Super Sentai vs Super Sentai – Another

AN: This is the story of another team similar to my Super Sentai vs Super Sentai. Yes, I do have planned this from the very beginning. Otherwise, why would I call it 'Super Sentai vs Super Sentai'? While Takeru from Shinkenger has amassed his own team, another team is being amassed. For what purpose unknown, but we shall uncover in time!

By the way, this fic is going to be very similar in structure, except with different people and scenarios, of course. I hope you enjoy.

Once again, I'll put up another disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. TOEI OWNS PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING, except this fic.


Earth has existed and prospered for a very long period. However, it also became a target of various factions that sought conquest. Be they Black Cross, Crime, Egos, Vader Clan, Black Magma, Deathdark, Jashinka, Gear, Gozma, Mess, Tube, Volt, Bouma Tribe, Zone, Vyram, Bandora Gang, Gorma, Youkai, Baranoia, Bowzock, Nejirejia, Balban, Saima Clan, Londerz Family, Org, Jakanja, Evolian, Alienizer, Infershia, Negative Syndicates, Rin Jyuu Ken School and Gen Jyuu Ken School, Gaiark and the latest one, Gedoushuu. However, each of them were thwarted by the task force group called 'Super Sentai'. As time passed, abnormalities between these battles were formed.

During the battle against Negative Syndicates, a man named AkaRed made his appearance. With the ability to change between the powers of the members of Super Sentai with the color red, he helped the current Sentai team Boukenger as well as a group of past warriors to in battle. While he vanished in the end, there are more than meets the eye from AkaRed.

AkaRed came from a dimension fueled with the battles of Super Sentai. He has five allies; AoBlue, KuroBlack, KiYellow, MomoPink and MidoGreen; and one mentor figure; ShiroWhite. The team fought against Emperor Rufecil in a long and grueling battle. As more Sentai came victorious, the power of AkaRed and his teammates grow even more and eventually topple Rufecil. However, they were never able to destroy Rufecil completely. As long as there is evil in the hearts of humans, he will be able to return.

To counter this, after his encounter with the Boukengers, AkaRed proposed to his teammates to separate the keys to the seal of Rufecil into two pieces and put them inside separate timelines of the Sentai. The timelines were separated in two, the first spans between the timeline of Goranger to Jetman, while the other timeline spans from Zyuranger to any other timelines forward. The seal cannot be found by those from the respective timeline, the reason for this is to make sure that the pieces of Rufecil's seal's key are never found and activated.

During the war between the Shinkenger and the Gedoushuu, an abnormality enters the world of Sentai. This abnormality is the one they call Kamen Rider Decade. While Decade left the Shinkenger world after his deeds are done, this dimension-hopping action slightly cracks the seal of Rufecil, enough for him to send parts of his power to both separated timelines. With two of Rufecil's essences entering the Super Sentai universe in different timelines and went unnoticed, it is only a matter of time until a chaos in grand scale engulfs both timelines which will decide the fate of the Super Sentai.

And now… somewhere in the past…

CHAPTER 1: The Aura Fighter(s) returns

The Tube Empire has been defeated, and under Princess Mio, it returned to its peaceful roots. Those who defeated the Tube Empire, the Maskmen, returned to their normal lives while the group was officially disbanded, although not the Sugata Racing Team, as it allowed many people to have their jobs that didn't have anything to do with fighting.

Akira the Blue Mask returned to his home village to reunite with his mother, showing how he has matured. At any rate, he was also ready to resume the school years that he skipped in order to become the Maskman and protect the world.

Haruka the Yellow Mask also returned to her ninja village. Her achievements impressed the other ninjas and she was soon heralded as one of the best ninjas in the village.

Kenta the Black Mask answered the call of his old friend from the Sun Racing Team and he rejoined them, although with heavy heart, leaving the Sugata Racing Team, that the Maskmen used to belong. Thankfully, both racing teams eventually ended up as fast allies thanks to his connections.

The only people that remained in the Sugata Racing Team from the Maskman team were the Commander Sanjurou Sugata himself, along with Takeru the Red Mask and Momoko the Pink Mask. The two former Maskmen resumed their place in the Racing Team, Takeru being the main driver while Momoko led the new mechanic team; with Sanjurou managing the team.

A year has passed since the final battle…

At one day, the Sugata Racing Team was arranged to have a training session with another racing team in order to prepare for a big race event which also involved the Sun Racing Team. Both Takeru and Momoko were inside a small restaurant, eating together to prepare for their latter training.

"Wow, the meat smells good." Takeru noticed at his food as he started cutting it down with his knife, "How did you know about this place?"

