, Sara, Masato and Ryo, and the four beast-like robots they were piloting shone brightly and began changing form: the Eagle Fighter soon morphed into the head of an awesome humanoid giant with a black helmet and a stern steely face, while the biggest machine, the Big Moth, changed in order to form the main body of the robot. The Land Cougar and the Land Liger both took a more compact shape, forming the lower legs... and soon, all the parts began combining together in a shower of light and color, forming a gigantic humanoid robot no less than thirty meters in height, with bulky frame, covered in black armor, with several silver parts showing on the legs and arms, and a pair of golden wing-like decorations on its chest. It stood proudly, facing the Mechasaurus Dai head-on, and quickly drew a huge broadsword, whose razor-sharp blade shone in the sun!

"Dancougar is in, everyone!" Shinobu said, before turning his glance at the Mechasaurus Dai, who seemed to realize that the combined Super Robot was going to be a bigger menace. "Alright, you prehistoric reject. Let's see how tough you really are!"

Both brontosaurs bellowed loudly, and their heads shot forward in order to attack Dancougar, but the mighty robot quickly swung its broadsword in front of itself, hitting one of the serpentine necks before it could get a chance to chomp on its thick armor, and the brontosaur quickly lifted its head and roared in pain and surprise. The other one quickly held back, and shot a fireball towards Dancougar, who quickly jumped away to avoid it.

"Hey, big shot! You haven't forgotten about us, did ya?" Kouji exclaimed. The red plate on Mazinger Z's chest began glowing as its temperature rose to unbearable levels. "Breast Fire!" the young man exclaimed at the top of his lungs, and a huge red beam shot out from Mazinger Z's chest and struck the Mechasaurus Dai's head, melting away some of the metal and artificial hide from its face! The monster roared in what semed like agony, and the fortress mounted on the brontosaurs' backs let loose with a powerful volley of missiles and gunfire, striking Dancougar and Mazinger Z, and causing both robots to stagger.

"Ugh... you're going to give us trouble, aren't you?" Shinobu growled angrily. Dancougar quickly unlimbered a massive rifle from its back and took aim, targetting the main fortress. "Dai-Gun!"

A massive beam of solid golden light burst out of the rifle, hitting the main fortress part of the Mechasaurus Dai, and causing a huge explosion that exposed a large part of the war machine's innards. The monster roared again, desperately trying to regain its footing... but just then, an explosion burst from one of the brontosaur's hind legs, and the massive beast toppled backwards, unbalancing the whole machine!

"Looks like we have some more help there!" Sayla said, pointing to the place where the explosion had come from. A green and blue Mobile suit wearing a beam naginata was dislodging its weapon from the Mechasaurus' leg, turning to the rest of the team as the familiar face of Amuro Ray appeared on their comm screens. "Amuro! Amuro, is that you?"

"Sayla Mass...?" Amuro said, allowing some surprise to show on his face. "Yes... yes, it's me. I managed to get my Dijeh back when the fighting started, and I was about to come to your aid, but I was held back... and I've taken a couple more prisoners with me!"

"That's good to know, Lt. Ray!" Sayaka answered with a wink. Much to her chagrin, she saw that the Mechasaurus Dai was still pushing forward, despite having a disabled leg, and its remaining cannons were still firing at full regime, blasting the ground around the team and causing damage to several of its members. "But... I'm afraid we still have this thing to take care of!"

"Okay, I'm going to help out." Amuro answered. As the Mechasaurus raised one of its legs with the intent of squashing the Dijeh underfoot, the skilled Newtype quickly dodged sideways and managed to hit one the monster's remaining legs, damaging the joints and causing it to stumble once again. The Super Gundam aimed once again, and fired its Long Beam Rifle, damaging one of the brontosaurs' necks. The tide of the battle was now going right in the team's favor, and both Mazinger Z and Dancougar lined up to finish off the mighty Mechasaurus.

