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Chapter 1: Come Home

Two golden eyes started blankly at the broken down well. The sun was high in the clear sky, and a cool breeze swept through the clearing. It was a beautiful day, but it had been beautiful before. The young boy sitting alone high in a tree cared nothing about the day, but just watched, as he always had. Eventually hunger would drive him to hunt, and exhaustion would force him to sleep, but nothing would drag him away from the well. For three straight years he had watched that damned well, and he would stay until he got what he wanted.

One snow white dog ear twitched as he heard someone approaching, and he glanced down to see a familiar face looking up at his perch. Is it the first already? He wondered, looking down at the adolescent boy patiently waiting for him to say something. The boys sad little eyes seemed to make his pain worse, knowing how much Shippou was hurting always made it worse.

"Inu-Inuyasha?" He called up softly. In three years he had grown, and looked like a young man now. Inuyasha couldn't believe that this boy was the care free demon that had followed the group around for so long. He was so much more serious. For a moment Inuyasha felt a twinge of regret. He has just abandoned Shippou to Miroku and Sango when she left, and he knew that the loss had been too much for the young boy. First his parents, than the two who had become his surrogate parents.

"Nothing Shippou." He said shortly, knowing that he was being unfair to the little fox demon. With a sigh he added gruffly, "You want to come up and keep watch with me for a little while?"

Inuyasha was rewarded with one of Shippou's rare smiles. He nodded quickly and jumped up onto the limb next to the man who had slowly become a stranger to him. They sat there for a while in silence, both of them just staring at the well. Cracked and warped wood was covered in vines, obscuring most of the opening now. He used to cut them back, when they got like that. Now he couldn't bring himself to go near the well. For the first few months he had tested it constantly, trying to get through to the other side, to her. But with each heartbreaking failure he broke a little more, and he now only tried once every few months. Everyone had stayed so close for the first year, but life moved on. Soon he was the only guardian left.

"How's your training going?" Inuyasha finally asked, breaking the comfortable silence. Shippou had eventually been sent to another fox demon family for training, and returned on the first of every month to see if his mother had come back.

Shippou's face lit up. "I'm doing really really good. They say I'm farther than any other kid in my group. All the demon fighting, and they say you taught me all kinds of tricks they hadn't thought of." Shippou's little chest puffed out with pride, and Inuyasha patted him on the head.

"That's really great Shippou."

"Inuyasha, have you eaten lately? Cuz I could get you something. Maybe Kaede made something we could have?" He asked eagerly, looking back towards the village.

"I would like that."

Shippou skipped off, happy to have a task that would help out. Inuyasha smiled, feeling better knowing he'd at least done something right. Kaede always had something ready for them to eat when Shippou came, and Inuyasha always felt better after a real meal.

Thoughts of real food had his mouth watering, and he almost didn't feel it. The soft pull of the magic of the well, and he almost missed her sent softly spicing the air. Inuyasha's whole body stiffened, and his heart skipped a beat. He looked at the old well. The vines were falling into it, and a soft light was coming from the bottom. 3 years to the day, it was 3 years ago today, and nothing until now.

"K-Kagome?" he whispered softly, than yelled "Kagome!" and sprinted to the well, jumping into it's glowing depths. He let himself surrender to its magic, and the world that dragged him to her.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, running towards her. The battle had been going on for too long, and he could see that they were all starting to falter. His body felt sore and was barley dodging the attacks Naraku was throwing at him.

Kagome was holding up her arrow, facing down the blow coming towards her with no fear. She was beautiful, a Goddess of War as she stood there. Normally he thought of her as warmer things, but here and now, she was pure steel. Miroku and Sango had their own battle, and they couldn't get to her in time. He had to reach her. That little arrow couldn't protect her, and she…would…not…

He reached her just after. The attack cut her body up, blood all over the place. Inuyasha didn't even notice at the time, that her arrow had pierced the heart of the attack, and than the heart of Naraku. He was dead. Inuyasha didn't even notice.

She was cut all down her body. The attack had left deep marks in her stomach, legs, arms. Where she wasn't cut blood was starting to cover her. Inuyasha leaned over her, his silver hair falling over her body and mixing with some of the blood. His eyes flashed red, his body tense and panicked. "Kagome?" He asked, unsure what to do. He didn't know where to touch her, how to hold her.

Kagome coughed, looking up at her favorite half demon. Her blue eyes were filled with pain, but there was something lurking behind it. As she looked up at Inuyasha she knew she loved him, and that he wouldn't understand. She couldn't watch the pain and suffering any more, all she could do was kill the bastard. Even if that put her at risk, she knew that he would die and everyone else would be safe. Miroku, Sango, Shippou, and Inuyasha, all of them would be safe. Her purpose was filled, and whatever happened now wasn't important.

"Sorry." She croaked out, lifting her hand a little, trying to reach his face. She knew he would see this as a betrayal, that he would see this as her leaving him, but she couldn't let them all die. They couldn't fight one more battle. They were too tired. It had to end here.

Inuyasha caught her hand and held it to his face. "No, this is not going to happen. You are the most stubborn damned woman in the world, and your going to give now? Fuck that woman!" He held her hand there for a moment more, before he knew what he had to do. "Kagome, look at me. Would they be able to fix this? In your time, could they fix this Kagome?" He asked, desperate, looking down at her. She was failing. "Kagome!"

She coughed, and managed to whisper, "Maybe" before she couldn't stay awake any longer. The pain was pulling her under, but she wanted to say so much more. She thought she'd have more time, be able to say a few more things. The pain was starting to dull, her mind starting to slip away. I love you. Did she say it out loud? Was it all in her mind? Inuyasha, I love you. She tried again.

