I'll make this brief since my profile description kind of explains a lot of this. I will not be updating THIS story… but read on for an explanation.

I wrote this story with every intention of finishing it, then I had some life circumstances come up and I lost my muse. Over the years, I came back to it… reading reviews, accepting criticisms (both in the reviews and my own personal criticisms) and I came to love parts of the story and hate other parts.

As a writer, one of the pieces of advice I've heard most often is "Just write." Just keep writing… just keep swimming… you catch the drift. So, once the muse came back, I started writing and I ended up rewriting almost the whole story. There are flavors of the original in the new one, some scenes even transferred over well, but it just felt better. I've grown a lot, my world view has changed some, I got better at characterization at some points and wittier at others. Am I saying I'm a world class writer? God no. I still struggle… I struggled even to post this but I figure why not? It's written, someone might as well read it.

I guess you could say I fan-fictioned my own work.

Anyway, the rewrite is posted and in progress for those following and those who liked it. I have a TON of chapters done, but I also have muses dancing in my head for several other stories and sometimes the writing fights me. So, I cannot promise a consistent update but I'm aiming for at least one chapter every 2 weeks. I also do not have a beta so I am editing this all on my own… please be gentle when it comes to that (unless there is something glaringly bad then please let me know. I am still learning, as we all are no matter our age or ability).

Enjoy, AK