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Tsukuyomi Clan





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Chapter One: Introductions

Things were racing too fast. No time to think, not time to stop and ask questions! He was catching up and he was catching up fast!



The dangerous thunks of kunai hitting the tree trunks around me were urging me to move faster, the heels of my black ninja shoes leaving the branches as soon as they touched. The wind whistled around me. I felt like I was running out of time.

He'd be on me in a second if I turned to fight!

This was such a hassle sometimes.

Pushing off another tree branch, I took my chance and whirled around, clasping my hands in a hand sign and switching off to another one before pointing my index finger and middle finger together out. A long, jagged bolt of blue electricity shot forward and crackled through the air like a spider web billowing in the wind. I managed to catch my balance on a tree branch, watching with satisfaction as my plan worked. I heard a loud yelp of surprise as the trees in the woods started to topple toward the center, where I had sent my chakra as electricity. I folded my arms over my chest, watching and listening as I killed another group of trees.

Good thing I wasn't some kind of activist trying to save the planet or else this would be bad.

Moments passed before I felt a kunai touch my throat. I frowned at the warm puff of breath on the back of my neck and realized I had lost again.

"Too slow." Came Nero's snicker as he lowered the kunai from my neck. I flashed him a quick glare, pale lavender eyes making it hard to look vicious as he stepped away from me. He was two years older than me with cool gray hair, a bluish tint to it, and aqua green eyes. He was looking pretty damn proud right now too. I looked up as another figure landed on the branch with us.

"Damn! That was terrible!" My brother, Akira, yelled, wiping sweat from his brow. I frowned at him as he tied his shoulder length black hair into its ponytail with the red bow. Despite his periwinkle eyes looking tired, he was showing excitement all over his face.

"She's gotten stronger with Ninjutsu," Nero commented, folding his arms over his chest, "But she sucks at detecting an enemy." I was tempted to hit him, but decided against it and settled for rolling my eyes at him. He flashed me a grin anyway.

Everyone knew, even me, that he was a flirt and obviously liked me… Well, yelling it out during the placements of our squads said it all when he leapt up, yelling out loud.

I was only a thirteen-year-old Genin, on a team full of boys, one being my third eldest brother, Akira, and the other member a family friend, Nero. Our sensei, my oldest brother, Kazuya, had told us to train before we went to Konohagakure for the Chuunin Exams. I for one thought it was a waste of time. My second oldest brother, Hioshi, got to Chuunin level by simply saving someone's life… And he doesn't get to go anywhere, which I envied a lot. Work just wasn't my thing, ya know?

"Anyway," Akira said with a tired yawn, stretching, "That should be enough. Kazuya's probably waiting up ahead for us at the gates."

"Think we're set for these exams?" Nero asked.

"Oh, definitely! We're fucking undefeated!" Akira whooped and shot up ahead. I smacked my forehead, making Nero smirk before we both took off. We were an odd squad. Akira and his boisterous attitude. Nero with his cockiness… Then me, the lazy thinker. I wasn't all that smart like Hioshi, but I could think about different things.

Kazuya said that was my problem.

My thoughts went all over the place and sometimes I said stupid things out loud. I felt stupid for it, but looking at my teammates made me feel so much better.

Our shoes hit branches as we sped through the bright spring leaves in silence. I glanced at Akira, who seemed to be lost in thought as he ran, a smirk plastered on his face almost eternally. It hardly left his face, meaning he was always mischievous. Kazuya said Akira looked most like our late father, but certainly didn't dress like it.

Akira liked wearing these dark loose fitting hoodies with bandages wrapped around the elbows to match his many-pocketed shorts to go along with his tightly fit shoes. His headband was crooked on his head, brushing his bangs up over his face.

Nero dressed a little more… I don't know, better, I guess. Wearing a black open cloak that had a maroon fringe, the sleeves torn at the bicep and a pair of gray pants, deep purple flames climbing the legs. He also had bandages wrapped around his right arm to the elbow… He never took them off and never told me what was underneath them, so I never asked. On his other arm, he wore a black stubbed band around his elbow that was chained to a black cuff around his wrist. He said it signified the bondage he has with our village. I respected that. He also carried a very interesting weapon. A maul that he kept strapped to his back. I once asked him if it was heavy and he just grinned at me and said he would lift the world for me, so I stopped asking.

As for my brother, Kazuya, Akira was constantly being lectured by him. Kazuya acted like a father to my brothers and I since our father… Was killed when we were young. He was a tall guy with deep black hair, hints of bluish purple in there, and it was spiked off to the right, save for a random long strand near his bangs on the left. He was strong and was the perfect leader for us, even if he was always getting after Akira, pushing me past my limits, and basically smacking Nero around…

Arriving at the gates of Konohagakure, Kazuya was waiting for us, dressed in his Sand Jounin uniform with another Jounin from the Leaf, who kept puffing smoke from his cigarette. It reminded me of Nero and I almost gagged when we stopped by them under a cloud of smoke.

"So, this is your team? Nice to meet ya! Name's Sarutobi Asuma!" He greeted. Nero and Akira just stared at him. I frowned.

"Tsukuyomi Ruriko." I responded to his greeting and elbowed Akira, who blinked and laughed nervously.

"Tsukuyomi Akira." He answered. Nero stayed silent until Kazuya smacked him in the back of the head, making him yelp out his name. Asuma chuckled, took a drag on his cigarette, then puffed it out. Nero was staring at the cigarette like a baby did candy. I made a mental note to hit him for that too.