"Alright, Cyber Beast Force... we're going for broke on this one!" Kouji said, as the huge Mechasaurus tried to stand up again, firing aimlessly in a desperate attempt to fend off its attackers. "Just tell me when you're ready!"

Dancougar struck what looked like a guard pose, and the stoic Ryo allowed himself a small smirk as his comrades gave him a condition green signal. There was no need to say anything else for Kouji to understand, and the Mazinger pilots smirked in victory as he powered up Mazinger Z's chest plates once again, aiming at the main body of one of the two brontosaurs.

"We'll take this thing down in a single shot!" Shinobu exclaimed. Several guns popped up all over Dancougar's body, on the sides, on its ches, over its head... and they all began glowing a spectacular azure-green as they charged up a deciding attack. The damaged Mechasaurus Dai shuffled aggressively towards the two robots, but the damage Amuro had inflicted to its legs prevented it from going fast enough, and it couldn't reach its targets in time.

"Let's do it, everyone!" Shinobu exclaimed as the charge reached critical level.

"OKAY, SHINOBU!" Masato, Sara and Ryo all answered as a single voice, and the Dancougar lead pilot pressed a single button on his cloche to finalize the attack!

"Dankuuhou Formation!" Shinobu exclaimed, just as Kouji had finished charging up Mazinger Z's ultimate attack.

"Breast Fiiiiiiire!"

The results were, to put it mildly, devastating.

All of Dancougar's cannon erupted with powerful beams of azure-greenish light that condensed into a single enormous beam, while the red surge of overheated plasma once again shot out of Mazinger Z's chestplate, each attack targetting one of the two mechanical brontosaurs carrying the fortress around! One of the monsters was struck head-on by the Dankuuhou Formation, which immediately began rippng away huge metal parts from its body and dismembering it. The other dinosaur was hit by Mazinger Z's Breast Fire and began melting away, letting out a roar of impotent rage as its form sloughed away into molten metal. Both Kouji and Shinobu yelled in determination and gave even more power to their deciding attacks, and soon, one of the robotic dinosaurs was pierced from side to side by the huge beam fired by Dancougar, which exploded out of its back and dispersed in the distance, while the Breast Fire finally reached the other monster's main parts, and caused it to collapse in a pool of melted, overheated steel! Both dinosaurs toppled to the ground and went up in a huge explosion that almst knoced the whole team off their feet, and the fortress they were carrying caught fire and burned as it began exploding as well. Another blast, slightly smaller than the previous two but by no means less impressive, reduced the main part of the Mechasaurus Dai to nothing more than scattered metal parts and smoldering ruin, and soon enough, all that remained of the mighty machine of the Dinosaur Empire was a flaming wreck, dark spirals of smoke rising from its carcass.

The rescue team and Amuro's Dijeh stepped away from the place where the Mechasaurus Dai had fallen, staring at the scene in wide-eyed wonder. The silence was only broken a few moments later, when Mitsuko took a deep breath and finally uttered a few words.

"We... we did it?" she asked, as if not believing what her eyes had just seen. "We... actually brought down that huge monster? I... I still can't believe that... it's some sort of miracle!"

Amuro managed to smile a little as he turned to his impromptu passengers, who fortunately hadn't been hurt in the whole chaos. "A miracle... or simply good teamwork!" he commented. "Luckily, there was only one of those beasts... which leads me to believe this was only a pre-emptive strike to judge the strength us humans could put on the table."

"Really?" Lahge answered, keeping his cool attitude despite the battle he had just survived. He silently thanked his good star for allowing him and Mitsuko to meet with Amuro Ray, or they wouldn't have survived. "Well, at any rate... we survived, and that's what is important for now."

"Indeed..." Amuro agreed, before turning to the rest of the rescue team and saluting. "I apologize for you having to bail me out of this mess. Lt. Amuro Ray, formerly of Karaba, reporting in for duty."

"It's good to see you, Lt. Ray!" Katz answered, responding with a salute of his own while the rest of the rescue team stood on attention. The reputation of the White Devil of the Federation was such that even young upstarts like Katz knew and respected him.

