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Decision I: Truth I
~Matsumoto to Gin~

When Matsumoto felt Ichimaru's spiritual pressure aimed at fighting, she felt her heart break. Part of her wanted to believe that there was still good in her child hood friend, her special someone.

She didn't want him to die, not before she could tell him something important. Hell, she didn't want to die before she could tell him either. It was something important to her, gnawing at her heart for many years.

She knew then, when she felt his rieatsu fluctuating, it was now or never. It didn't matter that she was barely healed, and might tear open again. To her, her words to Gin were a matter of life and death.

She slipped onto the rubble, where Ichimaru was lobbing attacks at the substitute soul reaper. She carefully pulled out her zampaktuo. "Roar, Haineko."

As expected, the fight stalled, as the ash cloud surrounded him, causing him to turn his head towards her. "Ran-chan… what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to bring you back," the female gave him a weak smile.

"Back, back to being alone? The man raised an eyebrow.

"What can Aizen give you?

"When Aizen recreates the world, you and me will live peacefully. No pain, nothing bad happening," Gin tilted his head.

"What about Taicho?" Ran had a look of worry on her face.

"You'll forget him. It will be just you and me," the man stated, anger in his eyes, his normal pale teal, a vivid red.

"You… you are jalousie of him," A few tears trickled down Rangiku's cheeks.

"Why not? You picked him because he has silver hair and teal eyes, like me. He happens to be a child genius like me. He is also better than me."

"He's a child genius because his father is one. He has silver hair and teal eyes because his father does. His father should be proud of his son's achievements. If anyone should be jalousie, it should be the mother, who only has ever seen the father in that child, and not any of herself."

"Then again, many a time, that's the only thing of that father his mother has left, whenever he runs away. Please… don't make me forget my baby, Gin."

"Why… why didn't you ever tell me?" Gin's face suddenly faltered.

"Because you're like the wind. It wasn't fair to you, to tie you down."

"I needed to be tied down," came his statement.

Ichigo suddenly interrupted the conversation. "Wait. Toshiro is your guys' love child?"

Gin raised an eyebrow. "What is it with Kurosaki's and ruining the moment?"

Author's note – As I said, the inspiration for these one-shots is chapter 405. One-shots are easy to write in notebooks, and since I am going to be moving, I am working on getting things in my notebooks typed up, so I can pack some of them away. I don't know how successful I will be. Also, before you say "silver" hair is a contradiction for Toshiro's hair color, it is not. White is actually a variation of silver, and it is described in the Manga and character book as silver, not white.