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Chapter 25/ Ballroom Blitz

Naruto tried to take small breaths instead of deep ones. She didn't want to give away the fact she was out of breath. 'We pulled it off! Holy crap!' Naruto bent down and grabbed her bottle of punch and took a long swig. She quickly placed it back down. She turned to see that Hinata pulled her phone out and handed it to Naruto. A few student council members came onto stage. A boy was holding a basket of goodies with the Electric Forest tickets. And another boy was pushing a small cart holding the king and queen crowns with Neji walking up behind him.

Naruto spoke into the mic, "Thank you. Thank you, welcome back to the final half of the dance. It's 10 pm and we have one hour left to jam. I have a few announcements before we play for the rest of the night. Now I have the results for the raffle of tonight's fundraiser. Tonight's winner of the electric forest package is…" Choji began a drum roll. Naruto looked down at the phone and read the name off with a smile "Tai Kamiya, congratulations dude!"

The crowd clapped for the lucky senior boy. Tai was the soccer captain who currently had the team on the road to the State Finals. He came up stage and took the basket presented to him with the biggest smile. Yearbook took a few snaps with a bright flash.

"I wonder who gets to go to with Tai?" Naruto joked to the crowd earning laughs and wolf whistles. The two student council boys walked with Tai off stage. Then at that point Neji and Hinata came forward holding the crowns.

"Drumroll!" Naruto yelled to build up the suspension with the crowd. She smiled and looked back down at the phone screen, "Now this years homecoming King with 112 likes on his photo is Sai Yamanaka!"

The crowd cheered as a spotlight found the senior in the crowd. He smiled softly and waved as he walked towards the stage. Hinata walked to him with the King's crown. Given that Sai was a foot taller, Sai bent down so she could reach. Hinata placed the metal shinny crown on his head. More claps came from the student body and the bright flash from Yearbook beamed across the stage. Naruto noted that Sai was wearing a very tight expensive looking black suit showing off his body. He looked so fresh and clean unlike the rest of the sweaty teens.

'My God! How does this guy look like a model! Like he doesn't even have to try!' she thought internally and looked back down at the phone screen, "Homecoming queen with 102 likes on her photo is…" Naruto stopped speaking because she saw her name.

Neji spoke into the microphone as Naruto held it, "Homecoming queen is Naruto Uzumaki!".

Neji placed the crown on her head with a smile. Naruto looked to her friends confused she didn't submit a picture. Sai stood next to her and smiled. As the yearbook people took pictures. Neji took the microphone from Naruto's hand and spoke, "Naruto and Sai will lead us in with a dance as Homecoming King and Queen."

'We what?' Naruto screamed internally.

Sai grabbed her hand and pulled Naruto down towards the steps that lead offstage. Naruto's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as she looked back to the stage for help. Kiba walked to the center of stage.

'This shouldn't be happening!' she thought.

Kiba's voice began to fill the air, "The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting."

Naruto could tell Kiba was trying his best to fill her spot. Naruto was frozen. So Sai pulled her into his arms and began to dance with her in the middle of the dance floor. He brought his head down to her ear and whispered, "Can you relax and remove that petrified look. I know the yearbook is taking pictures. And I really don't want it to look like you are scared of me."

"Okay sorry. I just wasn't ready for this. I didn't even submit a picture." Naruto whispered back coming to Earth.

"Because tonight will be the night I will fall for you." Kiba tried to stay on pitch. Slowly the couples began to dance all around them. Forcing them into tighter into quarters. Naruto's dress fluttered as Sai danced with her.

"Really?! When you have a moment, you should look at it. Great pose and lighting, hell I even voted for it." Sai chuckled as he slowly twirled her.

"Isn't your date upset? That she isn't Queen with you?" Naruto was confused about Sai.

"Naruto…I was just dancing. I have been dancing with many girls. But now I'm having fun with you. My queen." he smirked as Naruto rolled her eyes. They swayed around the dance floor as the strobe light moved around the room.

