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Thus evening came, and morning followed - the fifth day.

"YES!" Sevy woke up the next morning, and the sunlight had never looked so bright. He had been reborn, life was beautiful, and flowers sprouted all around. He was leaving Gryffindor today.
"What are you so happy about?" James asked sleepily.
"I'm going back today! Ha! I made it through this alive, and I'm going back to Slytherin!"
"Oh, yeah. Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo," James said, crawling out of bed.
Sevy jumped out of bed and starting to throw his things back into the suitcase they'd came in.
"What's goin' on?" Sirius stuck his head out from between his bed curtains. His hair was stuck at odd angles, making it almost as messy as James' usually was. Ashley Mangin's head poked out next to his.
"Um, what's she doing here?" Sevy asked, figuring he already knew the answer.
Ashley giggled. "Oh, uh, we had a pajama party," Sirius explained. They both laughed and disappeared from sight.
Sevy usually would have taken the time to say something mean, or at least give them a dirty glare, but he was too happy to let anything interrupt his packing. Remus and Peter woke up.
"Going back?" Remus questioned.
"You know it!" Sevy cheerfully responded.
"Sevy, you frighten me when you're cheerful," Peter said honestly.
Sevy zipped up his bag. "Well, I'd better be off."
"Sevy, are things going to change now?" Remus asked suddenly.
"Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too," James said. "I mean, we've been rommates now, we know each other better, there's more understanding between us, ect. ect. Do you think we'll be able to get along?"
Sirius popped out from behind the curtains and both he and Sevy glared angrily at James.
"No chance in frozen hell," they said in unison.
"Okay, okay, just wondering," James said, holding his hands up in defeat. "Maybe in the future."
"Nope! Never!" Ashley said happily. "I've read all four books!"
"What is she...never mind," Sevy said. "I'm leaving."
"Good bye!" they called and waved as he exited Gryffindor.
Sevy breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the portrait click shut behind him. Things would be easier now, back in Slytherin. Now he would have his friends with him to battle those Gryffindor brats, and life would once again be sweet.
Sevy did not notice the white sock clinging to the back of his robes. Little did he know, his troubles were only beginning...... THE END (?)

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