AN: This the last chapter of Something about Home. It's sad but the story always had to end and I've been rubbish at updating it but I hope this is an end that will make you, my readers, happy.

Bella POV

It had been a month since I had fully healed that I found out the greatest yet scariest piece of news of my life. It had me laughing and crying all at the same time and I think I scared Paul more than I had when I'd been fighting for my life.

Things with Paul had progressed, slowly because of the whole being in a lot of casts and intense pain but after 4 months of healing I was able to go out on my first date with Paul. It was surreal to say the least, it felt like we'd past the dating stage a long time ago and we had but the date wasn't about seeing if we had any kind of connection like most first dates are; we knew we had a connection, I was his imprinted for Gods sakes but the date was more about just being ourselves and being normal for a change.

He took me to a lovely restaurant and we wined and dined and I couldnt remember a time when I had smiled so much in my life. Paul was my source of happiness, he was it and I couldnt be happier with what life had given me, even if it through a lot of other shit my way as well.

I was happy; Paul and I were together without fear of a threat. We could begin to live.

It was another 2 months after our date that finally we could finally be together again, in that way. I knew it had been driving him crazy and I was horny as hell as well so after I got the all clear from Carlisle that I was all healed I think Paul and I spent a week in bed, reconnecting on a level we had missed desperately.

So a month after I had fully healed and after mine and Pauls exhausting week I found out that we had been more productive than I had thought.

I was pregnant, Paul and I were going to have another mouth to feed, another person to look after. We were going to be a family.

Paul POV

"Honey I'm home" I called as I got back from patrolling at six pm sharp. I was greeted with the sight of Bella sitting on the sofa, legs stretched out and her feet resting on the table with a tub of ice-cream resting on her huge baby bump.

She threw me a smile and puckered her lips waiting for her kiss. Of course I gave her one, two, three... Let's just say I was very generous because I lost count!

Three weeks was all we had left to wait before out baby boy or girl would be born. The Pack was on a high, all excited to meet the first Pack baby but no one was excited as me, apart from maybe Rosalie who had become a regular visitor to La Push.

The treaty with the Cullen's had changed after the whole Victoria thing, they had helped save Bella's life and without them she would be gone ever before I had a chance to meet her. They had saved her from James first. So the Pack was in agreement, Bella loved them like family so they would be treated as such.

They could come and go as they pleased, of course if one of them was to fall off the wagon the wagon so to speak then of course we would be forced to 'handle the situation' but all in all I trusted them, not only with the life of my Bella but with the residents of La Push.

"Hello Paul."

Speak of the devil and it shall appear.

"Rose" Bella yelped happily and tried to bounce to her feet and failed miserably.

I helped her up and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before letting her have her girly time with Rose. I would return in a few hour and they'd still be talking or online shopping for baby things.

"Hey man, how's Bella?" Sam asked as soon as I walked through the door.

I nodded and picked up a muffin from the table. "Good, Rose it over there at the moment."

Every time I walked into a room where one of my Pack brothers was I would get asked the same question, 'how's Bella' it was good, it showed they cared but it could get annoying. I'm known for my temper not so much since Bella arrived into my life though and even less so since the news of the baby. But still, the temper was there.

"Thought I smelled a Cullen," Jared said as he waltzed into the room, he took swiping a muffin from the table.

The Pack was comfortable with the Cullen's but not so comfortable with them that the digs and jibes stopped. It was still in our nature to hate them- a leopard can't change its spots!

"Lest you can't smell them in your house," I bit back.

Jared just laughed and slapped me on the shoulder, "you're the one that lets them in."

I couldnt argue with that, I did let them in, because Bella loved them and I loved Bella.

Bella POV

Months turned to weeks, weeks turned to days and then the day arrived... and then it passed, then another past and another...

"PAUL" I yelled from the bathroom.

I couldnt get up, that's right, I was stuck sitting on the toilet.

Paul rushed in, saw my predicament and helped me up all the while fighting a smile. I could see it, I wasn't happy.

"You think it's funny," I turned on Paul, anger boiling in veins.

"No baby of course not," in a shaky voice, he was trying not to laugh.

He was failing.

I pushed him away, washed my hands then stormed off- as well as you can when your 9 months and three days pregnant.

"Don't be like that baby," he called after me.

"Don't call me baby," I snapped back while dragging myself into the kitchen and making a pickle and jam sandwich blame the baby, stupid cravings.

"Bella let me do that for you," Paul cooed from behind me. Rational I knew he was trying to help me but I wasn't thinking rationally, I was just angry.

I through my hands up into the air widely as I turned to face him, "I can do it myself, I'm pregnant not ill or stupid. I can look after myself. I don't need you."

