I was forced to leave my life in La Push behind when I was eight, my mom taking me away from everything that I've ever none, from everyone that meant something to me. We moved away from La Push, to sunny Jacksonville, were the blistering heat made you want to worship the cool air of La Push.

The day that my mom took me away from my home, from Charlie, was the day that I started hating her, things only got worse from there. The many boyfriends started, every single one of them as creepy as the one before, at the being none paid attention to me, I was an eight year old girl that looked more like a boy, but as time passed I changed, I rebelled against anything my mother asked of me, and I changed into a young feisty women.

My fifteenth birthday came and a new man walked in the door, name: dick fifty shall we say. He was the first of a long line to notice my body changing and my looks developing. I was no longer Isabella the tomboy, hanging around with geeky boys, and playing every boyish game under the sun, I was no longer the girl that looked more like a boy with knotted dirty mess of short mahogany hair: make up free face, stick like figure with no curves or definition, with my skateboard and many plasters on my knobble tanned knees always in plain view because of my boyish long shorts.

I changed into a young woman with mahogany wavy hair, a growing bust, a toned flat stomach with signs of a waist and the start of some killer hips, my pins lengthening and not so knobble knees now shown off with girly clothes. My dark skin tone making me look exotic.

The only thing I'm grateful for from my mom is that she and Charlie married met and fell in love and made me so I got half his Quileute genes. Half: meaning that I'm not as tanned as full Quileute's but my dark skin looking healthy and always tanned is something that I thank god for even till this day.

Now I'm seventeen, my looks have only improved, my main of mahogany wavy hair long lushes and always shining, my bust can put any page three model to shame, my waist defined, my stomach toned and my hips, well they kill on the dance floor, my ass perky and peachy, and my pins long tanned and always on show with my girly, revealing clothing, but never slutty.

My life seems to others -to my mom- to be one big party, alcohol and more alcohol, I seem to be a care free, wild child, doing anything for a drink. But it's the only thing that stops me thinking, remembering because my life seems like a party but my reality is the exact opposite, my life is a nightmare, one that I can't wake up from.

So why move back to La Push? Because maybe then I can escape the nightmare.

My grey tight sweat pants and blue tank top, the closest thing to casual and comfy I could find in my wardrobe seemed a little to revealing, in hind sight I should of invested in a big granny jumper, anything to keep the perv to my right drooling over me. I'm proud of my body and comfortable with it and I don't mind when the guys are actually hot and more my age but old men, well it just creeps me out.

I sat back and ignored his gaze that I could feel was still on me.

When I told mom I was moving back she didn't fight me, she didn't beg me to stay, actually she all but started singing Halleluiah. She booked my tickets and sent me on my way, no one knew of my return, I had asked mom not to say and she obliged, I think if I told her I had murdered someone she wouldn't have cared at that point, she was just so darn happy to get rid of her partying constantly drunk daughter.

"Please make sure all luggage is collect."

I stood waiting, a lose circle forming waiting for the luggage to be of loaded and sent down to use, the machine kicked into action in front of me and started to move around clock wise and bringing into sight the first suitcase.

The nerves kicked in as I sat in the taxi, Jake, Embry and Quil would be eighteen now, how would they react to me, are they still the same geeky little boys? Or have they changed like me? Will Charlie want me? I mean a phone call every four months isn't a lot and he stopped coming to see me when I turned fourteen. Seeing mom with so many guys took it out of him. He hasn't seen me since my boyish phase has been over, and mom never talks to him, not even about the disgraces I've become; he has no idea what I've become. A wreak, a disappointment.

"Where in La Push darlin'" The taxi driver looked at me with lust in his eyes.

"Here will do thank you." Anything to get away from your lust stares creep.

"You sure darlin' this isn't even at the border yet?"

I can walk from here you perv, I have legs, you've been looking at them for a good while so you should know.

"I'll be fine thank you."

He left me at the side of the road, the night air cold, the sky dark and littered with shining stars, the trees lining the edge of the road looking intimidating, this was the road in between Forks and La Push and something about it didn't seem safe. Fear slowly started to creep through me, of course only I would ask to be dropped at the side of a practically deserted road in the middle of the night.