"You know right now that crown looks like a halo on your head." Sai said into her ear.


"Okay Yearbook is coming closer for that good snapshot. You ready?"

"For what?", Before Naruto could get a response back. Sai pulled her in close into his hold and click click click click click sounds surrounded them. Sai planted a kiss on her forehead. Naruto couldn't believe what was happening.

"Perfect." he smiled to her.

"May I cut in." a voice said to them. Naruto looked and saw her savior was Gaara.

"Why yes. Farrell my queen." Sai moved and gave Naruto's hand to Gaara. Suddenly a group of girls were surrounding Sai to finish dancing the song with him.

"OMG thanks. What just happened? I didn't post any picture for the homecoming race." Naruto shriek whispered as Gaara slow dance with her.

"No you didn't. However Lee found it and showed it to me. I don't know who…but someone took a picture of us dancing and entered you."


"Yes it blew up fast. You caught up in the race to beat Sakura and three seniors and one freshman by 7 votes basically." Gaara informed her.

Naruto groaned at the thought of her dancing being caught on photo.

"Don't be upset."

"I mean I'm not… I'm just numb… I don't know how to feel."

"Well be happy you guys are doing a great job performing. Kids are saying you guys are making this the best dance ever." Gaara said in attempts to cheer up the blonde.

"Oh well that's good."

Kiba finished the ballad, "One more round of applause to the king and queen."

The students clapping filled the gym. "Thanks Gaara. I gotta run." Naruto pushed through the crowd and climbed back on stage. Kiba stepped back to his spot and Naruto went back to the center position. She felt ridiculous wearing the tiara and the weight of it felt even heavier now that she was on stage.

"Thank you. Well that was unexpected. But Kiba did a great job. Let's keep the couple's on the dance floor with this next hit." Naruto smiled. She let Choji bring them in with the beat, "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older." Naruto started singing causing the kids to sway and partner up. The teens danced slowly across the dance floor. "Then we wouldn't have to wait so long." Naruto was desperately trying to regain her composure. She then felt someone staring at her she looked to her left and saw Gaara standing there on stage wings. He gave her a nod. Naruto realized that she need to get her crap in order.

'This is no different than playing in the garage.' she thought herself internally.

Back at the end of the gym Akno and Kurenai went back to their spots. Kakashi and Orochimaru were trying to bring Ibiki back into life. He was sitting on gym floor with the other two guys standing by him.

"Those kids didn't have to copy those dance steps." he huffed as he hung his head low in shame.

"Claim down Ibiki. It's okay you don't have to go back out there. You can just yell at them from here like Kakashi and I." Orochimaru said as he handed Ibiki a cup of punch.

"I mean come on… all that thrusting with-"

"Stop drink and calm your nerves Ibiki!" Ibiki obliged him and took a sip.

"Better?" Orochimaru asked.

"Yeah thanks."

Kakashi looked back to the stage and saw Naruto finishing up the cover of the Beach Boys song. They started to play another slow ballad.

"This tastes pretty good for high school punch." Ibiki said as he stared into the cup.

"That's right focus on other things. There, there." Orochimaru patted the man on the back.

"Kakashi stay with him till he's better. I'm going to go back to monitoring the floor. The slow songs can lead to some pretty intense PDA." Orochimaru grimaced and left the area. Kakashi nodded as the older man disappeared.

Ibiki looked at him, "Hey taste this punch. Its got an after taste."

"Ibiki, I know what punch tastes like."

Ibiki gave him a look at that screamed 'just take a freaking sip of it'. Kakashi rolled his eyes and took the cup.

"Yup tastes like regular old punch. You know the student council was pouring in a fresh batch. They asked if I wanted some of the fresh stuff. I told them no, that I would just take the little bit that was left in the bowl. If I knew you were so picky, I would have gotten you the fresh cold punch." Kakashi said.

