"w...-wah...isn't...that guy..VONGOLA PRIMO?" Tsuna shouted when he saw the tall figure in front of him and fainted straight away.

"..am i that scary?" Giotto asked the infant. The infant, Reborn stared at him and replied him with a different answer,"So...once dame-tsuna wakes up, you will be telling him right?"

Vongola Primo just gave a nod and proceeded upstairs to the guest bedroom which Nana Sawada, Tsuna's mother gave him.

The infant, Reborn, world's greatest hitman gave a sigh while seeing Primo going up,"So ... this is the First Vongola Boss..."

*The next morning*

"aahh...i just have an awful dream..." Tsuna groan while he struggled out of bed.

"what kind of dream was it?" a familiar voice which Tsuna said beamed the entire room.

"oh shi...t..." Tsuna cursed under his look up and saw Vongola Primo in front of him.

Giotto gave a small and quick laugh and face the door to take his leave. But the brunette have another thought, Tsuna stood up and stop Giotto,"Wh...-why are you here?" Tsuna finally manage to ask without fainting.

Giotto stared at the brunette and gave a slight smile while replying,"I'll tell you after school..I promise Vongola Decimo." And made his way out.

Tsuna stared at the door with disbelief written all over his face. "that...just didn't happen.." Tsuna mummbled to himself while going to the washroom to wash himself up.

After washing himeslf up, Tsuna walk..no slipped down when he was going down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Be careful there Vongola Decimo." Giotto warned while stopping Tsuna from falling. Tsuna blushed and mummbled,"Than..k you.." Giotto just gave a warm smile as a respond and made his way to the kitchen while Tsuna following behind.

"Good morning Tsu-kun~!" Nana greeted.

"Good morning...kaa-san.." Tsuna greeted back and went to the dining table to get seated.

"what would you like to have today,Tsu-kun?" Nana asked.

*After eating*

"well, i'll be off then, cya later kaa-san."

"be careful tsu-kun!"

*while walking to school*

"i wonder why is Vongola Primo...here...in this time.." Tsuna muttered under his breath while walking to the school gate.

"JUUDAIME!" Gokudera shout cut Tsuna from his turned and face his self-proclaim right-hand-man,"good morning, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna greeted. " Good morning Juudaime !" Gokudera greeted back.

"wao..crowding around here aren't you..?"A low voice was heard.

"oh no.." Tsuna turned behind and saw his cloud guardian.

"you two are going to be late for class. Go now, or i'll bite you to death." Hibari said while showing his hesitate a sorry and drag Gokudera to class to avoid a fight.

*Lunch break*

"it's finally lunch..." Tsuna growled.

"And it's finally quiet because that baseball-freak isn't here." Gokudera said, making Tsuna laughed.

"Giotto.." Tsuna thought.

*After school*

"Juudaime ! you wanna head over to Baseball-freak house to visit him?and it's not because i'm worried!"Gokudera asked."Ah..i'm sorry...i have something to do today." Tsuna turned down the offer and continued,"i'll be heading back first, cya Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna bit his farewell and made his way back home.

*At Home*

"I'm Home!" Tsuna shouted.

"welcome home,Tsu-kun." Nana greeted his son.


"ah, he's out with Reborn"

*At Tsuna room*

"i thought..you...was with reborn?" Tsuna gasped when he saw Primo on his bed.

"ah, i just came back early." Giotto replied with a smile and continue,"welcome home."

"..NO WAIT! EXPLAIN ALREADY!" Tsuna shouted.

"Decimo, relax." Giotto said while standing up.

"explain already !" Tsuna was getting annoyed.

"Wait till Reborn is back." Giotto said while going out of the door.

"w..where are you going?" Tsuna asked.

"I've got something to do." Giotto replied without turning back and continued stared at Giotto when he was leaving the house,"i still cant believe this is happening."

((lets go to where Giotto is))

"Reborn." Giotto sighed when he saw bodies around him.

"what?" Reborn asked startling Giotto a little.

"Is this the..."

"yes it is." Reborn cut Giotto off.

"i can never ever get use to this world"Giotto sighed.

*At Tsuna House*

"ah Tsu-kun! There is a letter for you !" Nana shouted.

"a..a letter?" Tsuna mummbled while going down.

"yes! Here you go." Nana said and passed the letter to Tsuna while Tsuna made his way back up.

Tsuna sighed when he saw that there was no sender and slowly open up the letter,"what the hell?"Tsuna screamed when he saw what's on the note ,

Dear Tsunayoshi Sawada,

We know you are a boss of a Mafia called 'Vongola'.

Be warn that we are targeting you

If you want to protect your friends,family and especially Kyoko Sasagawa,

Defeat us.

We are warning you for the sake of more fun,

Do you think you can beat us?

Then, Let me say this,

'Let The Game...


Alas, Good Luck Vongola Juudaime.

Tsuna stared at the note and shouted again, causing Nana to come up .

"don't worry okaa-san, i'm fine" Tsuna assure his mother."well...then i'll be going to the supermarket for awhile, we are running low on lots of things." Tsuna gave a nod and went to his bed after Nana leave the house.

"Ah...what am i going to do..." Tsuna wondered,"Tell Reborn and Giotto about it?" , Tsuna shook his head hard , "No..no way am i asking them..."Tsuna left out a sighed ,"I can't trust them..."

"Trust who?" a voice suddenly appeared, startling turned behind and saw Giotto,"no one." Tsuna let off a laugh ,"what's that?" Giotto asked while making his way to the table where the letter was.

"Oh..shit..." Tsuna muttered under his breath and run to Giotto, snatching away the letter.

"what did the letter said?" Giotto asked , eyeing Tsuna.

"i..it's nothing!" Tsuna assured Giotto and made his way out but Giotto stood at the door, not letting Tsuna out."If it's nothing..then you can show me the letter right?"Giotto asked. Tsuna shook his head and forcefully made his way out but noticing that Giotto was following him.

"Stop following me" Tsuna growled while he made his way to the park.

"if you want me to stop, give me the letter." Giotto answered.

"No!" Tsuna shouted and ran to the crowd.

Giotto left out a sighed and shook his head,"Guess i'll do plan B then." Giotto smirk and made his way back to the Sawada's house.

"damn it...what's wrong with Giotto?" Tsuna wondered while swinging on the swing after noticing that Primo wasn't following him.

"Eeeh? Isn't that Dame-Tsuna?" A eerie voice was heard behind Tsuna,"oh shit.." Tsuna muttered as he know that voice belongs to the enemy mafia boss. Tsuna turned behind and saw a gang,"what do you want?" Tsuna said.

"Well,since we are bored now , we are going to have some fun with you." One of the gang, which is the leader said.

"so..lemme guess..you people was the one who wrote that fucking,dumb letter?" Tsuna asked.

Usai,the leader of the gang notice that Tsuna voice change and notice that Tsuna have gone into hyper-mode.

"So?" Tsuna asked making one of the gang member flee.

Tsuna let out a yawn,"i'm tired of waiting for your damn reply." Tsuna glared at each of them and starts to knock out all of them one-by-one.

"Now, answer me , were you the one who wrote and send that letter?" Tsuna asked again.

Usai just glared at Tsuna well Tsuna knock him out.

"man, how much i hate this guys." Tsuna sighed while going back into his normal self.

"I'm going home.." Tsuna mummbled under his breath while making his way home.

*At Home*

"I'm Home..." Tsuna shouted and walk up to his room onli to be greeted by a sleeping Giotto.

"what...the...hell..?" Tsuna stared at the sleeping figure on his bed and sweatdropped.

tsuna is really..very OOC in this story OTL