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Chapter Eleven

Revealed by a hint of a smile, a sweet intoxication over came her, leaving her breathless.

"You really think he's a competition?"

And Artemis was suddenly sure of her feelings, which were currently portrayed through her eyes. "Never." After a pause, he remembered something. "I believe you owe me something." Holly grinned, knowing exactly what he meant.

Kissing him was exciting, exhilarating, and new. He was not just new to kissing; he was new to her. Both were revealing a deeper side to the other, one neither knew existed. If Holly had had any doubts of this, they were swept away when his arms went around her. They fit together perfectly. It was right.

And so began their affair that would lead them to America and freedom.

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Celebrating wasn't the same with two members of their team missing. Holly and Artemis had both dropped out in favor of relaxing at home. Holly was, in part, still recuperating from the attack that had happened a week ago. Most of the group dispersed, except Brennan and Booth, who were currently sitting in silence.

"I thought about what you said," Brennan started.

Booth looked at her. "Oh?"

"You know how I mentioned earlier that Holly and Artemis remind me of someone?"

He nodded.

"They remind me of us," Brennan said softly. Booth knew exactly what she was implying; it was completely out in the open that Holly and Artemis were having an affair.

"And I keep wondering who it's going to be. Who is going to be the one to split us apart? Will it be some serial killer? Or will it be us, because I was too blind to see something that was right in front of me the whole time? You're right. I do run every time it gets serious. The only one I haven't run from is you." Brennan was talking quietly with her eyes staring straight down into her drink. Booth gently reached out and took her hand.

"Temperance," he whispered.

"Hold on, I'm not finished yet," she said. "I'm staying here, for you. But you have to be patient with me. You know I'm not very good with emotions. You—"

She was cut off when Booth leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. "Bones, I know you. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I told you that I love you. We will take this at your pace."

She smiled at him, knowing for once that her heart was safe in his hands. Armed with this knowledge, she leaned forward and kissed him.

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"You should write novels," Artemis complimented, as Holly completed her tale. His hand moved up and down her bare arm as she straddled his lap. They were at his apartment until forensics were done.

Her cherubic lips pulled into a pout. "You don't believe me."

He hesitated to admit this. "It's just a little odd."

"Then how do I know things? Your old bodyguard's name was Domovoi Butler. You don't like lollipops," she paused to think of more. "—and you believe there's something wrong with your birth certificate, because it says you were born three years earlier than is possible for your age, and had blue eyes." As she said this, her hand touched the cheek beneath his blue eye. "Your certificate is right, love. You used to have blue eyes. One of them is here," she continued, pointing to her blue eye.

"You keep talking about magic. Perhaps that's the key to my memories, if what you claim is true."

"Of course!" she exclaimed, agily jumping up and grabbing a kitchen knife.

Artemis sat up in alarm. "Holly—"

But it was too late, for there was a thin red line crossed her wrist, and blood was beginning to ooze out. She climbed back into place on his lap and blue and red sparks erupted from among the red. Artemis was suddenly taken into a vertigo of images. His head slumped against the pillow as he blacked out for a moment. It was much simpler for Artemis to regain his memories. He only had one portion of his life wiped, while Holly had had every single memory wiped. That, and Artemis already had gaps, sometimes days long, where he had no clue what had happened. Artemis had also heard the story from Holly, so all it took was the trigger, in this case magic, to cause his memories to quickly reinsert in his mind. When he opened his eyes for a moment, he wondered if he had gone cross-eyed. But he was looking at two different Holly's. One was the one he had forgotten. She was in the same place and had pointed ears. The other Holly was the curly-haired human he had solved the case with. As he watched, the pictures merged to form one. He could only hear himself whispering her name as if he had not drunk for days, and she was water. His face finally fell into his trademark smirk. "I told you I'd find you again."

"And Artemis Fowl always keeps his promises," Holly said, grinning ear to ear. She threw her arms around him, holding him close. Enemies, allies, friends, partners, lovers, one. Two halves of a whole, once together, inseparable.

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