This story will contain some serious KINKINESS, VIOLENCE, and PERVERSION. So if you don't like kinkiness, violence, and perversion then read something else. Personally I like kinkiness, violence, and perversion so I'm gonna read it :D Review if you have the time, and feel free to flame.

An Impossible Choice

Chapter One: Vexus' New Plan

Jenny sighed and dropped down in the grass beneath the vast elm tree at the center of Tremerton park. It was early, and the park was deserted. This seemed to please the girl. She stretched her mechanical arms and slid further down the trunk of the tree. A contented little grin curled itself around the corners of her mechanical mouth.

"Ah...what a perfect day!" she thought to herself as she observed the bright eyed squirrels leaping from branch to branch above her head. She imagined them to be frolicking.

However, as she thought this a nagging paranoia forced itself to the forefront of her mind. She had had an argument with her friend, Brad, the previous day, which it had ended with him stomping off, shouting some crap about how he could take care of himself.

Jenny was determined not to let it get to her. Gazing up into the branches overhead she could see the glistening due dripping from the tree's lush, green, leaves. She closed her eyes and slid further down the tree...but just as she was about to fall asleep-she sensed her video-phone device activate.

"Great," she thought. "What does mom want now?"

She unfolded her metal chest plate and let the device spring from her body.

"What do you wan-" she began, her voice faltering as she realised with shock that it was not her mother's face staring back at her from the screen, but that of the robot, Vexus.

The mechanical insect grinned at her, revealing a row of jagged, metal, teeth.

"Hello, Jenny," she said, her evil grin broadening as she spoke. "It's been along time since we've spoken."

"How did you get this number?" demanded Jenny with a hint of irritation.

"Oh, I have my ways..." replied Vexus casually.

"This better be good, Vexus," grumbled Jenny.

"Oh, it is," Vexus promised. "It's my best evil plan yet."

The robotic insect snapped her fingers with a metallic clink. A pair of mechanical beetles led a red-haired boy onto the screen in chains.

"Brad!" Jenny exclaimed.

Vexus laughed. She pulled at the chains that bound the boy's hands, coaxing him to come closer to her.

"Don't listen to he, Jen, it's a trap!" shouted Brad, and Vexus smacked him across the face to shut him up. He whimpered as a dull bruise crept its way across his cheek. Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes and he tried to hide them, but Vexus grabbed him by his hair and forced him to face in the direction of the screen.

"If you want him then you'll have to come get him!" cackled Vexus.

She pushed the boy back toward the Robotic beetles, and he fell on his knees. She kicked him hard in the behind and sent him sprawling against the floor.

"Ow!" he yelped, and a tear slid down his bruised cheek. He blushed.

"Don't you hurt him!" shouted Jenny. Anger burned blue in her metallic cheeks.

"Oh yes, and I have one other thing up my sleeve as well!" said Vexus excitedly.

She snapped her fingers, and another pair of Mechanical insects brought her a second boy who was also in chains. This one had dark, greasy hair, and a bulbous, sunburned, nose.

"Sheldon!" shouted Jenny. Her metal hands clenched themselves into fists. "When I get a hold of you Vexus-"

"Now Jenny, lets not be too rude," crooned Vexus. "After all...we wouldn't want poor Sheldon to have to suffer for your rudeness..."

Vexes walked up to the place where Sheldon was being held. He was shaking, and his big, round, eyes where glistening with un-shed tears.

"No!" shouted Jenny, but Vexus just smirked at her.

She put her hands on Sheldon's shoulders, as though trying to calm him, ten razor-tipped steel claws popped from the tips of her fingers, and into his flesh.

Sheldon began to scream. A crimson stain was spreading on the surface of his purple sweat shirt.

"Stop it!" shrieked Jenny. "Leave him alone!"

"Oh you want me to leave them alone," teased Vexus. "Well, you better come quick then."

Brad and Sheldon where still on screen. She pulled them close to her and put an arm around each.

"-Or your little friends will suffer, shall we say...a severe owie."