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Rabbits Through the Ages

There were few of her duties that Sailor Pluto enjoyed more than monitoring the streams of time. It was different and refreshing from her usual static purpose.

Her mission in life had always been to guard and keep the gates of time secure and safe from vile intruders who wished ill on any time stream. Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium had entrusted her with the task from the time she was a young senshi of 14 years old. Securing one of her own senshi as the guardian of time had been no easy task for the Queen to take, as it required her to persuade Chronos, the god of time itself, to allow the transfer of power between himself and Pluto. Pluto knew Chronos very little, as he was nothing more to her than an entity that would prove her downfall should she fail him (or time itself) in any way. He had entrusted her powers to protect the gates of time, but Pluto would never know how the Queen had been able to persuade him. She never disclosed the information to her, at least. Limitations had been placed upon Pluto, however, and she adhered to them very strictly. She could not travel back in time and change anything. Oh, she could observe it, but if anything changed, she would face dire consequences. She could move forward and observe the future, by relaying it to any of the present was forbidden, and again, she could face dreadful punishment.

She possessed the ability to stop time, but it was also forbidden to her. Only once in her ten thousand years of life had she broken this sacred pact, and Chronos had forgiven her. She supposed that he had been lenient in that the world itself would have ceased to exist if she had not rescued her friends, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, from the clutches of death. They had to be there, to help Sailor Moon. To lend their powers toward the destruction of Pharaoh 90. It had been necessary... even if she did admit to herself that it had been a partially selfish act. Her burden in life was always to put her mission first, but it didn't mean that deep in her heart, she didn't value her friends. Because she did. She did very much.

The task in front of her now, however, was different. It was new. Or, considering that she had been the guardian of time for almost her entire life of ten thousand years, it was new in that she had only been monitoring the streams of time for the past three years.

It was a very new task, and one that was given to her by the new rulers of the world. In particular, King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo of the 30th Century had entrusted it to her. Neo Queen Serenity had heartily approved the idea, and Pluto was ecstatic. Never before had she done more than watch over the gates of time.

Now, she watched over time itself.

There was a circular observatory room in the Crystal Palace. The room was lined with massive screens that stretched from the floor to the high ceiling. No matter which way Pluto swiveled in her chair, she could see one of these screens in front of her. In the middle of the room, her small, circular glass desk sat, covered in the essential elements to the massive system that she and Endymion had been perfecting for years.

It was, in her opinion, perfect. It allowed her to jump from time strain to time strain, century to century, and monitor exactly what was happening in each time period. She was able to make sure that all parts of time were flowing along the same path, heading toward the same future, and making the appropriate advances.

As the 30th century was the most advanced part of the time strain, the one leading all others, it was the perfect vantage point for her to observe from. She wasn't sure if Chronos had any scruples against this new task in front of her, but if so, no punishments had fallen from him, and the King and Queen had been encouraging her. They had direct access to the Gods now, just as Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium had. It was their responsibility now.

The small, metal door leading into the observatory swung open to reveal a pink-haired teenager in a white and pink senshi fuku walking toward the center of the room, a cherry popsicle in her mouth.

Sailor Pluto stood from her chair and turned to look at the girl with a reprimanding look across her face, her garnet eyes narrowing at her. "Small Lady, how many times has your father told you that the observatory is off limits to you?"

The girl shrugged and made a popping sound as she took the half-eaten treat out of her mouth. "I don't see why Papa is so adamant that I not see. I mean, I am Sailor Moon now, and besides, it's not like I haven't seen all that." She waved a hand at the screens displaying the past.

Sailor Pluto sighed, pushed her long, dark green hair away from her shoulder and took a step toward the fourteen year old girl. "Time is not your responsibility, Small Lady. It is mine. Your responsibility is protecting the present!"

"How many times have I told you that you can call me Usagi now?" The pink-haired girl narrowed her own eyes. "Or Chibiusa, even, if you must. Though only Papa and Hotaru-chan seem to call me that anymore."

Pluto smiled. "I will forever call you Small Lady." She paused. "Now please, you must leave."

"How come Uranus and Neptune are allowed in here, but I'm not? Am I not leader of the senshi?" Chibiusa pouted, which proved to Pluto just how much of a child the girl still was.

"It is at your father's bidding that you remain as detached from the past as possible, as you need to focus more on your present and future." The girl started to protest, but Pluto put up a hand. "I do not make the rules, Small Lady. And you know that arguing with your father gets you no where. Go along now. Shoo!" She waved her hands, and Chibiusa let out another irritated sigh and retreated out the door. As she left, she saw Neptune and Uranus approaching, and she scowled at them before sticking the popsicle back in her mouth and stomping away.

Sailor Uranus, a tall woman with short, ash-blonde hair and piercing dark blue eyes, let out a guffawing laugh as she entered the room and stood in Chibiusa's place. "Our princess seems to be having a temper tantrum this evening, Setsuna."

Pluto shook her head amusedly, holding her hands up in defeat. "She does not like that she is not allowed to come here."

Sailor Neptune strode up in front of them both and took Pluto's seat at the desk. Slim with shimmering aquamarine hair and eyes, Neptune looked the part of a sea goddess just as she sounded like one. "Since when has Endymion-sama forbidden her here?" She asked in her lilting voice.

"Since he noticed her creeping around more and more, trying to find out more information." Pluto responded, leaning back on the desk and avoiding any of the buttons there.

"Ah, I take it she'd be trying to spy on the 21st century?" Uranus placed a hand on her hip.