I rummaged through my suitcase and found the one over sized green hoodie I own, I pulled it quickly over my head before marching off along the side of the road, the road that would lead me home.

The familiar red house came into view, one painfully long hour walking finally paying off and my reward, one nice hot shower hopefully. I pulled my hot pink suitcase along behind me, often nearly tripping over the gravel and stones littering the floor, and my hand luggage constantly slipping of my shoulder.

I dug around my little black bag to find the keys that Charlie gave me all those many years ago, I came up short. Looks like were knocking, better hope Daddies in. I lugged my heavy suitcase up the finally few steps and knocked on the wooden door, no life seemed to surround the house, and no lights signalled that anyone was home. See dumb arse we should have told someone we were coming.

I often wonder how insane I actually am when having mini arguments in my head, it's an ongoing thing and something that probably isn't very good for me, but the little voice inside my head keeps me... well sane as insane as that sounds, but it does.

I looked down at my i-phone reading the time, 9:30pm. Were the hell could Charlie be on a Friday night? I planted my arse onto the porch steps, hoping I wouldn't get any splinters from the rough and worn planks. I looked around, the trees didn't seem so intimidating here, they seemed more magical, friendlier, it's a La Push thing. The stars still shining brightly in the sky made everything look so much more magical, the magic that is La Push, captures your heart, the beauty of the place is breath taking. Why my mom wanted to leave is beyond me, this place is home and I'm finally here. For how long? I stopped the thought; sometimes my other voice says things I never want to hear.

Time dragged on, 10:00pm past and I stayed sat on the steps, my eyes closing ever so often, but then the pictures appear, and the memories start up, like a film playing through my mind and I had to open my heavy eye lids once again.

Every night the memories haunt my dreams, every morning I wake up screaming for help, I always wake up before my saver finds me. But in reality he had found me, he had saved me; they all had. They saved me from the monster. Then they left.

The soft cushions underneath me told me I was no longer on the porch and was on something soft and comfy with a warm woollen blanket wrapped around my body. I could hear voices fairly close, but I only caught snippets of the conversation.

"...The whole night..."

"...She looks familiar..." A deep voice spoke, sounding old and wise.

"...She looks like she is from around here..." A younger voice stated.

"...Why was she on your door step though? "Another husky voice asked.

"...I'm not sure..." The deep voice answered. It must be Charlie.

Have I changed that much that my own dad has no idea who I am? Let's just hope they believe you.

The smell of homemade pancakes caused my eyes to flutter open, I blinked several times trying to get used to the light. It took me a few seconds for my eyes to get used to the bright beams that where filtering through the cracks of the blinds, and a few more seconds to realise that I had woken without screaming, I replayed the night and realised I could not remember anything after sitting on the porch. I had slept the whole night, no nightmares no screaming. La Push is good for us.

I untangled my limbs from the soft blanket and looked around, I was sitting on the same sofa that had been here nine years ago, and in the living room that had only slightly changed in the nine years I had not seen it. The same old photos on the wall, the same fishing rods in the far right hand corner, the same old blinds fitted over the window, and the same old coffee table in the middle of a circle three sofas, the only thing that had changed. Maybe the sofa's mated. Shut up!

I looked to my right to see the door that would lead me to the kitchen/dining room, where I would find the owners to the voices and my dad. I got up slowly waiting for the head ache-that makes an appearance every morning- but it never came. I ran my hands over my face, and ran my fingers through my bed hair, and walked slowly towards the heavenly smell.

I heard the voices stop as I got closer to the door, it felt slightly like a horror movie, you know when the young girl walks slowly towards a closed door, putting her hand lightly on the door knob and turning it, not knowing what she is going to find. Dramatic much. I breathed in deeply and swung the door open.