Ibiki chuckled, "Well I guess… I just must be crazy. I thought it tasted like something else."

Kakashi took another sip, "It still tastes like punch nothing different."

"Okay. I think I'm good now. Let's get back to monitoring these punks." He said as he felt a 2nd wind of energy hitting.

Gaara had been watching the band perform "The Time Warp" from gym wall. He made up his mind that after Kaya declined Elly Mae offer of him as a dance partner. He would watch the band preform from the gym wall. Ellly Mae invited him to dance but he declined. When he saw Naruto's face of confusion as she was crowned. He decided to safe her from Sai by cutting in. Once Naruto went back to the stage, Gaara climbed up the stage side steps and stayed put watching the band from the side lines. Gaara poked the curtain apart a little and saw that in the back of the gym wall was three teachers Ibiki, Coach Orochimaru and the student teacher Kakashi. Gaara chuckled as he could see that Ibiki looked dead. He had been in the middle of the dance floor being caught by kids thrusting. Gaara had seen the whole thing go down and mused to himself, ' Maybe that will teach you to stay away from the red zone.' Gaara turned his attention back to the band as they were finishing their rendition of Maroon 5 latest hit.

Shikamaru tapped him on the shoulder, "Hey have a chair if you're going to watch from here." he offered him a folding chair.

"Oh thanks."

"Dude I was a little scared when one of my roadies said that a guy was hiding on the stage wing. But then they said it was a redhead. Figured it had to be you. Well enjoy. I gotta get back to the sound booth." Shikamaru walked away. Gaara watched for the next hour song after song. The band was hitting their limit. Shino had rolled up his shirt sleeves and loosened his tie like Kiba. Choji was very flushed in the face. Naruto was sweating and red. Hinata though still looked good, but she didn't feel as good. She would never complain. Soon the night was getting towards the end. They had time for one last jam.

Naruto spoke to the crowd, "Okay! One last request for all you awesome dancers. I think this homecoming dance needs a dance off to end the night! I need all the seniors and juniors on the left side of the gym and I need all the sophomores and freshmen on the right side!" Naruto ordered her schoolmates. Clicks of shoes and shuffles of people moving to their correct sides. Whispers of confusion and excitement filled the air. Naruto looked back to see if everyone was ready.

"Are you ready Choji?" "Uh huh." he replied. "Shino?" She asked. "Yo." he said.

"Hinata?" "Yeah!" "Kiba?" "Okay." "All right fellas let's GO!" Naruto shouted.

"Oh it's been getting so hard. Living with the things you do to me. My dreams are getting so strange. I'd like to tell you everything I see." Naruto sang as she moved across the stage. The sea of students were bopping and moving along to the classic hit from the 80s. Naruto could see all of the teachers leaning against the back wall. ' Should I…?' She had a mischievous thought.

Kakashi and Ibiki decided since the dance was almost done they could hang in the back of the gym. Anko, Ibiki, Kurenai, Ebisu, and Orochimaru found them.

"Well looks like we are almost done." Akno grinned.

"We did a sweep of the cafeteria and bathrooms. Seems like everyone is in here." Ebisu said still not liking how loud it was in the gym. As Naruto called the students to a dance off.

"They are going to do a dance off?" Kurenai asked surprised.

"Yeah these kids are just pulling shit from left field." Ibiki grunted.

"I wonder what they will play next? They better not put some bumping and grinding stuff on." Orochimaru said not willing to put up with anymore.

Kakashi kept quite as he chuckled internally at his coworkers. They watched as the students moved across the dance floor to be uppers verses lower classmen. Soon the beat started to come through the amps.

"Wait- I know this." Anko said with a grin as Naruto started to roll call the band mates.

"The Sweet use to play this." Orochimaru said causing the rest of them to stare at him. "What! I am not that old, I listen to rock." He said insulted. They then heard Naruto sing, "Oh, I see a man in the back as a matter of fact. Wearing all black." A the male teachers stiffened up as they could feel Naruto staring right at them.