"Of course." Pluto nodded. "But she cannot keep wondering about Usagi and Mamoru; they have their lives to lead, and she has hers. She needs to focus on her future. So King Endymion forbade her."

"And she won't argue with him," Neptune said, wagging a finger in the air. Her tone was matter-of-fact.

"It's a good thing she's never tried," Uranus muttered. "Little does she realize just how easily the king would cave in to her."

"She is her mother's daughter, Haruka," Neptune laughed lightly.

Pluto shook her head, smiling slightly. "In any case, you are both interrupting my work day, so if you will please return to your own duties, I will return to mine."

Neptune stood and scuttled away from Pluto's shooing hands as the tall dark emerald-haired senshi regained her seat.

The two outer senshi clicked in their heels toward the door, laughing with their ringing voices as they left. "Our Setsuna is ever dedicated," Neptune mused, her arm twined through Uranus's.

"Ah, and she always takes care to remind us of ours," Uranus winked at the time guardian. "As if we could ever forget, eh, Michiru?"

"Oh, indeed, indeed... and our duties are so very taxing these days, you know." They stood at the door, both with cupped hands over their lips as if they were shielding Pluto to their conversation. "We are, after all, the King's advisors. We have many important things we need to attend to."

"Tut, tut, and we take a few moments of our busy day to visit our friend Setsuna and all we receive is a quick dismissal!"

"Indeed, indeed," Neptune shook her head and her face broke out into a grin as she peered over her shoulder at Pluto.

The ruby eyed senshi rolled her eyes and fanned her hand at them. "Go back to your incredibly important King-assisting duties, both of you! I love you both; now go!"

Uranus put a hand to her chest as if she had been stabbed. "Ah, and with our dismissal, we receive her love! Come, Neptune, let us hurry and leave before she revokes said love!" She swept away, out of the room, with a dramatic hand to her brow.

Neptune let out a girlish giggle and peered once more at Pluto. "She should have been an actress."

"Indeed, she should have. Ja ne, Michiru."

"Ja ne!"

Sailor Pluto remained at her post throughout the night, scanning through the many streams. Her eyes swiveled from one screen to the next, her fingers tapped button after button, and still, she could not relinquish the task.

She kept asking herself why it felt so important to her to remain at her post instead of retiring for the night, but she could not answer. There was something... amiss, and in her soul, she felt it, but she could not see it, no matter where or how she looked.

It was nearing three in the morning when an ominous signal swept across her screen. For a moment, she thought she had imagined it. It would be impossible! Her red eyes jumped immediately back to the screen she had just swept over, and she scrutinized the scene. A lump formed in her throat at the sight, and she felt her heart begin to plummet in her chest.

How was it possible? Was there not supposed to be complete peace at this point in time? Was that not part of the past?

She turned in her chair and faced a set of translucent keys on the desk. Her hand hovered over them for a moment, but she forced herself to press the code that would summon the King.

She knew it could not be a false alarm.

Within a few minutes, the King strode into the room, clad in a night robe. The Queen was following behind him hurriedly, tying a sash around her silk nightdress.

Pluto bowed immediately to them both as they approached. "Your majesties, I am... I am so very sorry to intrude on your rest, I—"

"It is no worry, Setsuna; what on Earth is it?" Neo Queen Serenity had stepped from behind her husband. Slight in height, she stood well under a foot beneath her husband, especially as she stood in satin night-slippers instead of her usual heeled shoes that lent her some height. Her long, golden locks were usually tied up in the royal fashion of two twirls of hair on top of her head, with long strands trailing underneath, but as it was so late, her hair was down out of the spirals and trailed to the floor behind her back. She had apparently rushed from bed along with her husband when the summons came, taking not a moment at all for her appearance. As it always had, her duty came first to her.

Pluto began to open her mouth and speak, but no noise came out. She cleared her throat and pointed to the screen in the front middle of the room.

King Endymion's dark blue eyes narrowed at the screen. "What are we looking at, Pluto?"

"The 21st century, Endymion-sama," Pluto murmured, her eyes trying to take in the scene as well.

The Queen grasped one of her husband's elbows. "Endymion, what is it?"

The King, towering in height over his wife, was observing the scene without an inkling of understanding in his dark blue eyes. The screens reflected blue light and it bounced the color onto his black hair. He watched for a long minute, and then understanding hit him square in the face. "It's impossible."

"I'm afraid not, your majesty," Pluto said softly. "We're seeing time just as they are."

"With you monitoring the time streams and guarding the gate, it's impossible that he could have..." the King paused. He looked at Pluto. "You've been here more than the gates. It is possible that somehow..."

"Possible but not probable, your majesty." Pluto sighed. "You forget that I am directly tied to the gates. If even the slightest movement happened across them, I would know immediately."

"Endymion, what is it?" Serenity was shaking her husband's arm now. "What's going on?"

Endymion looked down at his wife for a worried moment. "Prince Demando has somehow re-emerged in the 21st century, Serenity... and he is not the changed man you last encountered."

"That's impossible!" Serenity gasped. "He's dead!"

Pluto tapped a button on her desk. "It is not, Serenity-sama. I cannot explain how the man has risen from the dead or has somehow broken through the time gates. All I know for the moment is that he is there. And worse yet," she paused, glancing at the King.

"Worse yet?" Serenity asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Worse yet," Pluto took a deep breath. "He's obviously made a threat." She pointed at the screen, where she changed the scene to display another.

The King and Queen stared up at the screen. The bright, cheery light blue sky was written across, as if in blood.

"Bring them to me, the princess and the rabbit. Or all shall die by my hand."

End Prologue

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