"Please do your work!" Konatsu said. "I thought you said you weren't going to nag me for 2 days." Hyuuga said, unwrapping another lollipop. "It's not nagging. I'm asking you to do your work." Konatsu said, annoyed. "Then I don't want to." Hyuuga leaned back in his chair. "Lieutenant Hyuuga! If you don't do your work, Chief Ayanami is going to be angry!" Konatsu stated. "I'm sure Aya-tan will understand." Hyuuga smiled. "I'm confiscating your candy, if you don't do your work." Konatsu said. "Aw~ C'mon, it's just 2 days!" Hyuuga whined. "2 days is already a lot! Just finish these! It's only 3 sheets of paperwork!" Konatsu slammed down sheets of paper on to Hyuuga's desk. "But 3 sheets is a lot!" Hyuuga complained. Konatsu looked at Hyuuga, annoyed. "Fine, if Chief Ayanami comes after you, I'm not saving you." Konatsu walked back to his desk.

"Konatsu-kun~ Come here for a second." Hyuuga said. Konatsu looked at Hyuuga, annoyed, then reluctantly went over to Hyuuga. "What is it?" he asked. "Come here." Hyuuga commanded. Konatsu went and stood next to Hyuuga and asked, "What do you want?" Hyuuga smiled and pulled Konatsu down and kissed him. Konatsu was surprised by this action. "No office love during daytime~" a voice said. Konatsu quickly broke away to see Kuroyuri at the door. "Ah…uh…um… I-I-I…" Konatsu stuttered and blushed. Konatsu quickly returned to his desk and started working. "He's so cute." Hyuuga commented. "Don't tease him, Hyuuga." Kuroyuri said.

After Kuroyuri left, Hyuuga went over to Konatsu. "What now?" Konatsu didn't look up from his work. "Aw~ Come on, Konatsu, don't be mad!" Hyuuga teased. "I-I'm not mad, just…" Konatsu didn't continue. "Just what?" Hyuuga asked. "I don't know…" Konatsu looked at Hyuuga. Hyuuga smiled and kissed Konatsu again. "You're so beautiful, you know that?" Hyuuga said. Konatsu just shook his head. Hyuuga smiled, "Well, then. You're beautiful." Konatsu blushed.

"Hyuuga" a voice said, menacingly. Hyuuga looked at the door. "Aya-tan!" he greeted. "Chief Ayanami." Konatsu saluted. "Where's the paperwork I asked you to finish?" Ayanami asked, glaring. "On my desk." Hyuuga said. "Is it finished?" Ayanami asked. "Nope." Hyuuga smiled. Ayanami's hand went to his sword but then dropped. "Have it finished by 4 o'clock this afternoon." Ayanami left. "You really should start working on your paperwork." Konatsu said. Hyuuga sighed and went back to his desk.

Konatsu's Diary:

Lieutenant Hyuuga told me I was beautiful. I'm so happy. But it was so embarrassing to have Commander Kuroyuri see us…uh…kiss. As much as I was embarrassed, I enjoyed it. I got to go. Lieutenant Hyuuga still hasn't finished his paperwork.

"I'm beat." Hyuuga sat on Konatsu's bed. "Lieutenant, why are you in my room?" Konatsu asked. "Because I'm tired." Hyuuga replied. "Go back to your room, lieutenant." Konatsu said. "It's Hyuuga. Not 'lieutenant', Konatsu" Hyuuga said. "…When I get out of the showers, you better be gone." Konatsu went in to the bathroom. After Konatsu left the room, Hyuuga smiled wickedly and snuck in to the bathroom.

Konatsu was humming a tune when Hyuuga entered the bathroom. Hyuuga quickly disrobed and joined Konatsu. He wrapped his arms around Konatsu's waist. "Wah! Hyu-Hyuuga!" Konatsu cried out in surprise. Hyuuga nibbled at Konatsu's ear lobe, "Let's have sex again." Hyuuga whispered. Konatsu shuddered. Hyuuga's hand pinched one of Konatsu's nipples. "Ahn~" Konatsu moaned. "I'll take that as consent." Hyuuga smiled.

"S-stop teasing me. Ah~" Konatsu said as Hyuuga stroked Konatsu's manhood. "Alright, alright." Hyuuga said. "Bend over, Konatsu" Hyuuga instructed, and Konatsu did as told. "It might hurt, Konatsu-kun." Konatsu nodded as Hyuuga penetrated him. Konatsu arched his back, "Ah~" he cried. "Damn, you're tight." Hyuuga muttered and started thrusting. Hyuuga kissed Konatsu's neck. "Go faster." Konatsu pleaded. Hyuuga sped up the pace. "Ah! Not…. There…" Konatsu panted. "Here?" Hyuuga hit the spot again. Konatsu cried out in pleasure. Hyuuga smiled and continuously hit the spot over and over again. "Hy-Hyuuga! I-I-I'm at m-my lim-limit" Konatsu said, out of breath. "Let's come together, Konatsu" Hyuuga whispered. Moments later, Konatsu and Hyuuga both came. They collapsed on to the bathroom floor. "Let's go to bed, Konatsu." Hyuuga said. "Mm~" Konatsu mumbled. Hyuuga carried Konatsu to bed and they both fell asleep. 'I feel like I'm forgetting something…Hmm…Whatever.' Hyuuga thought and then fell asleep. (a/n Yes Hyuuga, you forgot something. Your paperwork, dude. Ayanami is going to chase you down then kill you.)


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Konatsu: Well, at least you finish your work.

Ayanami: Hyuuga, where is the paperwork I asked you to finish yesterday?

Hyuuga: On my desk.

Ayanami: * twitch * Not finished right?

Hyuuga: Yup.

Konatsu: I thought I reminded you to finish it!

Hyuuga: Oh~ so that was the thing I forgot to do before I fell asleep.

Ayanami: * unsheathes his sword *

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