"Oh, that. One of my trainees showed me back then." Momoko said, "He's fairly new, so I just know this for a short time." In a sudden, she sighed.

"Er, what's wrong, Momoko?" Takeru asked, looking at her slightly sad face, "You don't look too well."

"Nothing, really! I'm fine…" Momoko answered, but her tone of voice couldn't hide that she did feel sad over something.

"Your voices lie." Takeru noted, "What are you feeling now?"

"All right, I guess I can tell you." Momoko said, looking at the restaurant's scenery on her side. There were several empty spots, including one that could hold five people, "Takeru… it's been like… a year, right?"

"Huh…? Oh…" Takeru also looked at where Momoko was looking. Just then he saw some sort of imagination, the table for five was seated with him and the rest of the Maskmen, eating and sharing jokes together, laughing and spending their good time together. Just then, the imagination shattered, bringing him back to real life where several people eventually took a seat there.

"Ah, right… It's been awhile…" Takeru noted, reminded to his friends, "Everyone is doing okay, I suppose."

"I miss them, really…" Momoko said, her tone suddenly getting sadder and sadder, "I'll admit that our battles as Maskman was a harsh one, but it's also the best… to be with our friends together. And now, we had to separate to our own lives together…"

"Momoko." Takeru stopped her from saying any further by holding her hand which was on the table, "It's all right… You'll learn to let go, eventually…"

"But, Takeru…" Momoko tried to insist, but once again, she was stopped .

"Remember me and Mio?" Takeru said, reminded of his former lover that he had to separate with, due to their conflicting duties, "It was hard for me to forget about our love, but I managed to do it… If I can let go, you can as well, Momoko. Believe me."

"Takeru…" Momoko smiled, glad to hear such encouraging words from Takeru… until her arm suddenly touched the plate which contained her food. It was less hot than usual, "Oh dear! We talked so much that the food might get colder."

"Oh, man… All right, let's eat." Takeru quickly said as eventually both of them started eating. Slowly but surely, the times as a Maskman would soon be left only as a memory…

The training race went well and Takeru was able to defeat his training opponent. Coming out from his F-1 car, he shook hands with his training opponent and said, "Great match. Let's meet again in the event."

"Yeah. Let's make the event a bang." The training opponent replied, both racers smiling at each other.

In the meantime, Momoko, now the lead mechanic of the team, said to her fellow mechanics, "Everyone, good job! Keep it up for the event later!". Her cheering was responded with a big cheer. It was truly a happy event that probably couldn't go wrong…

But it did.

Just then, another mechanic came onto the racing scene. His body was battered and wounded, but he still dragged his body to meet the two, "Momoko… Takeru…"

"Oh dear…!" Momoko gasped, realizing that it was a mechanic that couldn't make it to the training session. As both she and Takeru approached him, she started talking, "Shugo, are you okay? What's with those wounds? !"

"The Chief… the chief was attacked… He's… hospitalized…" Before Shugo finished talking, he lost consciousness.

"Chief…!" Takeru was worried. What could have happened to his Chief Sugata? Thankfully for him, he saw a card dropped from Shugo's pocket, which contained the hospital's address, "At any rate, let's take him there! Chief must be there!"

Thankfully for Takeru, his instinct was right. The hospital that was pointed in the card was also the place where Chief Sugata was hospitalized. After sending Shugo to his own room, Takeru and Momoko quickly visited their Chief.

"Chief…" Both called out as Sugata opened his eyes.

"Takeru… Momoko…" He started, "How is Shugo…? And the others?"

"They're all okay." Momoko assured him, although she looked quite sad, as she saw most mechanics hospitalized here.

"Thank goodness." Sugata sighed in relief. But Takeru would not have it.

"Chief, what happened?" He asked desperately, "Why are everyone here? ! Who attacked you? !"

"I don't think you'll believe it… but…" Sugata talked, which soon would surprise both of them, "It would seem that the remnants of Zeba's reign in Tube has begun their move…"

"Remnants? ! Zeba? !" Takeru was shocked hearing the news. The previous, tyrannical Emperor of Tube Empire, responsible of transforming the peaceful empire into a tyrannical one, although thanks to the efforts of Maskman, he was slain and rulership was given back to the rightful heir, Princess Iyal, restoring peace. Yet there were some who still desired Zeba's rule.

"I can't believe it…" Momoko muttered, "So even with Mio's… no, Princess Iyal's rule… there's still some who craves destruction?"

"I do not know…" Sugata answered, "But they're up to something. Takeru… Momoko… I really don't like asking this, but I have no choice… please… investigate these events."

