Resident Evil 4: What I'm Made Of - OC x LEON KENNEDY

Alright, this is my first story and I just wanted to say a few things.

1) I do not own any of the characters

2) This is a Leon x OC story

3) Resident Evil does not belong to me.

I want to thank my brother for helping me as he played the game for me while I wrote. I have tried to keep this story as close to the game storyline as possible as well as add my own scenes in it. I write for pure enjoyment and wanted to share what I have. Thank you and enjoy :


6 years ago, the incident in Raccoon City broke out. The T-virus and G-virus went around more rapidly than any epidemic recorded in history, turning people into infected…monsters.

"Morgan!" A young boy cried as the consistent pounding on the front door grew louder. His shaggy brown hair fell around his terrified blue eyes, body curled over itself in the far back corner of a small table. With one final thud the door crashed open as their neighbor, now infected with the virus and thirsty for blood, entered the room dragging a shovel. Her walk was slow and like a limp, eyes white and clothes stained with blood. The boy held his breath as the infected women passed by him. Thumping and items crashing could be heard down the hall as the women searched for the boy she knew was home. Should he run? Eight year old legs could only carry him so far.

"Danny!" His heart stopped as his sister, a 16 year old with long light brown hair and matching blue eyes, entered the room through the broken front door. She was holding steak knife in her hand.

"Morgan no!" Danny yelled. He didn't want his sister getting hurt knowing what could happen if the infected neighbor found her. It was too late. The women entered the room upon hearing Morgan, and saw both Morgan and Danny. Morgan's eyes widened and then narrowed. She needed to get to him before the women.

"Danny, when I saw 'now' I want you to run to the front door. Understood?" Morgan readied herself, gripping the knife and holding it close with the handle towards the ceiling and the blade pointing down. She didn't know if her plan would work, but she had to try. Danny nodded, knowing what he had to do. When Morgan gave an order, you followed it.

Morgan ran forward and jumped up, swinging her leg around and knocking the shovel out of the women's grip. "Now!" She yelled before bringing the blade up and across her neckline, decapitating her. Danny scurried to his feet and darted out the door with his sister, covered in blood, followed a step behind him.

"We need to get back to mom and leave the city." Morgan announced as they turned a corner. Their mother worked as a nurse in the Raccoon City Hospital, and during this current night was supposed to be on duty. Morgan knew the chances of their mom being alive still were very slim, but both siblings weren't leaving until they knew for sure.

"R-Right." Danny stuttered upon seeing what lined the street they needed to go down to get to the hospital. Crowds of infected city members. "I hope we make it…" Morgan nodded in agreement, before pulling up her steak knife.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you no matter what. I promise."

Now, 6 years later, there is another problem. The President's daughter has been kidnapped.

"Ms. Michaels, are you listening?" The President of the United States brought the young 22 year old out of her thoughts. Being in such a place like the White House seemed oddly relaxing to her and her deep blue eyes couldn't help but take in everything. At the call of her name, however, she snapped her attention back to the conversation.

"Ah, yes, excuse me." She smiled at him. He nodded and looked back between both agents.

"Both of you know my daughter, Ashley, was kidnapped today on her way home from the university she attends. Who has taken her and why are still unknown, but we do know she is being held somewhere in Spain. There have been reports of a girl close to Ashley's description being held by a suspicious group of people." The President announced to the two agents in front of his desk. One being the young women, and the other being a young man.

The young man had a brown tint to his blonde hair with that bangs fell on either side of his face. He wore a short sleeved mud green shirt underneath a brown leather jacket accompanied by black pants. He had black combat boots on and black fingerless gloves. The man was well equipped as far as guns and ammo went; double pistol pouches on either side of his chest, with a leg holster attached to his thigh. He also had shoulder holster, and a belt that had ammo, grenades, and a knife attached to it. He was prepared for the mission just as the female was.

