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Into a new world:

Amber pov

"Amber are you coming"? asked my best friend

"Yes Ren I am just hold on a sec" I replied as I scanned my small cosy room then I grabbed my coat then ran to meet my slightly annoyed friend. As I walked up to her I say bye to Rosie my foster mother you see my parents both died when I was little so I live with Rosie and Jake Jacobson now.

"Are you ready now?" Ren asks

"Yep" I said bouncing up and down ,you see Ren and I are going to a Vampire Knight Convention so Ren is dressed up as Yuki and I am dressed up as Rima.

Time skip ... at the convention

As Ren and I walk around the crowded room filled with Zeros, and Ruka's and Yuki's, we walked past a booth when I hear

"Look at this Amber it's a shiki poster!" Ren says happily I rolled my eyes

"if you like it then get it staring at it won't do much" I said in a monotone voice as I ate some poky

. "Have some fun 'Rima you are starting to become Rima I swear' "Ren says smiling like crazy as she buys the poster of shiki.

"I will cheer up as soon as we get to the Zero and Aidou section" ( those are my fav people)I reply then I start walking away toward the Zero section.

As I get to a booth a man comes up to me and looks at me "would you like to meet the Vampire knight people for real?" I look at him like he was gone insane he looked around 30 with dark brown hair and blue eyes

"I Well I ummm I guess so" I manage to say

"Great follow we miss" he says and starts walking away. I look around for Ren but can't find her so I follow the man ok I know what you are thinking why are you going with a total stranger? Well for one I am bored and what could happen at a Vampire knight convention?

The Man goes to a door and opens it " just inside here"

"Ok" I say and go into the small room the door locks behind me and I can't see anything

"Hello?" I ask into the darkness then out of nowhere there is a flash of light and then I remember seeing a person with blond hair before everything goes black.

Aidou's pov

I was walking trying to get my mind off of my last beating because I drank from Yuki again ( I am sorry her blood is gooood) when I see a faint form of a girl with blond hair and blue eyes then the form grows stronger. I blink I must be seeing things I think to myself but then I see the Girl fall and it looks like she is passed out. I rush over to her and looks at her she is wearing clothes kind of like rima's and her hair is in pigtails. She doesn't look like she goes to the school because I have never seen her before in the crowd of fan girls or in the night class. I bend down and pick her up and start toward the hospital wing. Thinking the whole way who is this girl?