"You shouldn't dislike asking things like that, Chief. We'll do it." Takeru assured him as he prepared to leave, "Let's go, Momoko."

"Wait a minute, Takeru." She stopped him, "Have you forgotten? We're no longer Maskman! The team disbanded, remember?" Takeru suddenly stopped, and thought that it was truly correct. The team has been disbanded.

"Perhaps you are right, Momoko. We're not Maskman anymore." Takeru said in disappointment, but his voice suddenly become determined, "But if we leave this be, what would those remnants do to the innocents? ! Maskman or not, my heart still burns to protect people from evil!"

"Well said, Takeru…" Sugata smiled, looking at Takeru, "Listen, both of you… you're wrong if you think you're no longer Maskman."

"Eh? !" Momoko was shocked hearing it.

"The team may be disbanded, but it doesn't mean your power is gone." Sugata assured them, "Can you still feel the Aura Power within you? You can, right? All those training result didn't vanish just because of disbandment! Have you forgotten?"

In a moment, both Takeru and Momoko closed their eyes, trying to feel something deep inside them. To their surprise, yes, they could still feel their Aura Power. "Yes… yes, I can still feel it, Chief!" Takeru exclaimed, and Momoko also smiled at learning the fact.

"Very good." Sugata smiled at the two's new determination, "For now, you two should go investigate at the latest place of their scheme that I heard… Kawase Shore. I'll try to contact Kenta and the others so they'd join you soon. Don't forget your bracelets. You still kept it, right?"

"Yeah." Takeru nodded, reminded that their bracelets were still kept as a reminder of their fight as Maskman, "Thank you, Chief. We're going. Let's go, Momoko!" With that, both of them left the hospital. However, Sugata's face suddenly turned to worry.

"Be careful… you two… I think these remnants are up to something in a grand scale…"

The two eventually made it to the Kawase Shore, where the atmosphere was quite empty. "Chief said that they're scheming here…" Momoko muttered, looking around although she found nobody. It didn't take a long time for several familiar faces suddenly greeted them through an ambush… the Ungler soldiers.

"Here they are!" Takeru exclaimed as both of them fought the Ungler soldiers, unmorphed, as they were saving strength for the upcoming grand battle.

The Ungler soldiers never stopped coming. However, eventually Takeru noticed something approaching from behind Momoko. "Watch out!" Without thinking anything else, Takeru shouted and suddenly tackled her to the ground. In process, the 'something' that approached her hit the Ungler soldier that was behind her. It was a ring-shaped beam, which bound the soldier and crushed it until it was destroyed into pieces. "Are you all right?" Takeru asked, not realizing that such forward action caused Momoko to blush.

"Uh… thanks." Momoko replied. However, any possible tender moments were cut off when she looked at the one who did it, "Who're you? !" In a short time, both got up to their feet, greeting the one who tried to attack them.

"I missed." It was a never-seen before Doggler Monster, "As I would expect from the Maskman that destroyed Your Majesty Zeba."

"You didn't answer the question. Who are you? !" Takeru repeated the question.

"I am… Space Doggler!" The monster introduced himself. He was apparently one of the more intelligent monster gifted with the ability to speak, unlike most of the Doggler monsters. A fierce beast with sphere-like shoulder pads, black armor and a circular ring shaped like Saturn's ring located surrounding him. "Maskman… today is the day you die! For His Majesty Zeba's revenge!"

"Oh? Do you really think you can take us on?" Momoko said confidently, "Just because we're disbanded?"

"We'll show you our power. Although we lacked the others…" Takeru said, "We will triumph, and the peace that has been maintained by Princess Iyal to the Tube Kingdom and Earth will be restored!"

"Peace… ha!" Space Doggler cockily said, "Such wannabe ruler does not understand that peace is a foolish thought! Only chaos and evil should be allowed to exist!"

"You will eat your words soon!" Takeru shouted at him, and then turning to Momoko, "Let's do it."

"OK!" She nodded as both of them stood firm, raised their hands with their braces and shouted…


Both then jumped to the sky. Covered with their Aura Power, they transformed into fearsome warriors that protected Earth before… the Maskman!

"Ugh! You can still transform? !" Space Doggler said in shock as both Takeru and Momoko, now under their transformed form landed and introduced themselves.

"Red Mask!"

"Pink Mask!"

Even though they lacked three members, Red Mask proceeded to finish the call.

"Hikari Sentai…"


"Here goes!" With Red Mask commanding, both he and Pink Mask proceeded to fight against the Ungler soldiers and Space Doggler. Even though there was only the two of them, the Maskmen managed to hold their grounds and wiped out a lot of Ungler soldiers.