"His eyes was as GOLD as the sun." Orochimaru's eye twitched. "And the girl in the RED that no one ignores. 'Cause she thinks she's the passionate one." Kurenai stopped playing with her necklace. Naruto was straight up calling them out!

"Oh yeah! It was like lightning. Everybody was frightening .And the music was soothing. And they all started grooving. Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah" She finger pointed at them as she sang.

"ONLY UPPERCLASSMEN DANCE!" Naruto shouted to the left side of the gym. Quickly all the seniors and juniors started to pump out any dance moves they had.

"And the man in the back said, "Everyone attack". And it turned into a ballroom blitz And the girl in the corner said, "Boy I want to warn you". It'll turn into a ballroom blitz Ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz!" Naruto smiled and moved around stage to Shino. "EVERYONE DANCE!"

"Oh reaching out for something. Touching nothing's all I ever do." She leaned into him. "Oh I softly call you over. Then you appear there's nothing left of you." She sang to him with a grin and she twirled around and moved back to center stage. She stared dead at the back wall.

"And the man in the back is ready to crack!" Kakashi about fell over as Naruto shimmed to the crowd. "As he raises his hands to the sky." Naruto leaned back and reached up for the sky. Causing her chest to pop. Kakashi really almost fell this time. "And the girl in the corner is everyone's mourner. She could kill you with a wink of her eye." Akno felt that jab deep. As Naruto slide down on her knees like it was the 80s.

"Oh yeah! It was electric! So frantically hectic! And the band started leaving!" Naruto then laid flat on the floor and turned her face to the crowd. "Cause they all stopped breathing. Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah!" Naruto slowly got back up.

"ONLY THE LOWER CLASSMEN DANCE!" She shouted to the right side of the gym.

"And the man in the back said, "Everyone attack". And it turned into a ballroom blitz And the girl in the corner said, "Boy I want to warn you". It'll turn into a ballroom blitz Ballroom blitz" Naruto smiled as the freshmen and sophomore's tried hard to whip, bop, and dance any moves they had.

"Oh yeah! It was like lightning .Everybody was frightening. And the music was soothing. And they all started grooving. Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah!"

"EVERYONE DANCE!" she shouted back to both sides of the gym. Now all the classes were moving and grooving as hard as they could.

"And the man in the back said, "Everyone attack". And it turned into a ballroom blitz. And the girl in the corner said, "Boy I want to warn you". It'll turn into a ballroom blitz Ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz, ballroom blitz" Naruto sang as she danced around not giving a damn. "GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!" She demanded from the crowd.

"It's, it's a ballroom blitz. It's, it's a ballroom blitz. It's, it's a ballroom blitz. Yeah, it's a ballroom blitz" Naruto hit that last note triumphantly.

Shikamaru then ordered the curtains to close on the band. Claps filled the air as the gym lights came back on.

"We did it!" Naruto fell back flat on the floor. She felt the exhaustion of the night hit her.

"Naruto are you okay?" Shino asked as he set his bass guitar down onto its stand.

"Yup! Just taking it all in." Naruto softly smiled then she closed her eyes and laid on the floor.

"Gaara! What did you think of us?" Hinata asked as she put her guitar down. Naruto opened her eyes and looked up.

"Good. You guys did good. That last song was…"

"Wild?" Kiba suggested as he leaned against an amp.

"Yeah. That's a good word." Shino said as he untucked his shirt.

"Naruto you were really hamming it up on stage." Choji said as he wiped the sweat from his hair line.

"Yeah. I don't know why, I just felt brave." She laughed and then stretched her sore legs. Naruto then lifted her legs up in the air. The boys all saw the dress fall flat, expose Naruto's legs and YUP, all of them turned red in the face and look away in any direction.