"Love you…Inuyasha…Love" Inuyasha flinched, hearing her struggle to get that out. They should have had more time.

"Miroku, Sango, GET THE DAMN SHARDS" He yelled as he gathered her in his arms. He took off, flying towards the well. I'll save you. Damn it all Kagome, I will save you.

He ran as quickly as he could. All of his remaining strength went to getting her to that damned well. This is all my fault. If she hadn't come through the well, if I hadn't made her do this…damn it. Damn it damn it damn it. All he could think about was that damned well.

It was in sight, the wind pushing him towards the well faster than he thought possible. He shot his body into the entrance, feeling victory as he saw the bottom of the well start to disappear. He reached the bottom of the well, and suddenly he felt himself slammed against something solid. Kagome kept going, her torn up body flying through the well towards her time, but he was stuck, rejected from going with her.

"Kagome, shit, no, Kagome!" He yelled, but he couldn't see her anymore, and the ground was solid again. He started to pound softly on the ground, and got stronger and stronger the more fear he felt. The ground around the well started to shake, animals fled, confused by the vibrations coming from the well. An agonizing scream echoed across the forest. Every human within earshot shivered, fear sending a cold ripple up their spine.

The whole world melted away as once again Inuyasha floated in that space between times, the portal that brought him to the woman he loves. He worried for a moment what Shippou would think when he came back, but it was just a fleeting thought. All he could concentrate on was the glowing light at the end of the tunnel, the knowledge that on the other end he could be finding her, or finding out she's dead. He needed to know.

Solid ground started to form under his feet, and the walls formed in around him. The well, years older now, was around him once more. The sky was blocked out by a roof, and a building was erected around the well, protecting it from the weather. A ladder still stood within the well, standing there as a memory to the girl who used to climb up and out of it. Everything looked the same. Everything seemed to be the same.

Where is she? He thought, starting to sniff and trying to locate her sent. He jumped out of the well, careful not to hit the ladder. It was hers after all. He landed in the well house, and softly opened the door. It was all still the same. The Shrine was clean and well kept, everything still where it was supposed to be. Her bike was leaning against the house, and the window to her room had a light shining inside.

Inuyasha's heart skipped, his breath coming out in short gasps. She was in there, he could smell her. Could she feel him? Would she know he was there? He knew what he wanted. He just needed to see her, to know she was alright. Even if she didn't know he was there, he needed to know she was alright.

He walked almost in a trance. Years of barley eating, and sleeping, of waiting for months upon months for that damned woman to just come through the well. Let him know she was alright. When he looked into the light of the window for a moment all he saw was his reflection. He was thin, more so than he had been in years. His hair was in knots, and his eyes looked haunted. His ears were pressed to his skull from nerves, and his cloths were covered in dirt, leaves, and tree sap. It was just a moment, but he knew he couldn't face her like this. If she was alright, he needed to get clean first, she deserved him to at least look like a human being, not an animal.

With a deep breath he looked through the window. She was older now. Her body had filled out, and he realized she must be almost 20, maybe even older. She was thin, but healthy, and her hair had grown down to her waist. She was sitting on her bed, books scattered all around her. Keh, still doing that damn home-work thing. Inuyasha thought, feeling better seeing this newer, older Kagome doing something she had always done. Her long hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, and she seemed to be humming something softly as she worked. She was alright. Everything was alright.

It took a moment before he saw it. Her eyes were a little more haunted, her body a little more stiff. Every once and a while she would wince and stretch out her left leg. But she was alive, and everything could be fixed.

He jumped out of the tree, and scented the air. Nearby there was a small creek, and without hesitating he washed himself for what must have been the first time in months. He combed out his silver hair, realizing that it had grown down past his knees when he wasn't looking. His body was close to starved, but the muscles were still there. He had a few new scars, and he needed to scrub his cloths for a while to get the stink out. When he was done he sat for a while, waiting for them to dry.

She was ok. She looked even more beautiful, so grown up and with a new knowledge in her eyes. She was haunted, but she had grown up. So had he.

When he got back she was still there, but she had fall asleep. Her head was pillowed on her arms, and her expression seemed so much more relaxed. Inuyasha knew she couldn't have been very comfortable, and he smiled a little as he landed silently on her window sill. He slowly opened her window, and he felt a little shiver of contentment go down his spine. He'd done this so many times, he couldn't help but feel like no time had passed, and they were the same kids they had been back then. He knew it was different though. Most of the innocence was gone, but for a moment he could pretend, and she could sleep comfortable.

He slipped into the room, still able to move around without making a single noise. For a moment he just closed his eyes and let her scent surround him, letting his mind sink back into happiness.

He crept next to her, and looked down at her. Her face was more defined, her cheeks having lost some of her baby fat, and body refined into womanhood. He couldn't believe how much she had changed in just 3 years, but knew that he had changed almost as much. She was safe, and that was all that mattered. The well had let him come back to her, and whatever happened now he would not be separated from her again. A stray hair had fallen out of her ponytail, and he swept it back behind her ear.

Gently he pulled her away from the desk, and lifted her into his arms. No matter how low he was on food and energy, she was never too much to carry for him. She was always so small, so light. Slowly he carried her over to the bed, and she curled closer to him. A small smile curled her lips, and she sighed, one hand clutching his shirt as tight as she could.

She murmured nonsensical things when he lowered her on the bed, but he couldn't bring himself to move away from her. He pulled himself down next to her, and rested his head on the pillow next to her. He would just rest for a few minutes, and than he would wait for her to wake up

He would just rest for a few minutes.


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