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"I'll be sure to write you guys every day! Especially you, Haruhi!" Tamaki called as he left his freinds at the Host Club.

He was going on vacation in France since he hadn't been there in quite a few years. He had been wanting to go back so he was vacationing there for a few weeks. Although, he had to leave all his freinds behind, he'd be back soon enough.

Hikaru and Kaoru waved goodbye in unison. "Bye, boss! We'll try to keep things in order while you're gone." Tamaki looked down. "I have a feeling that their meaning of 'keeping things in order' doesn't mean anything good," he said to himself.

"Tama-chan! I made you a cake to eat on the way!" Hunny called and Mori brought a small box over to Tamaki. Tamaki smiled. "Thank you, Mori-sempai and Hunny-sempai!" he said. Hunny giggled and hugged his usa-chan.

Haruhi waved at him with a smile and Tamaki blushed, waving back. "Bye, sempai! Call everyone when you get there!" she said. Tamaki nodded. "Bye, dear daughter!" She stopped waving and smiling. "You just ruined it, sempai..." she mumbled.

"Time to go, Mr. Suoh." the limo driver said. Tamaki nodded to him and stepped inside the limo as it drove off to the airport. _

Once Tamaki had gotten on the plane, alone, he took out his ipod and turned it to his favorite songs, then layed back to take a nap as the plane took off, though, it was going to be a few minutes before the plane actually took off. But before it took off of the ground, somebody shook him awake. "Excuse me, sir, my seat is right here as well." that person said. Tamaki looked up and saw a man with long blonde hair looking down on him.

He took his headphones out of his ears and cleared off the seat beside him. "Very well Mr..." he said, asking the man's name. "Such a polite young man," the man said, sitting down, "My name is Francis Bonnefoy, but most people just call me France. Nice to meet you!" he said, holding his hand out. Tamaki smiled and took the man's hand. "I'm Tamaki Suoh. Pleasure." he said. "Is France some kind of nickname or something?" he asked.

France shook his head. "No, no, I really am France. It's difficult to understand, but I am France, the nation." he said. Tamaki just stared. "I honestly have no idea what that means." he said. "I am France. The nation, the country, France." France repeated. "So...you are...a nation, but a person at the same time?" Tamaki asked. France nodded.

"Ok, well, you never see that every day. I'm actually on my way to France right now." Tamaki said. France smiled. "Me too! Have you ever been to France?" he asked. "I was born there." Tamaki answered. France's eyes sparkled and he stood up, rose petals flying everywhere. "Ah, it's a wonderful day when you meet someone from your own country! Especially in France!" he said, overjoyed.

Tamaki stood as well, closed eyes, rose petals flying everywhere. "I am most deligthed to meet a man of your kindness!" he said.

People stared at the two blonde men as rose petals flew around the two. "Mommy, why are there rose petals everywhere?" a young boy asked his mother. His mother simply shook her head and watched the two men.

"Excuse me, gentlemen," a stewardess said, trying to get their attention. The two men turned around. "Please, this is an airplane, not a garden. Chill with the rose petals." she said and walked away. The petals stopped flying and the two men sat in their seats.

"Soooo...how long are you going to be in my country?" France asked. "A few weeks, I believe." Tamaki answered and stared out of the window. "Ah! You must allow me to show you some sights!" France said with joy.

"That would be wonderful!" Tamaki said as he turned off his phone, since phones weren't allowed to be on during the flight. France nodded and turned his phone off as well. "So, do you speak any French?" he asked Tamaki. "Oui, bien sûr que je fais. J'ai été le parler depuis que je suis plus jeune." (yes of course, I've been speaking it since I was young)) Tamaki said with a smile. "Though, it is easier just speaking my other language. I'm more used to it."

"Of course! I understand! Your French is very good for a person who's not been speaking it for a while," he said. Tamaki smiled. "I have missed living in France, but I had so many wonderful freinds in Japan. Especially one very special one." he said and reached into his bag, pulling out a picture of Haruhi.

"Is that your lover" France asked. Tamaki blushed. "I, uh, guess you could say that..." he said. France grinned. "Ah, young love is wonderful!" he said. More rose petals were flying everywhere. "Yeah...she's my daughter. I mean, not my real daughter, but I call her my daughter. I do love her a lot." Tamaki said.

"What a very beautiful girl that is too!" France grabbed the picture, gazing at Haruhi. "You seem like the type that is good at charming. Does she love you back?" France asked. Tamaki shrugged. "I honestly don't know. Most of the time she avoids me but sometimes can be really sweet to me." He said. "You two would make a lovely couple...with lovely children." he added with almost a smirk.

"Ch-children?" Tamaki asked. "Why of course! You cannot just be in love without making it, right?" France said. "But we're just teenagers!" Tamaki replied. "Age does not matter when you are speaking of love!" France said enthusiastically.

"Yes, but me and her would never do that any time soon!" Tamaki said. France sighed. "Fine. Suit yourself. But don't come whining to me when your relationship is horrible because you aren't giving the attention you should be to your Haruhi." Tamaki blushed a bit at the thought of he and Haruhi doing something like that.

He then imagined what Haruhi would say by the time it was over. He really couldn't. He didn't think Haruhi would ever do that with him. He sighed and stared out the window as the plane started going down the runway. "Oooh, we're moving!" France said excitedly.

Tamaki smiled and nodded and watched the window. "So why were you in Japan?" he asked. "Umm...let's just say me and a freind were 'visiting'" France said with a satisfied smile. Tamaki backed up a bit. "Ooookay, whatever you say." he said.

France chuckled a bit and started flirting with a girl in the seat behind. Tamaki laughed a bit and watched the scenery go by in the window as the plane lifted off the ground and into the air, out of Japan and farther and farther away from his Haruhi, and closer and closer with this flamboyant man.

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