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Chapter one ff

'Mid-Night accident':

My beliefs.

**Amu's Pov**

The 6-year-old's parents came and picked Ami up before they crossed the street and continued walking. I, Ami's big sister- was already on the other side of the road. My younger sibling hopped out of our father's arms and ran towards me… Off in the distance I could hear a car was running… I don't know how fast. All I know that It was going quick.

"Onee-Chan!" Ami ran across the street, running towards me.

I turned my head to see a large truck speeding out of control. All I could do, me- Amu Hinamori, the older sister of Ami Hinamori and the oldest daughter of Tsumugu Hinamori and Midori Hinamori- just stood and watched in horror. Ami didn't notice the truck but my parents did.

"Ami!" I heard my mother and father shout as they pushed Ami out of the way and I shut my eyes closed.

'EEEEK! (A/N: Supposed to be the car trying to stop XD) *SCREAM!* BAM!'

Was all I heard. I opened my eyes to see a blur of red… next to my parent's… Dead bodies. The truck was already out of sight and I saw Ami bending down.

"Mama! Papa! Wake up! Wake up!" my little sister repeated.

No… This can't be… My parents are…

My eyes shot open and I felt something wet on me cheeks. Danm… I was crying. But… Where am I? My back hurt. I shot up and looked around. Then I remembered as I saw what I was slumbering on... A large tomb stone.

'In memory of Midori Hinamori and Tsumugu Hinamori.

A loving mother and father of 2 children.

RIP, May you live forever and together up above in heaven for saving a child's life'

November 30th … The day my parents died. Tomorrow is December 1st. (A/N: Anyone remembers anything about the date Dec 1st? ;D ) I looked at my watch. 11:17pm … I turned to the grave again and I felt tears welling up in my eyes, violently threatening to fall. I couldn't look anymore and got up. I turned and ran as fast as I could to Only-God-Knows-Where-The-Hell-I-Was-Going. I couldn't see well… My eyes were watery and everything was blurry. I finally stopped running but tears were still falling. A…Park? I wiped away my tears and sighed. I felt another drop of water on my wrist. No, I've stopped crying. So it can only be… Crap. I forgot my umbrella back at the apartment. I guess I had no choice but to stand under a tree and wait. Before it really started pouring - I ran into the park. It was… Well… Empty. Who can blame anyone? It's night time. Who'd be crazy enough to walk into a park at night? Oh… Me. I looked around and saw a large oak tree. Perfect. I ran underneath it and perfect timing too. It started pouring as if it was the amount of tears me and Ami have wept on this day of the year. It looked like it was gonna' rain for a while, so I slipped out my phone. Speed Dail… Nadeshiko's number. I need to ask her if she can come over and pick me up with her car.


"Hello. This is Orange mobile. Currently you have…

No credit.

Press 1 if you would li-"

I closed my phone… Great, Just great! I sighed again and sat on the ground. I might as well have a rest and take a nap… Who cares if I catch a cold? I shut my eyelids and let dreamland take me away.

**Ikuto's Pov**

Another birthday spent alone… (A/N: What did I tell you? December 1st=Ikuto's Birthday!)

My sister 'Hoshina' Utau- is spending the night at her managers. And why would my parents give a crap about me? Only go place to go to let off some steam. To the park. I walked down the street, my violin case casually slung over my shoulder. I'm just happy my case is waterproof. The rain always makes me tired.

The park… I looked at my watch. '12:32am' Happy frieken' birthday to me. Always dark at this time of day. Always lonely at this time of day… The park is always empty too… All I can see is a stage, benches, a tree, a girl sleeping underneath it… Wait… What? What is she thinking? She can get a cold! I stuffed my hands in my pockets, fiddling with the key my father game to me as a memento.

Why do I care anyway?

I looked closely at her. Pink hair? Well that's unusual. Well… Then again, my hair is azure blue. She's cute… Looked away from her and stepped on the stairs to the stage. I stepped in the middle. At least I wasn't hit by heavy rain anymore. The roof protected me from it. I carefully took my violin out if it's case and positioned my body and the violin, ready to play. (A/N: He's playing Tsukiyo violinist… I think that's what you call it.)

I played the song. The song my real father composed. I closed my eyes, savouring every note I heard. (A/N: I think Aruto/Ikuto's real father composed it. If I'm wrong, sorry! )

Mid-song, I opened my eyes, only noticing that it stopped raining. I sighed but never stopped playing in the process just to close my eyes again.

**Amu's Pov**

My eyelids fluttered open and I felt a strong gust of wind. It was so cold! How long was I sleeping for? At least the rain stopped. I got up and sighed. And I head… An instrument… A guitar? No… A… Violin? Probably. But at this time of day? By digital watch beeped as I caught my attention. '1:00am' Danmit, Nadeshiko must be worried. But it won't hurt to just take a peek at who's playing the violin, right? I followed the sound as it got stronger and louder. I stopped as I saw something glisten in the moonlight. A… Key? I bent down to pick it up.

"Whose is it?" I asked myself.