Sayla smiled warmly at seeing her White Base comrade once again. "It's no problem, Amuro. We were more than glad to help. And we have to thank you for helping us take out that Mechasaurus."

"Sayla Mass..." Amuro said wistfully. "I thought you had nothing to do with the chaos that's sweeping over the Earth Sphere now..."

Sayla lowered her gaze a little and smiled ruefully. "That's what I've been trying to do. But just as you said, these are difficult times for us all, and I felt like I had to help out somehow. Even if I wasn't the best pilot, or crewmember, I just couldn't sit aside and let things happen."

"I understand..." Amuro said. "And speaking of which, I have two people here with me in the cockpit. They ask to be picked up and join us... I reckon they were prisoners of Neo Zeon just like I was."

Everyone's comm screen panned sideways to show Lahge and Mitsuko standing uncomfortably in the Dijeh's cockpit, and the green-haired young man cleared his throat before addressing the rescue team. "I apologize for the disturbance. My name is Lahge Montoya, and my friend here with me is Mitsuko Saiki. We were captured by Neo Zeon a few hours ago... and we took advantage of the chaos you threw the enemy into to escape and help Lt. Ray escape as well." he said. "I know it might be a problem for you, but... we would ask you to help us and take us onboard."

There was just a moment of hesitation from the rescue team, before Kouji scratched the back of his head and sighed. "Well... it wouldn't be a problem for us, we did come to rescue Lt. Ray after all, and taking a couple more people with us would be no problem. But we need to talk to Prof. Hazuki about that, since he's the one in charge of the Gandora."

"The Gandora?" Mitsuko asked in confusion... and just then, the gigantic dragon-shaped battleship tht acted as a launch base to the Dancougar Team rose above the hills, creating a storm of howling winds and scattered leaves all around the area! In awe, Mitsuko and Lahge stared at the gigantic ship as it hovered close to the ground and leaned its neck downwards, glaring at the whole team with glowing, fiery red eyes.

"Gandora here. This is Professor Hazuki speaking." the voice of the middle-aged professor reached the communicator devices of the whole team. "I can see that you already did a great job here, despite that unpredicted problem about that Mechasaurus. You did an impressive job taking it out... you can now head back to the hangar. And as for Lt. Ray and the two newcomers... of course they are welcome to find refuge onboard our ship. The alliance of Japan's most important research laboratiories will provide all the assistance it can."

"Wow... so, that's the Gandora? The battleship you were talking about?" Mitsuko asked, still stunned at the impressive sight. "I have to say... I've never seen anything quite like it! Although this does leave me with a few questions..."

Hazuki chuckled gently, as the Gandora finally shut off its engines and lowered itself on the ground, allowing the team to get onboard. "I will be more than glad to answer all the questions you might possibly have, young lady. For now, let me wlcome you onboard the Gandora, the battleship whose design I personally masterminded, created to be a symbol for the Cyber Beast Force."

"The Cyber Beast Force? That means that guy is your boss, from what I could gather..." Lahge asked, communicating with Dancougar and its four pilots.

"Exactly. But this isn't quite the time to stay here and make small talk." Ryo cut the conversation short. "We have managed to repel the Neo Zeon troops and the Mechasaurus, but it won't be long before they will be on our tracksagain. We need to get away from here now that we can."

"For any further questions, you can ask Prof. Hazuki." Sara concluded, with a nod of her head. Lahge and Mitsuko looked at each other, and seeing no other reasonable way out of that, decided that they might as well join this group. It would be a temporary respite from the various warring faction, and a chance to get to know more about this strange age they had ended up into...

"Hold on a second, before we go away!" Mitsuko asked. "I knowthis place is dangerous, but we need to get back something that was stolen from us by the Neo Zeon forces, and we cannot let it fall in their hands. Do we have permission to head back inside the base and recover it?"

