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"Neh~ Konatsu-kun, whatcha doing?" Hyuuga asked. "What does it seem like I'm doing, lieutenant?" Konatsu didn't look up from his paperwork. Hyuuga unwrapped a lollipop and put it in his mouth. "You're no fun!" Hyuuga said. Konatsu just rolled his eyes and continued working. Minutes later, Konatsu put his work in a neat pile and smiled, "Done at last!" He turned to Hyuuga, who seemed like he was doing his work due to the fact that he had a pen in hand and seemed like he was writing. Konatsu got up from his desk and walked over to Hyuuga's desk to discover Hyuuga, once again, was doodling over important documents. "Lieutenant!" Konatsu yelled. "Mm?" Hyuuga answered, glancing up. "Can you NOT draw on these documents?" Konatsu asked angrily. Hyuuga leaned back on his chair, "Nope" Hyuuga smiled widely. Konatsu shook his head in defeat, "Just do your paperwork." "Hai, hai!" Hyuuga smiled Konatsu walked back to his desk, knowing that Hyuuga is just going to slack again.

Hyuuga's Diary

Konatsu is so cute. That look in his face when he's nagging me, just makes me want to hug him! I can't stop staring at him. Na~ what's going on? Whenever I see Konatsu, I just want to eat him up! He has no idea what kind of power he has over me! But I can't let my guard off. I have to act the same way I always do, or Konatsu would start to think I'm weird. But then again, I am weird... Oh, well, as long as I can keep myself from jumping him, it should be fine.

Konatsu's Diary

Lately, I've noticed Lieutenant Hyuuga's been looking at me weirdly, the way one would look at their lover. Also, his doodlings are kinda strange. He used to draw Ayanami-san and others, but he's been drawing me a lot nowadays. I wonder what's going on.

"Commander Kuroyuri!" Konatsu called down the hall. Kuroyuri and Haruse stopped walking and turned. "Konatsu!" Kuroyuri said. "Ayanami-san wanted me to give you this." Konatsu gave Kuroyuri some sheets of paper. Hyuuga, who appeared out of no where, put an arm around Konatsu's shoulder. "Neh~ Konatsu, come play with me!" Hyuuga said. 'P-play with me? He can't mean…He wants to…' Konatsu's face turned red. "Konatsu? Are you okay?" Kuroyuri looked at him with concern. "Um…Uh, yea. I'm fine." Konatsu replied, face still red. Kuroyuri, unconvinced that Konatsu was fine, just nodded and said, "As long as you're fine." Kuroyuri and Haruse turned and left. Hyuuga walked in front of Konatsu and looked at him in the eyes, "Konatsu-kun?" "I…uh…um…I have…uh…work to do! Sorry! Can't! Bye!" Konatsu ran past Hyuuga. Hyuuga scratched his head in confusion, and then shrugged.

Kuroyuri's Diary

Konatsu's been acting weirdly around Lieutenant Hyuuga. Just now, when lieutenant Hyuuga asked Konatsu if he wanted to play, Konatsu turned really read and started to stutter. That is so unlike him. It's like he lost his cool, calm and composed façade. I think Konatsu was thinking dirty. Konatsu's so innocent! That's what makes him so cute! Na~ But he's like a big brother like Haruse. But I think he'll look pretty good with Lieutenant Hyuuga.

Konatsu's Diary

Oh, jeez! I just embarrassed myself in front of Kuroyuri-sama and Haruse-san. Stupid Hyuuga! It's all his fault! He has no idea how much I love him! Wait...WHAT? Did I just say I love him? That's impossible! How can I...I mean how can I love him? Is this what I'm feeling? This butterfly feeling comes up when I see Hyuuga. Is that also why I turned red when he asked me if I wanted to play? I mean most of the time, I would just brush him off and tell him to go do his work. No way! I'm actually falling for him? Oh my god!

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Konatsu: I don't think like that!

Aradia: Think like what?

Konatsu: Like that! I don't like Hyuuga!

Hyuuga: You don't like me?


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