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You killed him, Uchiha. And now I am going to kill you. Nothing will save you, not even your precious cursed seal. My revenge will be sweet.

Oh, you won't die right away, I'm going to make you suffer first. You'll feel my wrath and you'll feel pain, this kind of pain you've never felt before.

Remember the day when your clan was killed? Remember how you felt? Well, now you're gonna feel a thousand times worse.

I thought you were just being childish - hooked on revenge. But then you killed him - your kin, your blood.

He was the most caring person I've ever met. He was gentle and sweet, his kisses tasted like strawberries, which was strange because he never liked them. I remember his fingers in my hair and his hot breath on my neck when we were flying on the back of his raven on a starry night. I still hear him whispering to my ear, although I know it's only an illusion. I'm miserable now and it's all your fault.

So now, you're going to pay for all your sins, Sasuke. For all my tears.

Are you happy now, my friend? Are you happy, traitor?