"Lahge and Mitsuko asked me the same thing earlier on, before we ran into Yazan Gable." Amuro stated. "If what they have left there is truly as important as they say, we cannot let it remain there for anyone to get. We need to recover it. And I don't think it will take more than half an hour."

Professor Hazuki frowned a little, knowing just how precious time could be under such circumstances... but he knew that Amuro did have a point, and leaving a potentialy powerful weapon or secret in Neo Zeon's hands (or worse) could have had terrible consequences in the future. Therefore, he relented and allowed for a search. "Fine then. Fujiwara, you and the rest of the Cyber Beast Force head back into the base and recover what our guests require. Can you give us a description of what it looks like?"

Mitsuko smiled in gratitude. "You can't possibly miss it, it's some sort of empty exoskeleton, or if you will, a purple-colored armor with a pack of remote-controlled laser cannons mounted on its back. Neo Zeon wanted to make it into a new weapon for their own war... and you have no idea how grateful we are for letting us recover it!"

"Heh. Anything to spite those Neo Zeon assholes, and to please a pretty lady." Shinobu Fujiwara shrugged off her thanks with a cocky grin, while inside her own cockpit, Sara shook her hea at her comrade's avances towards the rescued hostage. "So, just wait there for a few minutes and we'll bring back that armor-thing."

"So, let's not waste any more time, everybody." Masato concluded. "Let's begin our search!"

Lahge and Mitsuko turned to each other and smiled as Dancougar ponderously stepped into the ruined Neo Zeon base and began searching. At least, that was one problem solved, even though more ofthem wee certainly going to pile up, and they still were no closer to finding Fiona...


A short time later, in an underground throne room, ominously lit up by torches and dim lights, an hulking humanoid monster with crimson red skin, a traditional-looking armor, and horns jutting out of his head bowed respectfully in front of a large throne, upon which another member of his kind, only even larger and more impressive to see than he himself was, was sitting, apparently waiting for news. The sight of his henchman entering his throne room and bowing to him was enough to distract the Oni Emperor from his reverie, and he turned to his soldier with a menacing glare, coupled with a confident smirk.

"Emperor Brai, my lord and master..." the henchman began. "I have come to report the results of the pre-emptive attack we launched upon the humans."

The mighty overlord nodded slowly, signalling to his henchman to go on, and the underling quickly nodded before continuing his report. "The Mechasaurus Dai we sent inflicted great damage upon the Neo Zeon base, forcing the colonial troops to retreat, and engaged several Earth robots in battle, anaging to fight them to a standstill before being destroyed by a joint attack from Mazinger Z, Dancougar and an as-of-yet unidentified Mobile Suit, possibly piloted by Federation ace Amuro Ray. All in all, we can consider this test to be satisfactory."

"Indeed, it was quite a good fight those puny humans put on... heh, so Dr. Hell was not exaggerating when he said that Mazinger Z is one tough cookie." Brai said, letting ou a deep, humourless chuckle. "Well then, that just means we have someone more than that damnable Getter Robo to think about. Fine... after all, this is exactly the reason why I asked for this alliance. Henchman, transmit this message to all of our allies - we will be gathering here in 24 hours to discuss the next part of our plan, and organize an all-out offense again our common enemies. We must not fail!"

"It shall be done on the double, Emperor Brai, my lord." the soldier answered, before doing a salute and politely walking out of the throne room. Brai smiled in satisfaction and leaned back in his throne, then summoned his right-hand-man with a single snap of his fingers. "Hidler. You may come. I have new orders."

The Hundred Oni Empire's military leader, a lean individual who uncannily resembled the infmus Adolf Hitler, only with a pair of thin horns growing out of his temples, walked at his Emperor's side. "Yes, my lord Brai? I take it that the testing of the Mechasaurus Dai against the gathered Earth robots has produced satisfactory results." he ventured in an unctuous, sanctimonious voice.

