I kind of remember searching one day, unaware of my actions I looked around for something. All I knew was that I'd kill myself if I don't find it. After 15 minutes of searching that day, I stumbled across a blue box. Suddenly, a man and a girl jumped out and started mumbling to each other.


Well it started with me and the Doctor in the TARDIS. I was talking about Victorian London and we were both going to go on Christmas Day but then the Doctor looked at his monitor and said we were going to 63rd Century Anchorage! We then went there and the first thing we saw was a teenage girl looking around a junkyard! Talk about first impressions!


I don't believe I have to record this. Anyway, me and Amy were in the TARDIS talking about Victorian London. As I set the controls I noticed a Venuiamite spike and changed to 63rd Century Anchorage because Venuiamite is a very dangerous mineral. Amy wasn't happy about the change but I'm sure it's not too dangerous. When we walked out of the TARDIS we saw a teenage girl, clearly brainwashed.