AN: This is jimxariel4everfan19 I was inspired by a youtube video by IfxYouxCanxDream and by Dirty Chiban 2 because of her story His Treasure. I love Ariel and Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet. I love this couple being together and I even did a comic about them. I know that Disney owns The Little Mermaid and Treasure Planet but I own my own copies of those DVDs. I know where this is going and please be nice this is my first fanfic. Enjoy.


Under the vast oceans, where pods of whales would glide, hidden treasure within the shipwrecks, hungry killer sharks that would take a bite out its pray, sea anemone of every shape and color, that if you touch it would shrink into itself, but there are creatures that you have never begin to imagine, and they are known as

The door swung into the bedroom of the young montressian who was caught reading past his bedtime by his mother who was wearing her favorite fuchsia colonial nightgown. " James Pleiades Hawkins!" Yelled his mother. The young montressian quickly closed his book with a 'BVOOOOM' try to look as innocent as he could be. "I thought you were asleep an hour ago." His mother would always tuck him to bed every night but every night she would catch him after she tucked him in. It was also the same book every night.

"But mom I was getting to the best part." Whined the young montressian as he pulled his favorite book close to his chest. "Please?" as he begged with his puppy dog eyes.

His mother knowing that he loved the book very much she let him win. "Oh can those eyes get any bigger?" sarcastically said his mother. So she decided to sit with her son to his favorite book…again. "Skooch over." She said as she curled up to her son, while he was opening to his favorite place in the book.

You have never begin to imagine, and they are known as Atlantians, or as we know them today merpeople, they are like us you and I except they have fins and are able to breathe underwater.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" they said in unison, then her son turned the page.

But this creature is like a merperson but more beautiful, also elegant with an angelic voice that touches the hearts of men.

"The Mermaid." Said the young montressian and the book in unison. The mother knew the book was over and this time she hoped her son would go to sleep for once. "How do you think merpeople did it mom?" asked the young montressian as he climbed the headboard of his bed. As he jumped off the headboard his mother stretch her arms out to try to catch him before he fell down he asked, "How they breathe underwater and avoid the hungry sharks?" as he snuck into the covers.

"I have no idea." The mother said. She then grasped his waist and tugs him to her. Then gave her son a belly kiss creating a wet noise. When she did this her son laughed filled with joy. "Ok now its time for this little spacer to go to sleep." She said as she tucks him into bed. "Do you think anyone will find a mermaid?" asked the young montressian in curiosity. "Sweetie I think it's more…like a legend." The mother replied. But wanting to prove her wrong he whined, "I know their real." Not wanting to make him sad she said, "Ok you win their real." She kissed his forehead good night. "Nighty-Night mom." He said. "Nighty-Night sweetheart. I love you." She replied as she stood in the doorway. "I love you too." He replied. His mother closed the door and went back to her bedroom. Then the young montressian got under his covers and open his favorite book again for a second time that night.

Under the vast oceans, where pods of whales would glide…

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