All eyes were on me as I stood in the doorway; around the table were seven half naked, drop dead gorgeous men, and their dark eyes shining brightly at me. One female stood by the cooker, her eyes also on me. Then my eyes rested on the man at the far end of the table, his hair dark and slightly curly hair with faint signs of turning grey, his eyes the same warm brown as mine, and as our eyes locked I knew he remembered me, recognition flashing in his brown chocolate eyes, the exact colour of mine.

"Bella!" His voice barley a whisper.

I was in his arms in a second, his arms wrapped around me and his chin resting on the top of my head, I felt his lips kiss my forehead several times. I fought the urge to cry and surprisingly I won. He smelt just how I remembered, woody with a hint of cinnamon. Looking over Charlie's shoulder I saw another older man, sitting in a wheel chair, with a massive smile on his face. Billy.

Charlie let me go and I ran and jumped onto my other favourite old man, Uncle Billy. Well technically were not related but I love him like he is a part of my family.

"Bell's, I'm happy to see you to." His voice told me he was smiling, yet I couldn't see with my head buried in the crook of his neck.

I heard someone else say my name and I lifted my head to see where it came from, and was confronted with a gorgeous, topless male. His deep chestnut eyes holding amazement. I know these eyes.

"Jake?" My voice barely audible to my own ears yet he heard and a massive smile spread across his face. Yep defiantly Jake.

For the second time I launch myself into a males arms, these warmer and stronger than the other pair. I could hear his low chuckle as I gript onto his large muscles. How could this be Jake? He was a geeky, puny little boy, now... Now he's... well super buff.

"What about us?" Two voices said in unison.

I looked up to find two other topless males close by me, the arms crossed over there large muscular chests. After ogling there bodies a little more I looked at their faces, and the smirks on their lips told me my ogling hadn't gone unnoticed. Then it hit me. Quil and Embry!

Once again, this is becoming a regular thing today, I launch myself into two more pairs of scorching hot, muscular arms, screeching their names as I sailed through the air, before hitting there hard solid bodies.

"What happened to you guys? You know steroids are bad for you right!" They replied by chuckling lowly.

"We just filled out Bell's, the real question is what happened to you girl? You actually look like a girl now and you're HOT!" Quil drawing out the last word.

I saw Charlie glaring at Quil for his last comment, I giggled to myself, while I felt my trade mark blush spread across my cheeks. I looked over to the table to see four guys still sitting with their mouths hanging open, and their eyes practically bugging out there heads as they stared at me. I felt myself blush deeper under their gaze.

"Hey, I'm Emily." The women walked over to me, but not before hitting one o the male gods over the head.

"Hi, I'm Bella." She smiled warmly at me before pulling me into a hug. I couldn't help but hug her back and giving her a warm smile. We have a new friend already. Yay.

"Nice to meet you Bella: your Charlie's daughter right?" Her voice friendly.

"Yep, that would be me." I popped the 'p'. I sounded calm and comfortable. Yet I felt nervous and slight uncomfortable with the still drooling very yummy men staring at me.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. This drooling mess...

She went and stood behind the male that she had hit round the head, who was now blushing slightly and tearing his gaze away from me onto Emily. His eyes filled with such love for her that it made me want to cry.

...is Sam, my fiancé." Her tone still sounded friendly, she didn't sound like she was making sure I knew where I stood, and that it was her man, I warmed up to her even more, she was friendly and totally trusting. A good friend to have.

I felt suddenly over heated; I looked around to see Jake standing closer to me than before, his eyes on my behind along with Quil and Embrys. I coughed to catch their attention, they looked up and all slightly blushed knowing I had caught them. I chuckled internally to myself.

"Ok Bell's honey, you know Jake, Quil and Embry...

He gave them all a stern glance, a look saying 'quite looking at my daughter'.

...Sam, Emily and Billy, so these guys are Seth..."

Dad pointed to one of the muscular russet gods. He looked friendly, his eyes a dark brown, he looked warm and cuddly. Only you would want to cuddly these hot people. To be fair I wanted to do a lot more than cuddle them.

"Hey Bella" Seth's voice chirpy and upbeat

I smiled warmly at him and said a quick 'hi'.

