Aidou's pov

We still had not clue on where to find Amber we had looked everywhere! I looked at Kain who looked as tired as I felt being out in the sun was so not fun for vampires, we were walking down the street when we heard this sound that sounded like water and a lot of it to I looked around to see where the sound was coming from and I saw a building overflowing with water and I could smell blood and I realized that it was Ambers blood.

"Amber is in there" I said to my cousin

"How do you know?" he asked

"I can smell her blood" I said the I Yelled "REN, KANAME, ZERO WE FOUND HER" and Ren and Kaname and Zero came running then I started to make my way toward the building. Once inside I gasped at the scene in front of me there was water everywhere, a dead man in the center of the room and my sister passed out on the floor there was also a girl I had never seen before standing next to Amber

"What happened here?" I asked the girl

"Well my father kidnapped this girl and then when he tried to hurt her water came gushing in and killed him but somehow she saved me then she passed out" I girl explained

"Amber did all of this?" I asked myself "wow"

"Let's get Amber out of here" Zero said and I nodded and walked over to my sister and picked her up

"Let's go" I said and then looked at the girl "you can come with us"

"Ok" The girl said "By the way my name is Sarah" I nodded ok and we all started to walk back to the school.

Amber's pov

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself back at the school was that all a dream? I thought to myself as I thought about the man and the girl and all the water that had come out of no were, and if it wasn't a dream did I make all that water appear? I looked around the room and saw Aidou sleeping in a chair In the corner of the room

"Aidou?" I called

He looked up "Amber?"

"Yeah, what happened?" I asked he explained what had occurred to me and I nodded in understanding

"Amber we found out your power" he said and I looked at him "It is water"

"Well that would explain the water" I said mostly to myself

Aidou looked at me "why was that guy after you anyway?" he asked me

"Because my blood can make any vampire rise in status at least that is what he said" I said

"So you know , that is why you were sent away so that this would not happen when the other vampires find out you will be forever hunted" my brother said

"You mean this will happen again?" I asked

Aidou nodded "and most likely there will be a war over it" he said sadly.

I was shocked there would be a war and I would be over me? "But why what is important about my blood? I asked

"The thing is that if any level E or D vampire drinks your blood they become nobles that means that they would be stronger and harder to kill that's why if there is a war they will try to get you on their side because whatever side you are on will win" I hear a voice say I turn around and see Kaname

"I see" I said then Kaname tosses me a box of blood tablets " here I can tell you are thirsty" I nodded in thanks and dropped three into a glass of water and drank I had not noticed my thirst but now that it was gone I realized how much I had wanted blood

"Thank you" I said but Kaname had already left I looked at my brother

"So do you think that the other vampires know about me yet?" I asked

"I don't know but in any case you need rest so sleep" My brother said and lead me toward the bed I laid down and fell asleep.

Kaname's pov

I walked toward the council building and walked inside

"Kaname-Sama just who I wanted to see" Ichijo said "We hear that the girl has finally come back you do know what this means right?"

I nodded "yes I do it means that you will want her to make your vampires stronger and I will not let that happen" I said venom filling my voice

"As always you are correct you can always give her to us and there will not be a war" Ichijo said

I looked at him and smirked "I don't think so" and I turned to leave as I closed the door I heard Ichijo say

"You have put this upon yourself Kaname from this day forth the war has began"

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