Hi it's me Navi Love Machine,

I had an idea the other day, a crazy one. Why not send a letter to WB studios and see if I could someow end up bringing the Road Rovers back?

Yes I know, insane. Like a silly would-be fairytale

But hey I guess it's worth a try

Here the letter, I haven't mailed it yet

Tell me what you think. Ty

Dear Warner Brother Studios,

Hello, I'm just a regular guy who has been a good fan of the work that your company has produced over the years. Your company really knows how to create incredible movies (Ninja Assassin, The Hangover, and The Book of Eli were probably the coolest movies you have made so far. I enjoyed them all so much). Also you have created many great TV shows over the years. I remember back when that Kids WB show aired early weekday mornings and afternoons, along the new episodes every Saturday morning as well. Good times. You really had some cool and comical shows back then in the 90's, such as Detention, Hysteria, Batman Superman Adventures, Freakazoid, and of course, maybe the most memorable, The Aniamaniacs. Yet besides all those, there was one very special show that you created. It may have only spanned thirteen episodes, and was only on the air for three years. Still it was an amazing show. People still to this day watch it on , a lot. The Road Rovers.

This animated series about five regular canines being transformed into aanthropomorphic crime-fighting super dogs was probably the greatest kid's show you created in the 90's. Following the adventures of Hunter (the Golden Retriever), Colleen (the female Collie), Blitz (the Doberman, my personal favorite) Exile (the blue Husky), Shag (the Sheepdog), and Muzzle (the Rottweiler) battling their antagonists, and their comical gags (such as Colleens name game with Blitz) was a real enjoyment for me growing up. And still is, sometimes I go on YouTube to reminisce about this great show of yesteryear. So do many other people. In fact if you could take the time to go on , type in "Road Rovers," click on one or two of the episodes and read the reviews of the people who watched it (some only a week old) you'd see this show may be gone from TV land, but certainly not forgotten. Which bring me to the point of this letter.

First off no I'm not asking that the show be put on the air, or even that a DVD is made of the series (seeing as fans of the show can simply go on the internet and watch the episodes for free). I'm here to simply suggest and idea for an even bigger (and hopefully more profitable for you) plan. Seeing as the current pop culture trend in movies these days is having them based on old TV shows or books. Perhaps create a live action, or computer animated movie of Road Rovers. Warner Bros. has been creating some amazing movies thus far, and this would maybe be another great way to not only attract the youth of today, but also hook in some of the old fans of this show. Such as the YouTube viewers I mentioned earlier. Plus with today's special effects I'm sure you could really transform this old show into a real kick-butt pile of awesome. Along with being some good, family entertainment.

Well that's all I wanted to say. I'm just a regular guy throwing an idea in the suggestion box for you big businessmen. That's all this is. And I fully understand that this little idea may not come to life. Ever. Also, no I don't want any of the profits you make from this, should you choose to go with it. You don't even have to put my name in the credits. You're the guys with all the cash, technology and everything else. You deserve to have all the pieces of pie. I just put the idea out there. Thank you for taking the time to read this at least. I appreciate it. "TO THE POWER OF THE PACK! HOWL!"


Me (My real names on the original)

(regular, middleclass, teenage guy)

BTW Here's the address if anyone out their wants to join me in this idea

Warner Brother studios

4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA. 91522