Ok everyone here is the final chapter of my favorite couple.

Chapter 9

The Happy Ending

It was morning; Ariel swam towards shore to find Jim collapsed. She plopped herself on a rock and looked at him. Jim woke up and found his mermaid staring at him sadly. Jim looked down and knew why she was sad. The red head didn't have legs anymore but Jim looked at the mermaid and smiled. He found the girl of his dreams and he fell in love with her.

From afar King Triton and Sebastian found Ariel, the sea king saw his daughter sigh sadly and she was looking at the human longingly. "She really does love him, doesn't she, Sebastian?" Asked King Triton in caring tone. The red crab nodded and knew not all humans were bad as they are. He had to tell that Ariel was not a little girl anymore. "Well, it's like I always say, Your Majesty. Children got to be free to lead their own lives." Said Sebastian and looked up to make sure he didn't upset the sea king. "You - always say that?" Asked the sea king in suspious tone. The red crab laughed at this knowing that he said the right thing at the right time. The sea king looked at his daughter and thought 'I know what I have to do.' King Triton sighed and said, "Then I guess there's just one problem left." The red crab wanted to know what was the problem. "And what's that, Your Majesty?" Asked Sebastian. The sea king finally said, "How much I'm going to miss her." The red crab looked up at the King Triton and was surprised that the sea king was going to let his youngest daughter go. He placed the trident on the sea's surface and pointed towards Ariel. The ripples were giving a golden glow and went towards the red head mermaid. When the ripples reach Ariel, her tail began to glow. Ariel saw a light around her wander what it was. She looked down at her tail and saw that it was starting to form into legs. Ariel looked up at her father and Sebastian smiled and thought, 'Thank you Daddy.' The sea king looked at his daughter and smiled knowing that she will be happy with the one she loves. The red crab was happy as well. Ariel jumped into the water and Jim was confused at this. 'What in the world?' he thought.

Jim saw Ariel coming out of the sea and she had glittering light blue dress. She had legs again and was walking towards him. Jim smiled and ran towards her. He then lifted her up and spun her around. He let her down and rested his forehead against hers. Ariel looked up at Jim and said, "I love you, Jim Hawkins." Jim smiled that Ariel loved him and he wanted to do something for a long time. He put his right hand on her cheek and started to caress it. He then lean in towards the red head and his lips were on hers. Ariel tipped her head and closed her eyes. She put her hands to his chest and giving to Jim's kiss. Jim broke the kiss and said, "I love you too, Ariel." Ariel smiled and pulled Jim for another kiss. He returned the kiss and put his arms around her waist.

A certain cyborg yelled, "Hey yous two, get a room!" Jim and Ariel broke the kiss and found Silver watching the whole show. B.E.N saw this and yelled, "Don't mind us!" Jim looked at his red head and looked at his father figure. "Who asked you to watched Silver?" Yelled the cabin boy. Jim got Silver there and the cyborg shrugged. Ariel put her arms around Jim's waist and hugged him. "Don't worry, I'll look after him." Said Ariel in a sly tone. Jim looked back at Ariel and said, "How about we go on a ride on my solar windsurfer and head out to the lagoon?" As pulled her close to his chest. Ariel smiled and said, "I love to." Jim grabbed her hand and they ran off together.

7 years later…

There was a huge wedding and everyone at the Inn was invited. They all boarded the ship and were sited. Amelia and Delbert had four children, three of them were daughters and one was a son. B.E.N was appointed to assistant chef because of the effort he put into the wedding. He was also Jim's best man…well, robot. Sarah Hawkins had her hair done and wore a light purple dress. Silver had his black coat and hat on. He was going to be the one to tie the knot. Jim had his haircut and wore a suit. He was waiting for his soon to be wife. (AN: It's the suit he wore at the end of Treasure Planet.) Everyone was quieted down when they saw Ariel in a white gown with a white vale covering her face. She held a light blue roses bouquet. She walked down the aisle to where Jim was standing waiting for her. When she reached where her love was, the old scallywag cyborg asked the final questions to soon to be newly weds. "James Pleiades Hawkins, do you take this young woman to be your wife?" Jim looked at Ariel, smiled, and said, "I do." Silver asked Ariel, "Ariel, do you take this young man to be your husband?" Ariel almost tears up and choked. She sniffled and said, "I do." They both exchange rings and looked at each happily. Silver was happy as well and said, "I now prounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Jim lifted Ariel's vale, cupped her cheeks with both hands, and kissed her.

Morph got in between the newly weds and licked their cheeks. Everyone clapped and cheered for them. B.E.N then said, "I promised myself I wasn't going to cry but…" He then burst to oily tears. Amelia and Delbert were happy to see newly weds. 'They are going to be a great family.' Thought Amelia. Ariel threw the bouquet into the air and Sarah caught it. Sarah looked at Silver and the cyborg looked at Jim with a nervous face. Jim gave the scallywag a shrug and wished him luck. Silver gave his mother a slight hug and smiled at her.

King Triton lifted himself up to see his daughter. Ariel looked at her father and gave him a goodbye hug. "I love you Daddy."

~Now we can walk,~

Ariel let go of her father and turned to see her husband. Jim saw the sea king and bowed.

~Now we can run,~

King Triton knew that his daughter was going to be happy for the rest of her life.

~Now we can stay all day in the sun.~

The sea king had to go because of his duties. Ariel blew her father a kiss and Jim grabbed her arm with his.

~Just you and me,~

The newly weds waved everyone goodbye as they hopped on the solar windsurfer.

~And I can be,~

The sea king used his trident to make a rainbow and the newly weds blasted off.

~Part of your world.~

Jim and Ariel looked at each other and kissed happily. Knowing that they will be happy for rest of their lives.

That's the end and I have a request from Anna Maria Sekera Ortiz to make a new story for this lovely couple. Until then my friends