An alternate Version of Fifvel Goes West. Some new characters are added, while others are dropped. The story is that the Mousekowitz family is in New York (like in the movie) while Johnny and Nina are there with them. The rats attack the mice, and the mayor of mice and squirrels feels the need to move them out west to prevent the rats or spiders from attacking them. Later, Tanya, Johnny, and Nina learn that they are prophecy heroes and are the world's last hope from Dark Mouse, a god of Destruction who wishes to take over the world. He is sealed away in a magic shrine, but the magic is fading, and Dark Mouse is able to trick a soul wanting vengeance into opening the shrine and setting him free.

The Rat King, whose brother was killed by Johnny (he was protecting Tanya from him) is beginning to fall for Dark Mouse's mind control. Will Tanya, Johnny, and Nina be able to save the world, or will they fail? Read to find out.

Characters Added

Johnny Chapmen: Tanya's boyfriend; one of the Prophesy heroes

Nina Nutty: Tanya's best squirrel friend; heiress to the holy land, Another Prophesy hero

Dark Mouse: God of destruction, who plans to take over the world, and Johnny, Tanya, and Nina are the only ones who can stop him.

Glaven- A wizard who is no longer able to prevent Dark Mouse from rising, and helps Johnny, Tanya, and Nina hone their skills to keep Dark Mouse from winning.

The Rat King: Assassin, leader of the Rat Army

The Rat Prince: The Rat King's younger brother

The Rat Army: The Rat King's faithful underlings

Chuller: Leader of the Spider Army

The Spider Army: Chuller's faithful underlings

Charles Cheese- the Mayor of mice and squirrels.

Character Dropped

Wiley Burp


Miss Kitty


Cat. R. Waul's Army

Fifvel trudged home from school. The sky was murky, and rain poured down mercilessly upon his already drenched clothes. He walked in the hatch. Inside was Papa sawing on his Violin, Mama talking to Nina about natural selection, and Tanya and Johnny catching up on past events. Fifvel went to his room to take a bath and change.

Johnny was of a cowardly nature. He would shrink away from danger, unless his friends were caught up in it. He, Nina, and Tanya was about to undertake in a massive, life changing, adventure. Alarms blared; the Rats or Spiders were threatening the mice,

"Oh no," said Johnny, "My parents!"

"Be swift," said Papa, "Lord knows what awaits you,"

"Good luck," said Nina, voice quivering. Tanya said nothing. Johnny fled the house. He snuck and hid in any nook or cranny he could find. He reached the cardboard box he called home; and what he saw filled him with anger and grief: The infamous Rat King, and a few of his thugs, mugging his parents and destroying his home. His parents, mind, had fallen very ill, and were hanging by a thread, a thread named Johnny. But what did the Rat King want with his parents? What did they have to offer but germs?

The Rat King shoved his massive sword in to his mother's stomach, and then his father's. Johnny then heard screams; Tanya! Johnny ran back to her home, and there, another rat was attacking her. He knew this rat, too: the Rat Prince, the Rat King's younger brother. If anyone did him harm, the Rat King would show no mercy. But Johnny didn't care; he could never live without Tanya. Without thinking, he ran toward the Rat Prince.

He turned and, before he could do anything, Johnny rammed into him with such force, that Tanya and Johnny both heard the unnerving crunch of breaking bones. The Rat Prince fell into the drainage. The Rat Prince had known Johnny; he picked on him a lot, but never did anything life threatening. The most he did was wale on him. The Rat Prince landed in the water, and could not swim. He noted sight of his older brother,

"BROTHER!" he called. The Rat King saw him and raced after him. He dove into the water, and swam his brother to some higher ground. His brother was dying,

"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?" asked the Rat King,

"Johnny Chapman," said the Prince, before dying of Shock. Grief filled the Rat King's entire being, but was soon replaced by rage. He would kill Johnny. He raced out of the sewer. Charles Cheese, the mayor of mice, had arranged for the Mice to be moved to Green River, a land of opportunity and sunshine.