Gears turning, feet stepping,
A tick for every second,
A beat for every step,
Time flies by,
Time has stopped.

A beautiful piece or art,
Carefully crafted,
Taking months to make,
Everything works,
No wires crossed.

The Clockmaker,
Carefully putting each piece in place,
Like the Band Director,
Placing each line in the correct shape,
Both excelling in their art.

The Clockmaker,
The Band Director,
Both achieving the same goal,
Creating the perfect piece of art,
Having almost endless resources.

Hard work,
Blood, sweat and tears,
Putting their hearts and souls in,
Making it a piece of them,
Never forgetting the experiences.

The final result,
Simply amazing,
Unforgettable to them,
The hard work they give,
To them I say,
I hope you had the time of your life.