Dear Maria, Count Me In

Title: Dear Maria, Count Me In.

Author: Valvox.

Genre: Romance/Humour.

Style: Song fiction.

Pairing: Kelly/Annabelle.

Setting: Second movie.

Disclaimer: I do not own St. Trinian's or All Time Low. This was written for entertainment only.

Dedication: This entire story is dedicated to LeicesterRedd. For being such an amazing writer and a lovely friend. Love you, Lei! xx :)

Chapter: One. "I've got your picture..."

I've got your picture...

I pulled the tattered photograph out of my boot, kissing it for luck, and then tucking it back into the tight leather.

This was my third mission in a month since I'd last visited Annabelle. I missed her hugely, possibly too much, but that wasn't going to stop me from doing my job.

Even if she kept asking for me to come back – I wasn't going to, no matter how tightly I was wrapped around her finger, I couldn't go back there, not until I had my head sorted out.



I spun on my heel, 'Marco, if you can't be stealthy at least TRY to be quiet!' I hissed at the frazzled young agent.

'Sorry, Agent Jones.' He mumbled, getting up and dusting himself off unsteadily.

'Idiot.' I mumbled under my breath, shoving past him to open the apartment door.

Our mission? Pretty easy, bug the flat of a small-time drug dealer, hope we get a lead to the boss, and then send in the big guns.

Well, it'd be easy if I wasn't stuck with this bumbling buffoon. I mean, seriously, who ever heard of partnering a rookie with a fully-trained professional killer?

'Stupid MI6.' I hissed, thumping the door.

'What are you doing, Agent Jones?' Marco asked, eyeing me nervously.

I just glared at him, if he was anywhere as intelligent as they said, he'd be able to figure out that I was making sure no one was home.

I couldn't hear anything inside, so I knelt by the door, pulled a credit card [one of many, I might add], and jiggled it around the cheap lock, silently praying it would suddenly pop open.

It did – looks like someone up there likes me.

'Come on, Marco.' I shoved him into the stuffy apartment, effectively wiping the gormless look off of his face.

For now.

He gazed around the room uncertainly, as if at any moment a monster would jump out from the shadows and devour him – a dream I'd often had. A dream that was unlikely to come true any time soon, unfortunately.

'Stop gawking, start planting.' I snapped, throwing him a black rucksack while I rummaged through a similar tan one.

From the bag I pulled a rolled up sheet of paper.

I took the sheet and went into the bathroom – if you could call it that anymore, it was so filthy, even the grime was trying to escape.

I cringed, then shook away the thoughts of rats and other creepy-crawlies, peeling the paper off to reveal a clear, adhesive material.

I pressed the corner of the sheet to the large mirror, sliding a gloved palm all the way across it to the opposite corner, and then did the same with the top.

Now we had unlimited, 24-hour surveillance of his bathroom.

Just what I've always wanted.

Or not.

'You done, Marco?' I called quietly, shoving the backing paper into my deep pocket.

'Nearly,' he replied, sticking a wad of "chewing gum" to the underside of a cluttered desk, 'there's only one more to go.'

'Right, I'll help – we need to get out of here soon.' I said, pulling a pencil from the bag.

It had a note attached to it;

This is a listening device in the form of a pencil.


I replaced a basic HB with the fake-pencil the Tech team had supplied us with and grinned – they were getting good now they had Polly to help them out.

'Ready, Agent Jones?' Marco asked as he slid a hair into the lock of the door.

'Yeah.' I raised an eyebrow, nearly impressed with his initiative.

'Let's go,' he said in that nervous tone of his, sliding through the open window, 'he's due back in less than an hour.'

'I know.' I replied, taking a sweeping glance of the room before following him out the window and onto the streets of London.

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