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After a full week, her bruises and cuts were beginning to heal, again. She had to get another temporary restraining order against him, again. And Natalia Boa Vista felt like an idiot, again.

He had been a great man when they were dating. The wedding and the honeymoon had been absolute heaven. He was even nice when their marriage had started to progress. Then he started to get angry when she did something he didn't like, or didn't do something he would have liked. The anger eventually led to abuse. This was the last time though! She was going to quit her undercover job from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and move away; effectively forcing Nick Townsend, her abusive ex, out of her life.

An undercover agent was not exactly the job Natalia had expected when she graduated from college with a degree in biology and forensic science. She had expected to be an analyst in some kind of lab or teach science. When a woman in a small café began to talk to Natalia and offered her a job in the FBI, Natalia thought it was only going to be for a couple of weeks. It turned out that spying on people and reporting their actions takes a lot of time and massive planning. Because of that, Natalia had just finished her first job at an insurance company and it wasn't fun at all!

This wasn't fair! Natalia had a degree in something that she should make money in, something she loved, so why wasn't she doing it? Natalia loved biology. She could spend days talking about DNA, RNA, deoxyribose, ribosomes, nuclei and strands of every kind until her listeners had fallen asleep from boredom. Her "friends" at the insurance company had often asked her why she hadn't become an analyst. She wanted to, but she just couldn't while she was working undercover for the FBI. She learned quickly that undercover agents couldn't just quit their job if they had any hopes of keeping their jobs. Just quitting would result in getting fired from the FBI altogether.

Natalia hated this job, she really did. She didn't want to sneak around anymore. She was going to give her two weeks the next day. She had nothing tying her down anymore. She was going to find a job somewhere else that had nothing to do with undercover. Maybe she could try teaching biology or some kind of science. Natalia had made up her mind. If she didn't get another job in the next five seconds she was quitting tomorrow.

As fate would have it, her phone began to ring with an annoying screech. Natalia sighed and rolled her eyes. Of course this would happen. She knew she shouldn't answer, but she couldn't help it. She was naturally curious, which made her perfect for this undercover job, which she obviously wasn't getting rid of any time in the near future.

"Hello," Natalia said, greeting the person on the other end with little excitement.

"Natalia Boa Vista?" The woman questioned.

"That's me," Natalia confirmed.

The woman introduced herself. "I am Monica West. I am from Miami, Florida. The FBI told me you work as an undercover agent. I have a job for you."

Natalia sighed. "What does the job entail?" Natalia was just asking routine questions that every agent asked. Natalia knew she would end up taking the job. After all, she was good at this, and she knew she wouldn't be good at teaching. She knew all the thinking she was doing had been in vain. She was good at sneaking around and lying and she would never be this good at anything else.

"This job is in a Crime Lab," Monica started.

Natalia gasped. "A Crime Lab?"

"Yes," Monica answered, bewildered at the sudden change in Natalia's voice. "Anyway, I know they are doing something shady, and I need a reliable witness reporting back to me every second. Everyone in that lab is so loyal and they wouldn't tell me anything; I have tried all kinds of questioning. I even threatened the lieutenant and his employees with their jobs, but they still wouldn't give anything up," Monica explained. "I would like for you to be here in the next few days to start the job."

"Well, I have to know what I will be doing while I'm working there. How will my presence be justified?" Natalia asked again. This was another routine question. After finding out this job was in a Crime Lab, she wouldn't be able to resist.

"You will be working unsolved cases. As a DNA analyst," Monica stated, nonchalantly, not knowing how excited Natalia would be.

Natalia's eyes got wide, but being the trained investigator she was, she refused to let Monica know how happy she was with that piece of news. "That sounds like a decent job. You will pay me well I trust?"

"I will pay you when you give me what I want," Monica stated.

"You will pay me, or I give you nothing at all," Natalia countered. This was another routine thing. They never knew who they were dealing with, and if they didn't ensure the pay, it was sometimes likely they wouldn't get it.

"Alright, fine," Monica agreed. "I will meet with you in a few days here in Miami, give you a month's pay, and then you can start on the job."

"That sounds better," Natalia told Monica. "At the beginning of every month we will meet and you will give me the money. I will keep reporting to you as long as the money stays at what I see a good amount." They went on to make more plans for their meeting and Natalia's role in the Crime Lab.

After Natalia broke the connection she noticed a small smile on her face. This may not be the break she had always been looking for, but at least she would be doing something she loved. What did it matter if she was undercover?

Natalia didn't yet realize what an amazing impact this job would have on her life. She also didn't realize that this job was going to teach her more lessons than she could ever hope to learn on her own. Most importantly, this job and those people she worked with were going to teach her about loyalty, friendship and how to fight for justice by any means of attainment.