The Promise

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Epilogue: The Reunion

She moved quickly through the airport. Weaving in and out of the slower and random walkers that surrounded her. It was time. In a few minutes she was going to see Booth. Her feet carried her with no regard for how sore or tired she was. She had somewhere to be. The illogical side of her wanted to leave her luggage and run for the door, but the rational side of her knew that she needed to grab it now or else she never would.

When she finally arrived at the baggage claim area, an empty carousel greeted her. She stood unevenly in front of it, waiting. Her foot tapped impatiently on the floor. Time was ticking, and she wasn't moving. Minutes later, after some of her fellow passengers had arrived as well, the carousel began to move. She moved to wear the bags were coming from and waited. One, two, three bags came out. None of them were hers. Another three came out before hers finally appeared on the carousel. She yanked it off of the carousel and started moving.

It was only when she was nearing the exit that she realized that two men had been following her. Her feet slowed and she swirled around, dropping her bags as she raised her hands in defense.

"Dr. Temperance Brennan?" One of the men asked.

Brennan's back stiffened. "What do you want?"

"I need you to come with us," the same man said.

Brennan planted her feet, preparing to fight. "Why?"

"Someone has demanded that we question you."

"Care to elaborate?" Brennan asked. Her voice was cool and detached.

The man that had been speaking to her began to approach her. "Dr. Brennan, I have orders to bring you in for questioning."

Brennan folded her arms across her chest. "I'm not going anywhere."

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice," the same man said as he and the other man began to close in on her.

She thought about fighting back, about defending herself, but something stopped her. She had been in this situation before. She sighed heavily. Booth. It was always Booth.

"Where is Agent Booth?" She asked as the men approached her.

The men looked at each other, but neither responded.

She put one of her hands out, indicating to them to stop. "Tell me where Agent Booth is or I'm not going to come quietly."

The men stopped in front of her, but didn't say a word.

It was then that she saw him. His hair was back to normal. His army fatigues had been traded back in for his suit and tie, along with his cocky belt buckle. Her chest clenched. It was him. Booth was here. She was seeing him. She was watching him walk towards her.

Her heart began to pound. Her head began to spin. The annoying passengers that surrounded her disappeared. She only had eyes for him. For Booth. For the man that seemed to know how to get to her. For the man that she loved.

Eventually she remembered that she could move as well. Her unsteady feet began to take steps forward, leaving her bags behind with the two men that let her pass willingly.

The distance between them was closing inch by inch. Her heart continued to pound. Her feet began to pick up the pace until she was running. And then he was running as well until they collided into each other. The distance between them had finally closed fully.

His arms wrapped tightly around her frame, pulling her against him fully. He breathed into her hair. "Bones…"

"Booth." She breathed into his chest. Her heart still pounded inside of her. "I missed you."

Booth's hands wandered her body, feeling all the places he could feel in public. "I missed you too."


"I know, Bones," Booth said. He pulled back slowly, allowing himself to see her fully in front of him. A small smile spread across his face as he saw what she was wearing. "Did you wear this for me?"

"What?" She asked innocently.

"The outfit, Bones. You know it's one of my favorites."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Booth," Brennan smiled. She looked at him slowly, taking him all in. Loving the fact that she was back in his presence. That he was in front of her. That she could reach out her hand and touch him. "Booth…"

"Tell me, Bones," Booth pleaded.

She looked down at her feet, embarrassment spreading across her face. Two of Booth's fingers found her chin and forced it upwards.

"Tell me," he repeated.

Her eyes found his. She reminded herself that he was her parachute, and that this… this was the moment that she had been waiting for.

"I love you, Booth," she said softly. She took a deep breath. "I love you."

He crushed her against him then, holding her close. "I love you too, Bones," he said tenderly. "More than you'll ever know."

Her hand wandered up his body until her palm was cupping his cheek. It took less than a second before Booth pressed his lips against hers, drinking her in. Their tongues dueled, and their hands wandered over each other's bodies. Everything felt right.

Everything was what it should be.

They had made it through the year, and now they were here. Together. Where their future could begin and promises could be kept.

They were home.

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