Lima, Ohio never changed. Kids always hung out in the same spots, the same Christmas decorations were always hung and the small town always turned into a ghost town at exactly eight pm. The same cliques were formed once again at McKinley High however new freshmen wormed their way into them as well. The problem with freshman students was the tryouts. Quinn was resuming her role as head cheerleader thanks to Sue's intense summer training. Cheer leading tryouts came with the territory of head cheerleader and they were never fun. They were boring. A bunch of young hopeful girls would enter the gym where they would find Sue and her Cheerios waiting to crush their dreams. It would start off with Sue scaring two thirds of the group away (which Quinn was fine with) and then the last third would attempt to show the Cheerios their 'skills'.

As if sitting through the cheerleading tryouts wasn't agonizing enough Quinn was forced to sit through more. Glee tryouts. New Directions had been surprised, never in a million years had they expected other students to willing ask to join their club. Anyone wanting to tryout was basically signing themselves up for a daily slushie facial that would last for the rest of their high school career. Despite the slushies joining glee was a good decision, Quinn gave up on trying to deny it because the truth was; she enjoyed it. She loved being able to sing and dance, she loved making new friendships and learning how to look out for others.

After glee club Quinn went back to her locker to pick up her homework. Shutting her locker, she was startled to see Puck standing beside her. "Gosh, way to give me a heart attack." Quinn exclaimed getting a better grip on her text books.

"I tend to have that affect on women." Puck leaned against the lockers, he crossed his arms; the boy wasn't even trying to be subtle, he was flexing with all his might.

"How nice for you?" Quinn started to walk away from the lockers.

Puck followed her. "So, when are you going to admit that you want me? It's obvious that you still do."

Quinn stopped in her tracks, "What?"

"You're the head cheerleader again, I'm the football player, we're supposed to date. It's like a high school rule or something."

Quinn shook her head, "Um, how about no? Puck, I'm dating someone."

"Then dump the loser for me." Puck stated calmly.

"Jesse is not a loser!"

"You're still dating that Jesse kid? I thought he left for university?"

Quinn nodded, "He did, he's been gone for at least a month."

"A month? You should definitely date me then."

"I'm not going to date you Puck, get that through your thick skull."

"Fine. Whatever but just so you know if Jesse's been gone for a month then he's definitely cheating on you. There's no way a guy can last that long without sex."

Puck walked off leaving Quinn baffled by his comments. The nerve! Who did he think he was? Did he really think he'd be able to get away with demanding that she date him again and then suggest that her boyfriend was cheating on her? Jesse would never cheat on her! He loved her! Puck was wrong. He didn't know what he was talking about.

Quinn tried to keep telling herself that she was right and Puck was totally off but she couldn't help but doubt herself.

'There's no way a guy can last that long without sex'

Jesse was lasting more than a month without sex. Jesse had lasted months. During the beginning of their relationship Quinn had been very self conscience about her body but could you blame her? She had just given birth! Speaking of giving birth, that was another reason why Quinn didn't want to have sex. She still felt guilty about losing her virginity to a boy she wasn't in love with however she didn't regret it because Beth made it all worth wild. Due to the experience of giving birth Quinn knew that from now on she didn't want to have sex with anyone know matter what her feelings were telling her, she wanted to wait until marriage.

Jesse was very understanding about Quinn's views on sex. Maybe a little too understanding. It's official, Quinn Fabray was paranoid. Ever since her chat with Puck thoughts flooded her mind about Jesse hooking up with a woman his age in New York. Perhaps a woman who was equally as talented, a fellow student at Julliard, someone who shared his interests.

Quinn needed reassurance. She wished that Jesse wasn't so far away. Right now all she wanted was to be taken in by his sweet embrace. She wanted a hug. It was as simple as that. A hug was what she needed. A nice, warm hug along with some kind words, maybe another I love you or you have nothing to worry about. Both would be welcomed.

She felt pitiful being so worried like this. Quinn had went from being the head cheerleader to the knocked up glee clubber but was now rebuilding her status by being a Cheerio again. She hated being seen as helpless. She didn't want people to see her weaknesses. One of her main weaknesses was Jesse. Why Julliard? Why didn't he wait for her?

Quinn sighed, how was she supposed to focus on English homework when her boyfriend may or may not be off frolicking around with a secret girlfriend miles away from where she was? The blonde leaned against her pillows. She blinked when she noticed a familiar brunette standing in her doorway.


Rachel entered the room, "I hope it's okay.. Mercedes let me in."

"Yeah, of course, you just startled me that's all." Quinn replied as she moved over on the bed to let her friend sit with her.

Rachel laid down beside her, "I miss Mason."

"I know, I miss Jesse too."

"But at least you know for sure that you're dating Jesse! I still wonder where I stand with Mason. Sending him that song was an idiotic idea." Rachel sighed and crossed her arms.

"I thought he said that he felt the same way?"

"He did.."

Quinn pressed on, "And didn't he say that he wanted to be with you too?"

"Well yeah.."

"Then what's the problem here?" Quinn questioned with an eyebrow raised.

"It feels like there's a million miles between us.."

Quinn put her arm around Rachel, giving her friend a one armed hug, "Trust me, I know the feeling."

Rachel rested her head on Quinn's shoulder, "Long distance relationships suck."

"I second that."

"And we still have to wait at least a month until we can see them in person again."

Quinn nodded sadly, "but doesn't absence makes the heart grow fonder?"

"Gosh, I hope so." Rachel replied, "Do you suppose they feel as sad as we do?"

"Oh of course, Mason is probably crying into Jesse's sweater ruining the thread count as we speak."

The girls giggled at the thought. It was nice having Rachel around. Quinn was enjoying their friendship. Not to mention it was nice to have someone who was experiencing the same feelings as she was. Rachel could relate to how Quinn was feeling. Rachel knew how badly Quinn wanted for Jesse to return.

Quinn's mind was focused on her conversation with Puck. She looked at Rachel. They had gotten close over the summer, she could share something like this with her right?

"Puck was being a real jerk today." Quinn said.

"What did Noah do this time?" Rachel asked, at this point she was casually flipping through tv channels.

"After glee club he cornered me in the hallway demanding that him and I start dating again. I guess I'm popular enough to fit his standards." Quinn told her, clearly annoyed.

"Did you tell him that you're still dating Jesse?"

Quinn nodded, "That made things worse. Puck went on about how guys can't last long without sex. That Jesse must be cheating on me."

Rachel dropped the remote, "Don't think that. Don't even consider thinking about it. The idea of Jesse cheating on you is as likely as me never getting a solo again. It'll never happen. That boy loves you and considering you just had a baby I think he's going to be understanding about sex."

Quinn had been nervous about sharing this with Rachel but once again she was glad that she had. "I really hope that you're right... and Rachel?"


Quinn locked eyes with her, "I'm really sorry about how I treated you. I just wanted you to know that."

Rachel smiled, "I know, apology accepted. I should go."

"But it feels like you just got here?"

"I know, I go to bed at ten o'clock remember? It's almost nine fifteen. If you add the car ride home, night time glass of water and getting ready for bed all together that'll be cutting it too close!" Rachel explained while getting up.

Quinn laughed, Rachel Berry was the only girl she knew who had created a bedtime for herself. "Fine, thanks for coming over. I'll see you tomorrow at school."

Rachel nodded, "Goodnight Quinn."

Quinn was alone once more. She decided to follow Rachel's example by getting ready for bed. In a matter of minutes Quinn was clad in a pair of pajamas, laying comfortably in her bed. Now it was time for sleep. The young girl closed her eyes and hoped that tomorrow would be a better day. Why did life have to be so hard?