"It did, that much is clear." Brai answered with a nod. "A single Mechasaurus Dai was able to put all those wretched Earthlings on the ropes, and had it not been for Amuro Ray intervening, it would have given them even more trouble before being taken out. Therefore, Hidler, my next order is to ramp up the power of all the Mechasaurus units we have managed to get our hands on. The moment we unleashed their fury upon the puny Earthlings will be the moment of the final triumph of the Hundred Demon Empire!"

Hidler chuckled, making a Nazi-like salute with his right hand. "Of course, my lord! That goes without saying, I dare comment." he answered. "As for the production of more Mecha Oni, should we continue with it?"

"Of course." Brai growled, and from the tone of his voice, it could be inferred thathe considered that a pointless question. "The Mechasaurus units are powerful and reliable, but we cannot base our whole strategy upon them. They have the same weakness any machine has, while our Mecha Oni are manned. And if there is one thing I've learned from the humans, is never to underestimate the human factor when it comes to fighting. Our soldiers will provide a much-needed backup for when simple machines cannot hack it."

"Of course, my lord. Pardon my question." Hidler apologetically asked, before bowing to his lord and walking away, leaving Emperor Brai alone in the throne room, thoughts of the impeding triumph of the Hundred Demon Empire filling his mind...


"Hmm, I see." Lahge said, as he sat along with Sayla, Katz and Amuro in one of the Gandora's lounges. Mitsuko had politely declined remaining there, as she was eager to see her beloved Excellence-C get carried on board. "So... the laboratories all over Japan have decided to form a cooperation of sorts in order to face all the enemies that are surfacing in recent times. And the Gandora is being used as sort of a mobile base of operations. Is that correct?"

"Yes, that's pretty much it." Sayla confirmed. "At the moment, nothing really major has happpened... at least, not until that huge Mechasaurus came out and began attacking everyone. We need to investigate this further, but we already have quite a few concerns. Namely, the fact that the Dinosaur Empire, the faction that used those Mechasaurus units as weapons, was supposed to have been destroyed several months ago by Getter Robo, the creation of the Saotome Laboratories, one of our foremost allies in this war."

"The Dinosaur Empire..." Lahge murmured to himself, somewhat recalling that nme among the many invaders tht seemed to have taken advantage of the period of relative peace reigning in the Earth Sphere to throw everything in disarray. "I understand. Mitsuko and I are not pilots, but a certain person we are looking for is very skilled in that department, and I think she would be willing to aid you in this struggle. Provided we find her alive and well, that is."

"We will do our best to help you find her." Katz answered. "Our allies have access to many resources, and we are in contact with important corporations such as Morgenroete and Nergal. They will certainly share some of their resources to locate your friend. We'll have to talk to Professor Hazuki about it, but I'm sure we can reach a compromise."

Lahge smiled slightly and nodded. "Thank you, Mitsuko and I definitely appreciate it." he said. "In the meantime, what will be our next move?"

"We will be heading to Nanbara Corporation, the closest of our current operative bases, in order to refuel and reorganize ourselves." the voice of Professr Hazuki stated, as the doors on the other side of the lounge slid open, and the commander of the Cyber Beast Squad entered the large room. Everyone instinctively stood up from their seats and stood at attention as Hazuki motioned for them to be at ease with a simple gesture of his hand. "We... need to further research into the Mechasaurus units, and warn the Saotome Laboratories of the incoming threat as well. At the moment, we sand at an unknown place, and we have no way of predicting what will happen next."

"Not to mention, Neo Zeon isn't going to take kindly to the raid you jut pulled off." Amuro added. "Sure, I am grateful you came to rescue me, and you pulled it off in a competent way... butyou've also made yurselves targets for those people. I'd also like to addthat I'm not the only one they're after. At the moment, their leader Hamaan Kahn is gathering allies in space, particularly among Giganos Empire and ZAFT... and their sleeper cells on Earth are trying to capture powerful Newtypes and force them to work for them."