Eventually, only Space Doggler remained. "You're the last one." Pink Mask said, "Let me finish this then. Masky Ribbon!" Afterwards, she unleashed her weapon, the Masky Ribbon.

"Don't underestimate me!" Space Doggler said as his giant ring turned into two circular spiky rings of death on both hands and he threw them to both Maskmen.

"Masky Blade!" Red Mask unleashed his signature weapon and both of them gathered their Aura Power. Using that, Pink Mask captured one of the rings with her ribbon and tossed it aside. In the meantime, Red Mask cut the ring in two with his blade.

"Let's do it, then." Red Mask said as he prepared his sword, "Laser Arrow!" Covering his sword with energy, he shot the gathered energy towards Space Doggler, damaging it. In turn, Pink Mask leapt and bound the Doggler with her Ribbon, then stabbing him with the ribbon handle.

"Red Mask, now!" She called him as she plugged out the handle. Nodding, Red Mask ran forward and took a leap, his fist ready.

"Masky Crash!" Covering his sword with power, eventually Red Mask delivered a cross slash on Space Doggler's body, which caused explosions here and there, knocking him down.

"Looks like that's all there is…" Red Mask concluded, thinking that the Masky Crash attack defeated him. However, just as he said that, the sky turned dark and was mixed with weird colors. Thunders struck the ground as the ground itself rumbled.

"What's this…? !" Pink Mask tried to keep her balance, and fell down to the ground.

"Pink Mask!" Red Mask, still trying to balance himself, tried to help her. However, Space Doggler got up one last time.

"Damn… if I'm going to die… I'll take you with me to hell!" Space Doggler declared as he ran towards Red Mask, his body exploding here and there, intending to take him out with his body explosion.

"Watch out!" Pink Mask yelled, warning Red Mask.

"Damn!" He shouted as he quickly prepared his fist, covered with power, "GOD HAND!" With that he punched the Space Doggler, intending to knock him away before he exploded. However, instead, when his fist came in contact with the Doggler's body, it triggered an explosion.

"AAH!" Pink Mask screamed, thinking that she was caught in the blast.

Moments later, nobody was seen in the shore, with the exception of Momoko alone, untransformed. "Ah… What… happened?" When she regained her consciousness, she looked around, trying to recall what just happened. 'Oh, yes… I was fighting the remnant of Tube with Takeru… wait a minute.' Just then, she realized something. Takeru wasn't around.

"Takeru?" Momoko called out. But there was no response. "Where are you, Takeru?" She called again, and still no answer.

She reached out her bracer and tried calling him from there, "Takeru, where are you? Please answer!" When there's no answer, Momoko started to get desperate. "Takeru!"

She called and called, but there was no response. It suddenly dawned to her that the last act he did was punching a Doggler monster that tried to self destruct. After that, he was not seen again. Which would mean, he could've died in explosion.

"No… it… it's a lie, right…?" Momoko, in despair, fell to her knees. Tears couldn't stop rolling from her eyes as her fears consumed her, thinking that Takeru has fallen in battle, "You can't be dead… Just moments ago, we're together… like friends… and now, Takeru… no… you can't…!"

It was only moments ago that she was having a good time with Takeru. The training for the big event, eating together in leisure like a friend… And in split second, everything was gone in front of her eyes. Takeru was nowhere to be seen, and since the last time she saw her was him withstanding a self destruct attack, big chance that he's slain. All those thoughts were too much for Momoko to bear.

Out of desperation, she looked at the sky, and screamed with all her voice, all while her tears continue to flood her face…


Somewhere else, however, Takeru wasn't dead. He was also on a shore. But there was nobody around. "Momoko!" He tried calling her with his communicator, but there was no response. "How can this be…? !" He cursed at the lack of answer. 'This is like I'm in another world…! Momoko… don't die…' Extremely worried, he started running off.

In a moment, however, he found a book covered in the sands. Picking it up, he started reading its title…

"History of… Super Sentai?"

What has happened to Takeru? Where has he gone, separated from his friends? And what was the purpose of this book he just found?

To be continued…

Author's note: And yes, I do picked Red Mask on the same purpose because he had the same given name as Shinken Red. There will be much meaning behind this, but we'll find out later. So! At any rate, it's been confirmed that Takeru would be the Red Ranger for this second team. The bad thing is, I'm pretty much set with who's going to be in the team. But you can still go ahead and make a guess who's going to be in.

Also... Poor Momoko. She might not appear for long, but who knows. Maybe she'll return as well. At any rate, constructive criticisms and reviews... bring it on!