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Chapter One/We meet… now what?

Naruto tossed and turned as the sunlight hit her face. Then she heard her aunt's voice echo thru the air. "Sasuke is Naruto up yet?"

"Hang on I'll go and check." Sasuke said

Naruto grounded as she could hear his footsteps hit the floor. Sasuke opened his cousin's door.

"Naruto are you up yet?" he asked, all he got back was a groan from a lump wrapped in blankets.

He rolled his eyes. He walked up to the bed and shook the bed until Naruto poked her head out of the covers.

"Damn you Sasuke. I I am awake now." Naruto screamed at him

"Good you have 10 minutes to get ready for school then. Hurry up to I don't want to miss the bus cause of you." Sasuke said as he left the room and shut the door closed.

'Kami what did I do to deserve this?' Naruto thought.

The only reason Naruto was here was that her parents died when she was just born. She was placed with her God Father Iruka.

She loved Iruka as her Father, Iruka wasn't married yet so Naruto was pleased with her life. But Iruka had to go on a businesses trip for a whole three months. Iruka didn't like the idea of leaving his daughter alone for three months.

So he asked his sister if Naruto could stay with her for that time.

And that landed Naruto here, living with her two boy cousins.

Sasuke and Itachi.

Naruto got up from her bed or Sasuke's. Sasuke had been badgering her for 3 weeks that she stole his room and now he had to sleep in one of the guest rooms for 3 months. Naruto would have gladly stayed in one of the guest rooms. But her aunty wanted Naruto to have her own bathroom.

Naruto didn't real mind school, expect for the fact she wasn't like everyone else.

For example she didn't have many girl friends expect for Hinata the shy girl in her class. Ino, Saukra and Ten Ten and Temari, wouldn't give Naruto the time of day. Naruto thought she had done something wrong but Hinata later filled her in that they were jealous that she was living with Sasuke. Seeing that she could make any other girl friends beside Hinata. Naruto began to befriend the guys in her class.

Hinata introduced her to Kiba her Boyfriend, then Kiba introduced Naruto to Shino, Choji, Shikamaru and Rock lee and Neji.

Turns out, they are cousin. She at first couldn't believe it till Kiba pointed out the last name and their face features.

Shino collected bugs and would ask her to help him find some new bugs.

Naruto and Shino hadn't told anyone else but they had already met years ago in pre-k. Naruto befriend Shino because he seemed lonely by himself collecting bugs during recess. So Naruto started to talk to him and hung out with him. He even beat up some kids who picked on Naruto's cause of the whiskers on her face. Naruto asked him If she was ugly because of that and if she would ever be loved. Shino promised her that one day she would find love. It was a child's promise but a child's promise stays with you forever. Few years later Naruto moved away and never saw Shino till now .Also, it turned out the guys had their own garage band at Shino's home. Choji was the drummer, Shino the bassist, Kiba the guitarist and Hinata was second guitarist. Shikamaru was too lazy to do anything expect critic the guys song. Neji had no part in it. For he was part of the student council. And Lee was too busy with his martial arts to join the band. They begged Naruto to sing for them. Since no wanted too and that they heard her voice once when they were practicing. She sang so well that they swear Choji didn't open a bag of chips for the whole time she sang. So now, she had friends and they had a singer. They were suppose to practice yesterday but they cancelled at the last minute because Choji had a family reunion and with no drummer no practice.

She pulled her tank off and p.j pants too and threw them in the hamper. She slipped on jeans and put on her orange Roxy top. Then she pulled a big orange sweater on top. Next, she slipped on her old pair of chucks. She grabbed her messenger bag and walked out the room. She nearly bumped into Sasuke. "Whoa." Naruto said.

"Well at least your ready come-on let's go." Sasuke said as he walked away and to the door. He opened the door and followed her out. They began to walk down to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. It was mid Oct. So it wasn't so cold. Naruto kept her head down.

'How can I go back to that building? Not with him there.' Naruto's face began to blush up at the though of last night.

Naruto being a bookworm decided to stay after school yesterday to finish a book in peace without Sasuke interrupting her.

Naruto walked in the library and dropped her bag on to a table. She pulled a chair out and sat down. Then she opened her bag and took out her book. It was a romance novel of vampires, for that reason alone she didn't want to read it at home where Sasuke could find it. Naruto pulled the book to her face. The Liberian had gone home ten minutes ago. The Liberian came to trust Naruto over time since Naruto was always there and quite so, she let Naruto have her own key. But she had to promise not to tell anyone that she had a key and to lock up after she was done. Naruto agreed to the terms. Anything to be away from Sasuke.