"NARUTO DRESS!!!" Hinata shouted as she felt embarrassed.

"Ahhh! SORRY. I FORGOT." Naruto quickly got up and straighten her dress out. A blush covered her face. A silence fell over the group. Shikamaru then appeared from the right side of the stage.

"Good job guys. We impressed a lot of people." He clapped as he came into view. He then saw that everyone was quite and red in the face. "What happened?" he asked.

The crowd of students cheered and whistled and clapped. Neji walked up in front of the curtain as the gym lights came back on.

"Thank you students. We hope you guys enjoyed the Homecoming dance. Please exit the gym in a safe manner. Please drive home safe. Students waiting on rides please wait in the main entrance for your ride. Principle Asuma will be there making sure everyone gets home. Thank you and have a safe night." Neji said with a bow. The students then began to walk out of the gym. The teachers were all mute on what just happened. The dance was over. Neji and the student council began to take down all the decor that had only been put up a few hours ago.

"I want this place cleaned up quickly and all things loaded into the appropriate totes!" Neji ordered as he walked around to make sure that the student council members heard him and took him seriously. "Yes Mr. President." The members replied to him. As the last of the students left the gym. Neji took in the sight of cups on the floor, tables were moved all about, table cloths were wrinkled up. 'This will be a lot of work to be done.' he thought. Neji then noted that the band wasn't coming out from behind the curtain. ' Ah those fools better be packing up. I don't have time for dilly dally. Hinata promised me that cleanup would go smoothly.' Neji grumbled as he power walked over to the stage. As he came into view he was happy to see the band putting away their instruments. Choji and Shikamaru were taking care of his drum kit. Shino was unplugging the mics and Hinata and Naruto were wrapping up all the cords. Kiba was carefully placing the guitars into cases. Gaara was folding the mic stands. Kiba noticed Neji first.

"It's the president." he announced with a smirk. Everyone in the group stopped moving in their tracks. Hinata was the only one to smile at her cousin.

"Thank you guys for acting fast with cleanup procedures. I'm a little embarrassed because I thought I would find you…well goofing around. I can see I'm mistaken. My cousin Hinata was true to her word. I'll send my freshman staff to help you guys load up the heavy stuff." Neji said apologetically and walked away. Everyone was confused with what just happened.

"See guys… Neji is nice." Hinata giggled.

"Wow he apologized." Naruto said knowing that wouldn't happen again. She then spotted Shikamaru's two helpers on the stage wing.

"Kobe and Sean this way." Shikamaru said causing the rest of the teens notice the two freshmen standing by. "Hinata and Naruto. This is Kobe and Sean our helpers from tonight. They can't stay much longer because they have a ride waiting for them." Shikamaru introduce them.

"Hi guys! So did you like the performance?" Naruto smiled at them.

"Yeah, you guys play really good." the one named Sean said in a quiet manner them. The other boy nodded along an agreement.

"Thank you for helping us out tonight. I know it must have not been easy." Hinata said with a slight bow of her head causing a blush to form on both boys.

Naruto smiled and then said "So do you guys want to take a quick selfie with us before you have to go catch a ride??"

It was like a dream come true for both the boys.

"Totally! Can we?" the one named Kobe asked making sure that this was okay. Hinata and Naruto nodded yes in agreement. Quickly both teen boys pulled out their phones and took selfies with the girls. "Thank you so much." both of the boys said repeatedly.

"Yeah no problem." Naruto said to them as they walked away and waving like they were on cloud nine.

Once the two boys were gone and out of sight Kiba spoke up, "I wonder if on Monday you guys will have more fan boys?"

"Oh stop it Kiba." Hinata said with a wave of her hand as she went back to start packing up.

Suddenly the four Freshman student council members appeared on stage. Choji noticed them, "Oh hey guys looks like the help that Neji was going to send is here. Hey come here and you guys can help me load my drum kit." Choji smiled.