"And these two are Collin and Brady, there brothers." Charlie pointed to the other two drooling messes at the far end of the table. I smiled internally, the affect I was having on these fine specimens is quite shocking.

"Hey." They said in unison.

I once again smiled and said 'hi' before turning to Charlie.

"Dad I'm going to go have a shower, kay'!"

Charlie smiled, the corner of his eyes crinkling as he did making him look younger and handsome.

"Okay honey, you can meet the other two later."

My face must have been a picture because Charlie burst out laughing.

"There's more." I barely squeaked out.

This earned me a few more throaty laughs from the others in the room. How many of these topless gods are there? I'm hoping a lot more. Things have improved a lot since we were last here.

"Yeah honey, Paul and Jared, you can meet them later at the bonfire, there pa-... working right now." Charlie stuttered slightly, the smile dropping from his face, before he then he regained control and smiled again.

Whats going on? No idea.

I walked out the door well aware that the males, excluding Charlie and Billy, were looking at my behind. I smiled now knowing that they couldn't see me, it's quite flattering that they like the look of me, and I'm only in sweat pants and a hoodie, and my hair is everywhere. Let's give them to stare at then.

I took my time in the shower, letting the warm water wash away all the tension in my muscles. Charlie is bound to start asking questions soon, asking me why I'm here, how's Jacksonville... I've never been a good liar, but I could hardly tell the chief of police of La Push the truth.

I found my suite case in my old room, nothing had changed, every single thing in the places I left them years ago. The pictures of me, mom and Charlie: me Jake Embry and Quil, me buried in the sand on First beach all scattered around the room. Oh how I miss that beach. My old journey seemed to be in the same place as well, a grey wolf on the front of a green page, it holding memories of my life here.

I rummaged through me suitcase and found the perfect outfit. I slipped my Diamante black lace panties on, and the matching lacy bra, I pulled the long Mela bling bubble white top over my head and found my baby pink chiffon sleeveless waistcoat and slipped it over my tanned arms, my mini denim shorts proved a little more coverage just in case the wind decided to lift my top up a little too high. I slipped the suedette white heels onto my freshly buffed and polished feet, lengthening my legs, and lifted the lid of the my sequined jewellery box, I found my white pearl stud earrings and matching bracelet and attached them to my body. After brushing out the knots in my hair and applying mascara, powder and a little lip shimmer, I picked up my little white over the shoulder bag and skipped down stairs to be greeted by the sound of Taio Cruz- Break your heart ft. Ludacris.

Rounding the corner I saw Emily sitting on the sofa with the music channel playing, as I stepped further into the room, she looked up her warm smile adding to her beauty. The scars down the side of her face just added character and I reminded myself to ask her about them at a later date, something must have happened to her. Like you!

"Oh my..." Her jaw dropped open as she looked at me.

I just stood not quite knowing what to do, I felt my cheeks start to flush and I decided to move further into the room and sit on one of the couches.

"...Your gorgeous Bella... god the guys are really going to love you." She started laughing and I joined in.

"Thank you, so are you and I'm loving your eyes."

Its true her eyes are gorgeous, the grey tones mixed in with the blue made her look unique and stunning, on top of that her great bone structure and slender figure made her look like a model, her clothes casual but fitted and just as unique as her eyes truly made her look amazing.

"Come on, the guys left there all busy working and stuff, and Billy and Charlie had to go help as well, Charlie said to tell you he's sorry and that he will catch up with you later... So you're coming with me."

She smiled warmly and walked to the door, I followed not knowing what else to do but I truly didn't mind that she didn't give me a chance to decline. I walked outside and found a Chevy orange truck parked in the drive way, with Emily already inside it.

"Come on slow coach, we have shopping to do, hope in." She shouted from the wind down window.

I laughed and ran to the truck slamming the door behind me. The truck roared to life and soon we were sailing down the main road out of La Push, through Forks and on our way to Seattle, with Ke$ha Kiss N Tell blaring out the stereo. A real smile plastered over my face. About time you started smiling, it's been too long.

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