She had barely begun to turn the page when someone came in. That's when he came in. Kakashi Hatake the new student teacher. He wore a scarf over the bottom half of his face, and one of his eyes was covered with his hair. Which left him all mysteries like. So all the single girls in the school had a crush on him. Well everyone but Naruto. She was to busy studying too look up at the world. She looked up and saw him go and grab a stack of papers from the checkout counter. Naruto kept quite and watched the man. 'He's not bad.' He was dressed in a suit. He ran his fingers thru his sliver hair and looked at his watch. It wasn't till he turned around and saw the blonde girl.

"Ah. What are you doing here? School's out." He said walking up to her. 'He' s coming this way.'

Naruto looked at him and went back to her book. 'Okay his cute, so what.'

"Look you have to go home." Kakashi said a little annoyed of her lack of respect toward him.

Naruto looked at him straight in the eyes. Kakashi was shocked of the color blue in her eyes. Anyone could have gotten lost in her blue orbs. 'Those eyes where I have seen them before…'

"Actually sir I don't. I have permission from Ms. Tsunade to be in here." Naruto said before pulling the book back to her face. Kakashi was really now losing temper with this girl.

He stretched his hand out and pulled the book down from here face.

"Listen girl-"

"My name is Naruto."

"Listen Naruto why don't you go home and hang with your girlfriends." Kakashi said with a smile.

"But sir I am not a lesbian." Naruto said in a smart tone looking at him with innocence.

"That's not what I meant. I mean a girl who is your friend-" Kakashi stopped talking because they could hear lots of yelling and footsteps echo thru the hall. Kakashi quickly hid behind a bookcase. Naruto was about to ask why he was hiding till she heard knocking on the library door. Naruto got up, went to the door, and saw Ino and Saukra.

Naruto opened the door. "Yes?" She asked. Ino and Saukra were both wearing mini skirts and low v-neck tops. 'What kind of school wear is that? 'Naruto thought to her self as she examined her orange cargo pants and black t-shirt with her old pair of converse.

"Hey new girl have you seen Mr. Hatake lately?" Ino asked.

The light bulb just clicked why a student teacher was hiding behind the bookcase. Should I tell them where he is or save his ass? Naruto thought. "Actually I saw him going to the parking lot two minutes ago. His probably gone home… to his girlfriend." Naruto added for dramatic effect.

"His girlfriend? He doesn't have a girlfriend. And how would you know? "Saukra said with pig snort.

"On my way here he dropped some papers. I helped him pick them up. We got to talking about the history lesson. Then he saw what time it was and said Oh I better get home soon or my girlfriend will get mad for me being late again." Naruto said with a smirk.

"What he told you! Never mind come on Saukra." Ino said and they left with a huff.

Naruto shut the door. And went back to the bookcase where Kakashi was.

"There gone now. But I would wait a few minutes then leave." Naruto said and then walked back to her table and picked her book up again. Kakashi got up and walked over to the table where Naruto was and sat next to her.

"Naruto?" Kakashi said.

"Yes?" Naruto answered while trying to read her book again for the fifth time.

"Thanks for saving me back there." Kakashi said.

"Sure no problem." Naruto said still reading her book.

"I came in here to try and escape them so I was a little startled when I saw you. I thought you were one of them."

Naruto placed her book down. And looked at Kakashi in the eyes again. "Sir you don't owe me anything. So you can go home now." Naruto said a little pissed off. At this rate, she was never going to find out if Alex kisses Gwen.

"What can't we talk?" he asked with an invisible smile.

"Sure lets say tomorrow in history. I just really want to finish this chapter." Naruto said as she was about to grab her book. When Kakashi snatched it and took it to his own hands.

"Wait no give it back to me." Naruto said and reached over to grab it from him. Kakashi stood up since Naruto couldn't reach him while he stood. Naruto quickly got on top of the table and tried to get her book back. But it was too late Kakashi had already read the title. "Icha Icha Paradise vampire edition? Are you a little too young to be reading this Naruto?" Kakashi said I amused. He had never met a sixteen year old who read or let alone owned Icha Icha Paradise book.

"Tah give that back." Naruto whined. Kakashi stepped back leaving the blonde standing on the table. He opened to the page Naruto was on. He quickly scanned the page, and then looked up at the terrified blonde.