i tried to make Tsuna IC in this chapter . and i guess i was able to.

"So...Now, I wake up to find a sleeping Vongola Primo...On me..." Tsuna mumbled under his breath and drag Giotto away from him.

"Explain, now. ... now on me?" Tsuna asked.

"Whoa, chillax there Vongola Decimo." Giotto said with a sighed and stood up.

"W-where are you going?" Tsuna asked.

"Out." Giotto answered and left the room.

"...I totally forgot to force the answer out of him..." Tsuna muttered to himself and sighed.

Tsuna stood up and made his way to the bathroom to wash up for school.

*After washing up*

"Good morning kaa-san~!" Tsuna greeted Nana .

"Ah, Tsu-kun! Good morning~!" Nana greeted.

Tsuna grab a toast from the table and put it in his mouth while he goes and put on his shoes.

"I'm going now kaa-san! Cya later!" Tsuna shouted and made his way out.

*at school*

"Another boring day at school.." Tsuna sighed.

"I don't think it will be that boring now..Decimo." a voice was heard behind Tsuna, Tsuna turned behind and saw Primo standing in front of him.

"HIIII!W...What are you doing here?" Tsuna exclaimed.

"I'm going to be your new homeroom teacher Decimo." Giotto let out a small chuckle.

"e-eh?...you...say...WHAT?" Tsuna shouted in disbelief.

Giotto let out another laugh and made his way to Tsuna's classroom, "well, Decimo, if you don't hurry, you'll be late for class."

"...this day couldn't go any better...can it?" Tsuna thought to himself while he ran into the classroom.

*At Class*

"Well...Good...morning class. I'll be your new home-room teacher...My name is Giotto...well any questions to ask?" Giotto asked the class.

A girl raise her hand, "yes?" Giotto answered.

"Where are you from?" The girl asked.

"I'm from Italy." Giotto replied.

Another girl raise her hand asking, "How old are you?" and another one asking questions such as , "are you half Japanese, half Italian?" or "Are you single?"

Tsuna was already starting to feel very annoyed and raised his hand asking, "So, why are you here?" Tsuna asked.

Giotto stared at Tsuna and let on a laugh, "What do you mean by that, Tsunayoshi?"

"Great...he's even calling me by my first name now..."Tsuna thought.

*Lunch Break*

"Oh my god! I can't believe Vongola Primo is here! I can't believe i saw him with my own eyes ! Juudaime! Isn't this awesome?" Gokudera exclaimed.

Tsuna sweatdropped,"i guess so..." and he continued eating his lunch.

*After lunch, History Class*

"So...read and copy down all of the important parts of page 127." Giotto said to the class.

"Bo...ring" Tsuna muttered and fall asleep.

Giotto notice that Tsuna have felled asleep and made his way to Tsuna table,"Vongola Decimo." Giotto said while poking Tsuna side. Giotto gave a sigh and slams the table,"Tsunayoshi Sawada, I know my lessons are boring. But wake up already."

"Mmm..." Tsuna muttered and open his eyes only to be greeted by blue eyes."HIIIIEEE!" Tsuna shouted.

Giotto gave a laugh and repeated, "Copy down page 127 already or I'll be telling Reborn."

"HIIEEE! Okays!"

*After History Class, Maths Class*

"Now, who would like to answer this equalisation?" Giotto asked and notices no one raise their hands.

"As expected..." Giotto thought.

"Tsunayoshi Sawada, Come here and answer it." Giotto called out.

"W-wha? Why me?" Tsuna thought while going up, and of couse, he got the question wrong.

Giotto bend down and whisper to Decimo ear, "You really do sux at all your subjects don't you, Vongola Decimo?"

Tsuna flushed and walk back to his own seat,"i'm seriously being targeted."

*Free time*

"Tsuna, you are really being targeted by Vongola Primo. What did you do to him anyway?" Yamamoto asked Tsuna.

"I-I don't know..." Tsuna muttered.

The classroom door opened, "Tsunayoshi, come out for awhile." Giotto called out.

Tsuna gulp and made his way out,"...yea?" Tsuna asked.

"Decimo, if you want me to stop targeting you, give me the letter." Giotto said.

"w-what letter?"

"The letter from yesterday."

"W...Why do you want it? It's just a love letter" Tsuna coughed and laughed.

"The letter or I'm gonna make your life in this world bad" Giotto said and bend down to the boy, "Now..."

Tsuna was shocked at what Giotto did next,"w...W...ahh..."

Giotto locks his lip with Tsuna, licking every part which he was able to reach, sliding his tongue, playing around with Tsuna's tongue. After the contact was broken, saliva was dropping from Tsuna mouth.

Tsuna was blushing furiously,"w...what are you doing Primo?"

Giotto just gave another laugh and walks away,"i got the letter." Giotto murmured.

*After School*

"T-t-the letter...IT'S GONE!" Tsuna panicked while searching around his pocket, bag and table.

"Juudaime, what's wrong?" Gokudera asked.

"A...Ah it's nothing..." Tsuna assured him and run out of school,"i'll be going home first, cya!" Tsuna waved and ran back home.

"I'm back kaa-san!" Tsuna shouted and ran up to his room.

"The letter..Where is it?" Tsuna exclaimed while finding the letter.

"Looking for this, Tsunayoshi Sawada?" Giotto said while holding up a letter.

"Y...You took advantage...Of me!"Tsuna exclaimed.

"It's for your own good, Tsunayoshi. I know you are being targeted. And i know about..." Giotto stopped and turns Tsuna around and rips of his shirt, "and I know you were targeted yesterday, at the park. You sure are lucky since you manage to beat them." Giotto sighed and continued," I guess it's time to tell you why I'm in your time."

Now who wonders why Giotto is in Tsuna time? xD