It was the key that looked similar to my lock. Very similar… I tightened my grip in the key.

"Must being to the person who's playing the violin," I quietly said aloud.

I got up and continued to silently walk. I got to a stage and saw a boy with azure blue hair. Looked like he was in his late teens. He was closing his eyes while playing. I was half glad that he couldn't see me. But just in case he does open his eyes, I just climbed a tree- My back to the trunk and my feet resting on a large branch. The song was sad and sorrowful. But well composed and beautiful. I closed my eyes while listening. So sad…

After a while of the violin playing, it stopped. Why? I guess it was finished. I was disappointed at that fact but I was careful not to be seen.

**Ikuto's Pov**

The song was finished but I still wanted to play. One more song won't hurt. I saw a shadow from the tree, not too far away from me. I could se a small fold of a black pencil skirt and a few strands of pink hair. Pink… Was it that girl? Oh well… If she doesn't bother me, I don't care.

I started playing a song called:

'La Cantarella' (A/N: I don't own this song, it's a song by vocaloids! It's an awesome song!)

**Amu's Pov**

Oh! It was this song! I know it! Out of pure habit I started to sing along.

"Looking back at you
Looking back at me
Inside our closed off little world
Acting Oblivious
Pretended not to know
Our intoxication might be learned"

The boy playing slowed down a little. Probably because he was surprised. But then he started playing at a normal place.

"Having to hide
My very own heart
Just to take a
Step closer to you

A sigh
Escapes from my lips
I feel far from myself.

This pounding, an ordinary heart of love
And I will set a trap just for you
Even though I'm chasing after you
I won't leave any trace of me behind

These false words of mine,
You feel they're sincere
And you are letting your guard down

Something you should know
A drastic medicine
I expect that you drink ever drop

Rusting chains, of our very heart
Falling apart, There's no where to run
Seconds pass, echoing by
The more you try to fight

Let's just say that inside of your very heart
I see, myself in your memories
Linked with the scent of your sweat
I fear that I might mearly be affected

This pounding, an ordinary heart of love
And I will set a trap just for you
Even though I'm chasing after you
I hear 'Make me yours'

Let's just say that inside of your very heart
I see, myself in your memories
Linked with the scent of your sweat
I fear that I might mearly be affected"

I sighed at the end and the sudden wind removed me from my peaceful bliss.

"Okay, You've had your fun. Now, who are you?"

His voice… It was so… Soft and velvet. But none the less, I had to appear myself. So I jumped out of the tree and brushed off some dirt from my skirt then looked up. His deep, indigo eyes stared deep at my honey amber eyes. I found it incredibly hard to breathe.

**Ikuto's Pov**

Her voice was… Like an angels. Actually, it puts all the angels above to shame. I was surprised that she sang. That's the reason I slowed down at the beginning. I put down my violin and boa. There was one question I was dieing to ask.

"Okay, you've had your fun. Now, who are you?" I asked bluntly.

I saw the tree's leaves rustle and the girl jump down. As she was jumping, a bit of her skirt was hung to the tree and for just a second I could see her panties. And the lightest shade of pink crept on my face. It was because of 2 things. Yes, because of the sudden sight of her panties, which are pink by the way- and her cute face. She looked like she was about around the same age group as me. But younger. She was even cuter up close.

"I'm sorry for bothering you,"

No, you didn't bother me at all My conscience told me

"-But I think you dropped something,"

Her voice was cute and petite. But what did I drop? I saw her walking towards me. Her soft pink hair flowed with the wind and her honey, amber orbs never separated from mine as she walked on the stage. She slowly close to me and took something out of her pocket. My key? I dropped it? But she pulled out something else by accident… A Lock that matched my key. I saw her other hand snatch the lock from her open hand and hid it behind her back nervously. I silently took my key out of her open hand.

"Thanks. Uhh… So why are you here? It's midnight. And you could've got a cold sleeping underneath that tree!" I snapped at her.

I was probably a bit to harsh. Because I heard her squeak.

"I can probably ask the same to you. Why are you here?" That wasn't what I was expecting.

"Name's Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Spending my birthday alone. My parents don't give a Danm about me and my sister's not home,"

I say some sympathy in her eyes. And she opened her mouth to answer my question.

"Okay… Ikuto. Mine's Amu Hinamori…It was my parent's death anniversary t- Yesterday. I'm just here because I was waiting for the rain to stop," her answer was sad yet understanding. To me, it was like my parents don't exist because they never pay attention to me. They're just 2 other people that live in the same planet as me.

We both sighed in unison.


I heard and I looked around for the source of the sound. My companion did so too. Then I saw it… headlights swung off its stands and I saw one screw dropping off. As if that was surprising enough, Amu pushed me out of the way, off the stage, so I wouldn't get hurt as much. Thankfully I had enough time to pull the extended arm that pushed me and pulled her with me and I pulled her towards me. Her foot slipped and something of mine was lost forever.

**Amu's & Ikuto's Pov**

My first kiss was lost… To Amu Hinamori/Ikuto Tsukiyomi!

{End of Chapter 1}

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