Author's Note: This is a Becker fanfic that briefly traces the drug addiction of Linda, enjoy!

Linda: The Cocaine Chronicles

Nurse's aide Linda burst into the office to start another work day; she had been up all night but she kept a frantic glance. "Morning Linda!" came the voice of Linda's co worker Margaret "Morning." Linda responded in a dragging tone. The two women worked in silence until the end of the day, Linda slipped out of the office, through the bustling New York streets and down to an alley on Caden Avenue. In the alley, a short man draped in black waited for her, "It's about time you showed up, you think by now you'd know the drill." Linda eyed the man in disgust, "Just shut up Bob and give me the goods. Here's the money." It took only five seconds for the transaction before the white powder shot up Linda's nose.

"You never told me why you, all of a sudden, needed my services." Bob blurted "I told you that I have cravings; you're the only one I know who can get me what I need." The hit then took effect and Linda smiled and burst out laughing. "You know Linda; I'm kind of uncomfortable with this, me giving you coke and all." In response to his comment, Linda threw her shirt off and wrapped her legs around Bob. "One thing I forgot to mention," Linda whispered "Cocaine makes me horny." Linda then quickly took care of her urges brought on by the high, then she retreated to her apartment. It was there that Linda realized what she'd done "Oh my god, I've got to get help before-." It was too late; Linda blacked out and fell to her knees.

Three hours passed with no signs of life from the woman, a knock on her apartment door failed to stir her. "NO! What have you done? Linda wake up, come on sweetheart wake up." A close friend Reggie Costas reached for the phone, which hung above Linda's body and dialed, "Hello?" said a man's voice on the other end of the line "John come quick, Linda's not breathing. I think something's terribly wrong." Five minutes went by before Dr. John Becker burst into the apartment, "So it finally happened." John said upon examining Linda "What are you talking about?" Reggie asked "Linda has overdosed on cocaine; been her addiction for three years." He said "How would you know that?" Reggie pressed "She tried to tell me," John's head hung over Linda's, whose eyes stared up at him as if to beg for help. "When she tried to explain to me what was going on, I screamed at her get back to work you dumb bitch, now I guess my insults caught up with her." John was crying now, his tears staining Linda's blouse. "Wow Becker," Reggie said, moving close to comfort him "It seems she meant a lot to you." John looked at her and wiped her face, "Believe me, as many times as I've wanted to strangle her with my bare hands then bury her body so I wouldn't be caught, suddenly I'd give my own life to see her smile again." Reggie looked into his eyes "It sounds like you saw her as family." John smiled

Just then John's cell phone rang, "Yeah this is Dr. Becker." "Thank you Dr. Becker for what you said. In some way I always knew you felt that way. You have given me the strength to rest in peace now… goodbye Dr. Becker." John was stunned; it was Linda's voice on the other line.

Author's Note: I've been throwing concepts around for this fanfic for awhile now. I hope you enjoyed it, please read and review!