Fred and George were just congratulating themselves when it happened. They were suddenly not in the dungeons but the great hall. James and Sirus felt the same sensation but were excited because they knew they were to be in a prank war.

"Sirus and …. Harry?" George asked

"I'm Sirus but how do you now me?" Sirus asked

"We stayed over your house this summer. Didn't we Harry?" Fred said looking and James

"I'm James," James said "and why were you at Sirus' house?"

"Because it is the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. Wait, did say James? Are you like, the dead James?" Fred asked

"You have some explaining to do." James said

And so James and Sirus explained the prank war and Fred and George explained the future to James and Sirus. Suddenly the materials appeared in front of them. James and Sirus had no idea what they were getting and this was what appeared in front of them.



Toilet paper

2 Marauder's Map

4 Wands

2 Invisibility Cloaks

2 Knives like Sirus'

A bucket of Slime

2 Bags of Acid pops

2 Bags of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

Cockroach Cluster

Love potion

Cool they all said. Then they decided that there would fifteen rounds and you had to do at least one prank a round. Also you got refills after every five pranks.

Then the decided to explain to each other who appeared on the map.