Momoko smiled, she just had the best date of her life. She called up her friends, Yuri and Himiko.

"OMG, Momoko, tell us ALL about your DATE." Said Yuri excitedly through the phone.

"Yeah, so did you finally find a guy better than Yanagiba? Oh wait, there is NONE." Laughed Himiko from the other end.

I blushed, "Yes, Himiko, there is. And his name is Yosuke. We went and saw Freddy VS Jason and than he walked me home and kissed me good night."

There was silence on the phone lines.

"…And he said he loved me."

"AWWWWWWWW!" came both replies. Momoko covered her ears, her friends really knew how to squel.

"Yeah, well, talk to you guys on Monday." Momoko said quietly.

"K, Bye Momoko, By Himiko!"

"Bye Yuri and Momoko!"

"Bye guys, love you all." Said Momoko. She hung up the phone and changed into her PJ's.

But suddenly her phone rang again. She checked it and smiled.

"Hello Yosuke."

Hey Momoko. I just wanted to say thanks for letting me take you out tonight. I thought I was going to get shot down. *insert smiley face here*

"Of course Yosuke, we should go out again. It was nice." Said Momoko smiling.

"Yeah, so, who do you think Yanagiba is going to end up with? If you had to choose between Yuri and Himiko?"

"Hm, I guess Yuri, because she and Yanagiba are both polite. Yanagiba would be embarresed if Himiko was dating him." Yosuke laughed at Momoko' s comment.

"Well, I'll talk you later Momoko. I love you though."

Momoko smiled, "I love you too Yosuke…"