Chapter 1 - Naruto

Ibiki was annoyed as he stalked through the streets of Konoha looking for something to get his mind off the seemingly impossible to break spy that had been brought in yesterday. He had actually had to call in Inoichi. It had been almost a year since that had been necessary. One thing was clear, the Konoha T&I was stagnating and needed new blood. Talented blood. Inoichi was incredible the best they'd seen in years, but he was retired and preferred to not be called on. He and Anko were pretty good too, but they didn't hold a candle to Inoichi; so he needed to find someone who did.

The question was who? Very few ninja had the stomach for T&I work, and there were even fewer ninja he would value enough to try breaking them of their queasiness. Ibiki huffed in frustration, this topic of thought was only further aggravating him. So he shoved aside the annoying thoughts and decided to think of something relaxing. Ibiki came to a stop; what did people do to relax? They counted birds or something... right? Bah that was weak and screamed civilian! He'd go to Higurashi's that place had a great selection of sake and the food wasn't half bad either. So Ibiki turned and made his way toward Higurashi's wondering if anyone that he knew would be there.

Ibiki was about two blocks from Higurashi's when he herd angry voices. The yelling sounded like it was coming out of the ally halfway down the block. Being curious, and not having anything better to do, Ibiki went to see what the yelling was for. As he got closer he started to make out some of the words, " Don't... get it...Dead!" Hearing that Ibiki quickly, though stealthily, made his way to the corner of the ally and peeked around it. There were two ninja, and one of them he didn't recognize, but the other guy was his buddy Shiranui Genma. Genma had his hands fisted in the other guys shirt and had him shoved up against the wall. The other guy looked like he was trying to be as unthreatening as possible. Ibiki was startled, what the heck had gotten into Genma? He was usually a pretty chill dude, but now here he is attacking a fellow ninja. Just then the other guy started speaking. "Of course I get it man! You just lost your fiancee, and that sucks hard," Ibiki thought 'Ah, that explains it; at least Genma didn't lose it enough to attack a civilian'. As Ibiki refocused on the argument in front of him the other guy was still speaking, "But you gotta pull yourself together! Your losing it dude."

"I don't care!" Genma screamed, "This is the last straw, I've lost too many. I just want it to end!" Genma's voice broke on the last word.

The other guy stared searchingly at Genma for a few seconds then started speaking in a quiet serious voice, "So what are gonna do? Go to the Hokage and ask for a suicide mission? Or even better are you gonna end it yourself? You gonna dishonor your friends by dying like that?"

Ibiki blinked in confusion, so did Genma, who articulately replied, "Huh?"

The other guy rolled his eyes, "Think idiot! What did your friends die for?"

"The village", Genma whispered.

"Did they want to die?" The other guy quietly asked.

Genma paused, "No".

"They're names were put on the KIA stone right?" Genma looked confused again, "Yeah?" "So if you go to the Hokage and ask for a suicide mission; who will you be dying for? If you die in battle where will your name be placed? And if you die now by your own choice when your friends didn't want to what will you be saying about their sacrifices? Do you really deserve to have your name on the KIA stone with those who have died for their village, when you took the mission so you could just die?"

Genma was crying now and in a broken voice replied, "Then I'll do It myself". The other guy looked sad as he responded, "Don't you think your friends would be so much happier if you moved on and lived instead of giving up and dying." The other guy got a small sad smile on his face, "Besides maybe your friends want to live vicariously through you. They can't really do that if your dead now can they?" The smile disappeared to be replaced by a very serious look, "Seriously Genma, I know it hurts, but don't give up. If you can't live for yourself right now live for your friends, dead and alive, don't make them go through what your going through right now. Keep living, and eventually you'll be happy to be alive."

Genma released the steadily decreasing hold he had on the other guy and collapsed to his knees sobbing. "Your right", he whispered brokenly, "I'll live for them, at least until I can live for myself".

"Good", the other guy said firmly, "and if you need to talk, call, I'll listen." The other guy was on his knees now giving Genma a comforting hug.

Genma took several minutes to cry it all out, and then smiled, it wasn't a very good smile but it was a smile all the same, "Thanks Kiiroi (yellow), this talk helped a lot." Genma's sigh turned into a yawn, and the newly named Kiiroi smiled, "You look beat man, go home and take a nap, and remember... call if you need me."

Genma smiled, "I will", then Genma disappeared in a shushin.

Ibiki was impressed this Kiiroi person managed to talk down a suicidal ninja, and that was no easy feat. To bad his talent seemed to be in healing minds instead of breaking them T&I could have used him. Ibiki was about to continue on his way to Higurashi's when he noticed that Kiiroi was acting strangely, he was checking the area very carefully as if he was worried he'd be caught. Ibiki was about to go ask the guy what he was doing when Kiiroi put his hands in the ram seal and whispered kai, and disappeared in a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared in the place of Kiiroi stood a blond haired child that had blue eyes and strange whisker like marks on his cheeks.

With a start Ibiki realized he knew who this kid was; it was the Kyuubi container. Ibiki was stunned this kid had a natural ability to read people and respond accordingly. Sure his talent was more toward healing minds than breaking them, but he was young and that could be worked with. There was also the fact that Genma had grabbed Kiiroi around the neck without his hand going through like it would on a normal henge. Ibiki got a feral grin on his face, that alone would have broken weaker prisoners, this kid was perfect for infiltration and information gathering. In Ibiki's excitement only one thought went through his head as he watched the Kyuubi container walk away, 'fresh blood'.