Paul sighed and nodded before retreating to the table and settling for watching me instead.

I instantly felt bad of course and when I'd finished making my sandwich and I headed straight for Paul, who already had hi arms open ready for me.

"I'm so sorry," I wailed into his chest. It had become a regular thing, me biting his head off and then him holding me as I sobbed in his arms apologizing profusely.

Damn bloody hormones

"Its ok honey," he cooed.

I sat in his arms, eating my sandwich and wishing to any God that would listen that I wanted my baby out of me before I ran Paul away forever with my mood swings.

A God was listening.

Paul POV

"GET THIS THING OUT OF ME" Bella screamed so loudly that I'm sure the whole hospital heard.

Five hours, five fucking hours she'd been in labour and still no baby. The Pack were in the waiting room and had arrived only an hour after Bella and I. Four hours on and most of them were asleep, I could hear their snoring!

"Come on Bella push for me," the nurse said.

I thanked God it was a woman because no man would ever be as near to my Bella's nether regions as the woman was and I was having a hard time even with her.

"Come on Bella, you can do it, push," I whispered into her sodden hair as she squeezed my hand. If I had been human I would have had several broken bones.

"I'm trying," Bella pleaded her tone desperate.

I kissed her sweaty forehead and whispered softly inn her ear, "You're going to have to push extra hard; you made such a good home for the little one it doesn't want to come out."

We didn't know the sex of the child; we wanted it to be a surprise.

Bella pushed again and again and again. More screams followed and I tried my best to make my Bella as comfortable as she could be. Bella screamed so more, begging me to make it stop and I was powerless, I couldnt and it killed me. I couldnt stop my imprints pain though I knew that deep down in the end she would be sobbing with happiness as she held the little one.

"I can't, no more," Bella pleaded with the nurse still situated near her nether regions.

"You can do it Bella," the nurse encouraged and with my help she pushed again and then I heard the most beautiful sound, a scream no a wail.

My baby was born...

Bella POV

Everyone was crammed themselves into the small room. Paul sat on the bed lightly behind me so I could lean against him and he could wrap his arms around me and our child.

"Oh she's so beautiful," Emily whispered with a smile as a few tears spilled down her cheeks.

"So," Sam said with a smile while wrapping his arm around Emily. "What's her name?"

Everyone nodded eagerly, wanting to know what our little princess was called. I turned my head to look at Paul who smiled softly at me before brushing his thumb lightly over her cheek.

"Her name is Amelia Meraz," I whispered staring into her light chocolate brown eyes that were blinking up at me and Paul so innocently.

"It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," Leah said smiling beside me.

"You know we are all going to spoil her rotten right?" Jake said with a grin.

I laughed and nodded, she would be the princess of the Pack, at least until another child was born into the Pack anyway.

Charlie held her for a while, "you did good Bell's" he said but he didn't take his eyes off Amelia, she was captivating.

Everyone held her, cooed and talked to her in a baby voice. It was funny to see the toughest men go soft at the sight of her.

"Come on guys, I think Bella should rest." Paul said after a while and everyone got the idea, they filed out the room one by one giving me a kiss or a hug goodbye and congratulating me again.

It filled me with warmth that made me smile.

Three days and I was finally going home. Amelia was in my arms sound asleep as Paul drove us home. He kept glancing at us out the corner of his eye and the smile was still plastered on his lips. It had been there since Amelia was born and I held her in my arms for the first time.

The car stopped and Paul got out and ran to my side and pulled the door open for me, steadying me as I stepped out the car trying my best not to wake her.

While Paul unlocked the door I just stood staring at the place I called home. Mine and Paul's home. We had redecorated it once I'd moved in which was after we found out I was pregnant. It was fully equipped to handle a child, Amelia even had her own room though I'm sure she'll be sleeping out bed more often than not.

I don't think I could have let her go if I tried.

"Are you coming Bella," Paul said trotting down the stairs to stand beside me concern etched into his beautiful features.

"Are you ok, whats wrong?" he asked panicked.

I hadn't realised I had tears rolling down my cheeks till he brushed them away, "Nothing's wrong, I'm happy, there happy tears."

He smiled down at me and placed his lip upon mine and kissed me sweetly.

"You look like your thinking pretty hard," he whispered into my ear causing me to shiver.

I smiled softly, I thought back to how I arrived and how I had been running and I'd ran here and found a while other life. A family who protected me, risked their lives for mine without hesitation. I found happiness I never knew existed right in La Push the very place I was born; I found everything I needed right in the place I would always call home.

"I was just thinking, there just something about home..." and I smiled, the future was bright. I had a family, one that would only grow with time.

"Home is where the heart is," Paul whispered to me with a smile.

I placed my free hand over his heart, "My heart is right here."


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