The female had long brown hair that was pulled back into a twisted pony tail, with bangs brushed out of eye view. Those dark ocean blue eyes of hers held much emotion, and showed she was paying very much attention to what was said. She was dressed in gray blue jeans, that covered her black combat boots, and a black tank top that was mostly concealed by a bullet proof vest. A bullet belt was around her waist, loaded with ammo and grenades. Two TMP's were in the back of her bullet belt, handles facing opposite directions and a gun garter around her upper left thigh held a beretta 93R.

"Our mission is to retrieve her and bring her back while stopping the threat?" The male spoke casually and slightly bored.

"Yes, but her safety is most important. Leon, Morgan, I am counting on you to bring my daughter back." Both Morgan and Leon nodded then glanced at each other. They had never worked with each other before, and probably didn't even know each other. That didn't matter, they were partners now with the same mission: To bring Ashley Graham home.

"It's a pleasure to work with you Leon." Morgan smiled reaching her hand out. Leon smirked and shook her hand, nodding his head in agreement.

"As is with you." He replied.

"You two will leave immediately, gather anything you need with you and please hurry." Morgan and Leon nodded and headed outside, both not needing anything else then what they were carrying. Once on the helicopter, which was awaiting the agent's arrival, it took off before either of them were buckled in. Morgan glanced out the window and then quickly back to her lap. She wasn't a fan of heights. Though she also wasn't a fan of making that known to others, so she kept quiet.

"You'll be met by European cops when we land, they'll take you to your destination from there." The pilot said over the roaring engine as the helicopter took off.

"Ok." Both nodded in understandment.


"You, who are you really? Come on and tell us." The cop in the passenger's seat looked back at Leon and Morgan. Leon gave him a cold stare as Morgan ignored him. When she first met the cops, they were highly perverted and gained no right of respect from her. Leon, however, just seemed to not like them.

"You're a long way from home you two." He continued. Morgan rolled her eyes and continued to look out the window. "You have my sympathies."

"And why is that? Your way of breaking the ice?" Morgan snickered softly at Leon's comment. "Anyway you know what this is all about, our assignment is to search for the president's missing daughter." He replied while looking straight at the cop who had been talking. The other was quiet.

"What? Only the two of you? You would think you'd send more to help with this mission. Guess that's what you'd expect from Americans though." The cop snickered before Morgan kicked the back of his seat and gave a yelp.

"If you've got nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all, that's what my mom taught me so why don't you give it a try, it might change you into a better person." She replied. The cop glared.

"Then why don't you listen to your own advice Chika?" He threatened. Morgan turned to face him with a tight smile.

"Why do you think I've been quiet this entire car ride thus far?" Leon chuckled at her statement while the cops both grumbled about how annoying Americans were.

"Crazy Americans." The cop grumbled. Leon sighed.

"Come on, we're counting on you guys." He said in annoyance.

"Just get us there and back and we're all good." Morgan chimed in. The cops waved them off and continued down the old road they had been driving down.

"Pull over I've got to take a piss." The cop announced after a minute. So the other cop pulled the car to a stop and let the man do his business.

"Want a smoke?" The quiet cop asked offering a box of cigarettes towards the two.

"No thanks." They replied waving him off. Morgan noticed the cop outside look around and start to walk to a bush, bet then shrugged his shoulders and came back to the car. She tried to see what he had saw but couldn't due to the thickness of the fog.

"Sorry it took so long. I thought someone was watching me." He announced. Morgan sighed and leaned her head against the window. Oh how she was annoyed with this man.

"It was probably nothing Senior Scardy Cat." She muttered, Leon being the only one who heard. He smirked but said nothing. The road turned into a wooden bridge and began to get more bumpy by the second causing all four passengers in the car to bounce around. When they stopped the car, Morgan and Leon took in the new surroundings.

"Just up ahead is the village where the girl of the matching description to Ashely's was last sighted." The driver spoke.

"Come on Morgan, we're going to take a look around." Leon announced getting out. Morgan opened her door.

"We'll stay and watch the car. Don't want to get any…parking tickets." She heard the cops say.

"Riiiiiiiight, parking tickets." She rolled her eyes before shutting her door and joining Leon a few feet away from the car.