His hand slid up my thigh, sending new waves of pleasure throughout my entire body and causing my fingers to knot in his hair. He smirked down at me, trailing kisses up my neck before crushing his lips against mine.

My legs wrapped around his waist then, pulling his body closer to mine. I bit my bottom lip when his hands caressed my breasts. Which were being covered only by my bra.

We both pulled away for air, staring into one another's eyes. His were glazed over with lust, but they still sparkled that brilliant blue color.

Our breathing was ragged and I ran my eyes down his body to admire the pleasant sight.

The muscles on his chest and stomach were glistening with sweat and the only article of clothing that clung to him were his boxers. His hair looked a mess and his lips were stretched into a grin. My emerald hues locked on his eyes again and I could see that he was looking over his settings as well.

I giggled, slightly pleased at the grin upon his face. He chuckled, low and rough as my cheeks were tinted a pink color. "You're beautiful." he murmured, stroking my cheek.

"Oh, Alvin," I whispered, feeling my face get hotter.

The sound of my alarm clock startled me awake and my eyes widened the second they opened.


I jumped at the sound of my baby sister's voice, then glanced at the clock on my night stand and saw it was almost time for school.

"Oh no!" I yelled, jumping out of bed and straight into my closet.

I heard someone come into my room then, and poked my head out to see who it was. Eleanor was standing in the door way snickering.

"I thought you were never going to wake up," she said between giggles "We were almost ready to leave without you."

"Sorry," I responded, snatching a purple skirt off its hanger and quickly - but carefully - slipped it into place.

I knew I wasn't going to be late. I was always the quickest to get ready out of the three of us, but I felt a little rushed and slightly confused. I could have sworn I set my alarm properly the previous night.

Oh well, it was Friday anyway.

Once I was all dressed, my teeth were brushed, and my hair was combed and pulled back into it's usual bun, we headed out to Brittany's white convertible. She'd always complained that she wanted pink, but white was the best she was going to get.

"Shot gun!" Eleanor called, hopping in the passanger seat.

Brittany stepped in the driver's seat and I, of course, crawled into the back.

Just as Brittany started to pull out we heard someone shout "Wait!"

All three of us turned our heads around to see Alvin and Theodore running toward us, only a few feet away now.

After finally reaching us, they were out of breath; Panting and holding their chests to steady themselves.

"Hurry up and get in," I heard my older sister snap at the two of them.

Theodore jumped in the far left of the back seat and Alvin in the middle "We're ready!" Alvin called, leaning back some.

Then Brittany picked up where she left off and slowly began backing out of the drive way, then proceeded onto the road.

"Where's Simon?" Eleanor asked after a moment, turning to face Theodore.

"He went in early to talk with one of his teachers," he explained "I think it had something to do with a project for the history fair."

Of course.

Once the missing Simon matter was resolved, Ellie and Theo got into another conversation about what they'd be cooking in their home economics class today.

I sat silently, staring out blankly. Alvin must have noticed this, because he suddenly stretched his arm around me.

"Spacing out again, Jean?" He asked in a playful tone, then I turned to look at him. Which just so happen to be a big mistake. The second I saw him, smirking at me, my cheeks flooded a deep red and I had to look away.

I was suddenly hit with a flashback of my dream the night before.

"Er, y-yeah." I replied, quickly turning back to the houses we were passing.

"Something the matter?" Alvin asked, and I could feel his eyes staring at me.

Thankfully, we arrived at school. "Uh," was all I could respond before gathering my books, jumping out of the car and running toward the school building.

I only stumbled once on my way to the front of the school, and I managed to catch myself before falling or dropping anything. Something rare for me to do.

I probably looked like a complete idiot.

Running away from him when all he did was ask me a simple question.

Last night was the first time I had ever dreamt about something so...steamy. Let alone about Alvin Seville.

I always knew he was a good looking boy, but of course I never did anything to capture his attention.

Not only was I painfully shy, but I was also a poor dresser, never wore make-up, didn't show much skin, and was very clumsy. In fact, I didn't do anything a 'normal girl' did. According to my older sister, that is.

Alvin was attracted to girls that were completely opposite from me. So, why on Earth I would have such a lustful dream about him I had no clue.

The bell rang for school to begin, immediately shaking me from my thoughts. I held my books tightly to my chest and hurried off to class, hoping I wouldn't have to face him again at all throughout the day.

Of course, I didn't get my wish. I knew I wouldn't, seeing as how he's in my first period.

The moment I walked in his eyes were glued to me. Obviously wondering what the heck my problem was from before.

What was I going to tell him?

'Sorry I acted to strangely before, Alvin. I had a sex dream about you and I couldn't bring myself to look at you without thinking about it.' ?

Yeah, that would definately work.

I took my seat, trying my best not to look in his direction. I never thought that would be so difficult, but gee wilikers was I wrong.

I had to occupy myself by drawing doodles all over my notebook. They weren't exactly art, but they sort of kept my mind off things. Until the bell for second period rang. The sudden sound made me jump.

Afraid he might want to know what was up with me, I sprang from my desk and bolted out of the room. The only problem with that was...I ran straight into Alvin.

"Oh!" I yelped, falling back onto the hard school floor.

Alvin blinked once, a little stunned to see me, but then he chuckled and it brought back the dream. My face flushed and I tucked a stray hair behind my ear.

"S-s-sorry," I stammered out stupidly, looking at my shoes.

"It's fine, Jeanette." He said cooly, grabbing my hand and hauling me up to my feet. I still couldn't look at him, so my eyes stayed on the floor while my right arm rubbed my left one slowly.

I saw him pick up the two books I had dropped then, and he handed them to me with a familiar grin on his face. It only made my blush deepen.

"Th-thanks, Alvin." I said as nice as I could then tried to rush out of there, but his hand stopped me.

"Whoa, whoa," he said, pulling me next to him. I winced, aware this was going to happen sooner or later.

"What's up with you, Jean?" He asked bluntly, staring at me, eye brow raised.

I swallowed loudly, still looking at the ground "Nothing is u-up."

Stop stuttering!

His finger was under my chin then, pushing my face up so that I had to look him in the eye.

"Seriously, Jeanette. Did I do something to upset you?"

"No!" I shouted, a little too quickly "I mean, no. You didn't do anything. It's me."

He studied my face and I could tell he wasn't convinced. Why couldn't he be more gullible like Theodore?

I twisted my face away from his gaze and bit down on my bottom lip, unsure of what to say next.

Alvin was still standing in front of me, completely engrossed in every move I made. But I nonchalantly looked up at the clock in the hallway, then breathed a sigh of relief.

"The bell is going to ring." I informed him, beginning to walk backwards. Not a very good idea for me, but I was anxious to get away.

"Damn," I heard him say under his breath, but then he suddenly smirked "We'll talk later."

I didn't say anything; just turned on my heel and headed for class. I shuddered to myself, knowing he wasn't going to forget about this anytime soon.

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