Sayla nodded. "We have also confirmed tha several surviving members of the Titans work for Neo Zeon right now." she stated. "We have confirmed the presence of Jerid Mesa, Mouar Pharaoh, Yazan Gable and Sarah Zabiarov among them... and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else was along for the ride."

Lahge nodded, realizing much to his chagrin that even now that he and Mitsuko had somehow ended up in the past, things were not much easier for humanity. Dekim Barton had not realized his coup yet, but it was just a matter of time before things escalated to that level...


On board the Neo Zeon battleship known as Mindora...

Not that the Neo Zeon officers were happy campers themselves... especially Rakan, who was just then communicating the bad news to one of his commanding officer - a young man of average height with short blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a dark blue uniform with light brown shoulder pads and boots, and some sort of red plate on the left side of his chest, emblazoned with what looked like a coiling golden snake. Needless to say, he didn't look very pleased with what Rakan was telling him.

"What do you men, Amuro Ray escaped?" he asked in displeasure. "And not only that, you are still nowhere close to recovering Kamille Bidan... and you lost the entire settlement to an attack from an unknown source? I expected such blunders from people like Mashmyre and Kyara, certainly not by someone such as you, Sgt. Rakan Dahkaran!"

"I... won't give excuses, Commander Glemy Toto." Rakan answered, swallowing his pride. "We were attacked by the Gandora team, and were caught off guard, but we were managing to keep them at bay. At least until that huge beast came out of the ground and began destroying everythng."

Glemy sighed and shook his head. "And why do you think I had you coming down to Earth? This mistake is not going to look good in your resumes at all."

"I know about it." Rakan admitted. "But I will do my very best to bring back those two. Just... allow me some time to locate them."

"Hmph. Okay, but I'll be expecting a full report about it, and soon." Glemy answered as the image on the comm screen began fading. "Good luck. I think you'll need it."

Rakan saluted as his commanding officer disappeared from the screen... and Jerid Mesa, who was standing only a few steps behind, shook his head angrily. "Feh. Those guys giving orders from space sure are relaxed about it..."


"So... this is the famed Excellence-C? And you were the one who built it? That's quite impressive, I have to say." Shinobu Fujiwara commented, as he stood along with Kouji, Sayaka, Sara, Ryo and Masato in the Gandora's hangar, admiring that part of Mitsuko and Lahge's masterpiece. The young researcher was taking a look at the purple exoskeleton, as if she was glad that it was mostly unscathed, and wanted to spend some time with it.

"And it acts as a modular par for another robot, if I understood correctly." Kouji went on. "Simply put, there's a cockpit that lodges inside the exoskeleton... and whenever someone wants, he can ditch the current module and get into another. Well, this makes it a very versatile machine! Nice idea you had!"

Mitsuko smiled shyly, secretly thinking that it was ironic that she couldn't tell them the real reason her Excellence was so special - the very same reason she, Lahge and Fiona were now stuck in the past. "Thank you... but I can't hog all the credit, you know. Lahge helped me a lot, and Fiona... well, let's just say the Excellence-C woudn't be where it is now without her. And I'm afraid that it can't do much anyway, unless we find her..."

Seeing how worried Mitsuko was over her best friend, Sayaka nodded and put an hand on Mitsuko's shoulderto confort her. "Hey, don't worry yourself too much about it... we still need to thank you for helping us bail Lt. Ray out of that prison camp, so rest assured that we will do what we can to help you find this Fiona person. Souds like someone I'd be glad to get to know anyway!"

"Yeah, you can say that again, Sayaka! We are in the same boat after all!" Masato intervened, and when Mitsuko looked at the young man, she could see that both he and his comrades seemed very keen and serious about keeping that promise. Her worries going away for the moment, Mitsuko smiled and nodded to the Cyber Beast Force and the duo from the Photon Power Lab.

"Everybody... thank you! This means a lot to me!" Mitsuko said with a smile, thinking that, for the first time ever since she had woken up from the time jump, things were looking up at long last...