Decision XVI: Child II
~Dress Up~

Everyone was in a deep depression after the Winter War. Yet, everyone tried to make things go as smoothly as they were before. The small taicho worked on the paperwork, trying to ignore the fact that his fukutaicho was missing, and her paperwork was sitting on her desk.

Suddenly, a head stuck into the room. "Is Ran-chan here?"

The small taicho's eyebrow suddenly twitch. "Ichimaru..."

"Ahh... chibi-taicho... no need to have a fit." The man waved his hand.

"They should never have pardoned you," the boy stated, as the man stepped into the room. He watched with his two eyes, as Gin stepped over to Ran's desk. "Leave her stuff alone."

"Don't worry." Ichimaru stated, taking the paper on top of the big stack and grabbing a pen. "I'm just going to get some of this work done."

The small taicho felt his face turn green, and he was shocked. "Ichimaru, why are you helping?"

"Because, I have nothing better to do," Gin stated, continuing to work on the paperwork. "It isn't as if I am a member of a division right now either."

"You are wierding me out," Toshiro stated, continuing to stare at him. "You never have done things just because..."

The silver haired man didn't comment, but continued working on the papers. After a couple of hours, someone slid into the room. Paper bags could be heard crinkling. "Taicho! I'm back!"

Two heads suddenly looked up. The small taicho suddenly had a rather irritated look on his face. "Matsumoto. You went shopping?"

"Yup! That is a better way for me to relieve my stress, instead of drinking sake," the female stated, then set out with a pouty face. "Besides, it isn't as if I went shopping for myself this time."

At that, the small taicho felt his shoulders pull back with tension. "You didn't..."

"Come here taicho!" Matsumoto began to wave him over.

"Ran-chan, what are you doing?" Gin suddenly asked.

Suddenly, the female noticed the man at the desk, and bristled. "You... what are you doing here?"

"You're paper work, so chibi-taicho isn't as stressed," the man stated, flipping the brush around in his fingers.

"Come on taicho! Do I have to drag you out of your chair?" Matsumoto stated, suddenly setting the bags down. She walked over, and forcibly drug her small taicho away from his chair.

"Seriously... Ran... what are you doing?" Ichimaru touched his nose with a bent finger.

The female though choose to ignore him, as she held onto her small taicho's arm, and began to pull out an outfit, then held it up to him, a smile on her face. "Taicho, I think that this will look good on you, when you have to go to the living world."

"Ran... your taicho isn't a doll to play dress up with," Gin stated firmly.

"I've always done this, and taicho's never minded," Matsumoto stated firmly.

"I mind," Gin stated. "He's a boy you know, not a little girl."

"I don't think you have a place to talk," Matsumoto's voice tightened. Toshiro found himself looking back and forth between the two. "You've never said anything before."

"Because I really didn't have the chance too," Gin stated firmly.

"You two do realize, you aren't my parents?" Toshiro stated, suddenly pulling away from Matsumoto. "You both sound silly." To his surprise, both of the adult shingami suddenly looked at each other, a smile spreading on each face. "What? What is going on?" However, this was answered simply, by Matsumoto suddenly letting out a chuckle, and holding her hand to her mouth, closing to her eyes.