"Well, come in and register. I've got your papers and everything." Asuma said with a grin. Kazuya smiled back, looking at little tired when he did so. I could tell he was exhausted from traveling with a night's sleep. He wanted to get here early so we would have time to mingle, but I could tell it had taken a toll on him.

After departing with Asuma, Kazuya was leading us through the village, which was actually pretty cool. The heavy scent of food wavered through the air, torturing my stomach. I wanted to ask for food, but Kazuya would probably whine about it, so I stayed silent. That's when I remembered Nero staring at Asuma's cigarette and hit him for it. He yelped.

"What was that for?" He cried, holding the back of his head as Akira laughed out loud.

"For acting like a juvenile delinquent." I responded flatly.

"You're one to talk, Ruriko." Kazuya mumbled to me. I looked up at him.

"At least I don't smoke and drink and do bad things like him." I stated, pointing. Nero's eye twitched and he was trying to force a smile, but it was epically failing. Akira was still laughing. The rest of the walk was quiet as Kazuya registered the hotel. He had just enough ryo to get two rooms. I got my own… The issue was Kazuya sharing a room with the boys, which immediately broke out in argument, which was pretty funny to watch if you think about it.

"I am so not sleeping with him!" Akira protested first, pointing a finger at Nero and hitting him in the nose. Nero slapped his hand away, clamping a hand over his nose and glaring back at him.

"Yea, really. He's a pain in the ass." He agreed. Kazuya glared down at them, like some kind of vulture.

"We're sharing because it's all the money I have! Do I look like I'm made of money?"

"You could be!" Akira yelled back stupidly, earning a sweat-drop from Nero, Kazuya, and I. I loved my brother very much, but he could be so stupid sometimes. However, that was that. Kazuya declared that they would share a room while I got my own, even though Akira said he'd rather sleep in the same room with me than with him and Nero. That didn't go over well either. I thought it was a little silly. I wouldn't mind sleeping in the same room with Akira…

He mumbled secrets in his sleep.

Hioshi told me since he taped Akira sleeping one time.

Getting settled in wasn't so hard… Kazuya even let us go out so we could get to know the village. The first place on our list of visits was somewhere with food, which wasn't very hard to find. We found a nice little ramen shop and blew off some of Nero's money.

"This ramen is actually pretty good…" I finally said as I finished a second bowl. Akira raised an eyebrow.

"We could tell. You ate that so fast, I missed your first bite." He commented, just finishing his first bowl. Nero had barely touched his, leaning on his elbow and watching me.

"What else can you do with your mouth?" He asked with a wide grin. I stared at him.

"Disgusting!" Akira cried, glaring at Nero. I smirked. It was fun having Akira around when Nero was trying to flirt. He acted like such a child sometimes. After our lunch, we headed to the training field… Where our troubles began…

Nero and Akira were ranting about Kazuya's behavior as we came to the training grounds, only to find it was occupied. Not by Leaf Shinobi, however. These shinobi seemed to be from the Rain Village.

The first one was a short, lanky boy with slicked back black hair and a spider web of scars in the corner of his right eye. His eyes were very pale red, almost pink. He wore a pair of baggy black pants, but that was it. His chest was tattooed with spider webs with a spider crawling to his neck. I thought it was disgusting. I hated spiders.

The second shinobi was a female with red hair in a bob cut, her eyes mismatched blue and green. She wore a simple deep blue jumpsuit with knee high black boots. She had a twin, a boy, wearing a black shirt with fishnet long sleeves and a red band around his head to match his pants. None of them looked friendly when we came either.

"So, you're joining the Chuunin Exams, huh?" The spider boy asked, hearing Akira shout. Akira looked up, frowning.

"Yea, so what's it to you?" He demanded. I glared at him for being a smart ass, but he ignored me. The spider boy smirked at Akira tauntingly.

"We're joining too. Get ready to cry because we're the best in our village." He responded.

"Then how come you're not Chuunin already?" Nero dared to ask. I glared at him, but he only elbowed my shoulder. I looked at the spider boy, who looked right at me.

"And what's your name, kiddie?" He grinned, showing off rows of sharpened teeth. I stared at him blankly for a moment.

"It's rude not to introduce yourself first." I muttered. He was still smirking at me.

"Name's Hajin. My teammates are Zoki and Ayano… How about now, kiddie?" He asked. I was tempted to rush it, get it across that I was not a 'kiddie'. I could kick ass as well as my teammates.

"My name," I said, cutting off Akira who was about to answer, "Is Tsukuyomi Ruriko. This is Tsukuyomi Akira and Nero… You're pretty cocky for someone who's so short." Akira and Nero both looked at me as if I stepped on a landmine. Hajin stared at me, then slowly smirked again.

"You're cute for a kid. How old are you? Ten?"

"Thirteen, jackass."

"And such a mouth for a kid… He your brother?" He looked at Akira, who glared.

"What's it to ya?" Akira demanded icily. Nero had instinctively grabbed my arm when Hajin said 'cute', as if he were trying to show he was possessive. If Kazuya was here, he'd smack his head and Hajin's heads together like melons. Hajin took a step at Akira, but I spoke up.

"Back off, shorty. I'm the one smart-mouthing you." I stated.

"Ruriko!" Nero and Akira both said this at the same time. Hajin grinned at me.

"I hate hurting girls… But for you, I'll make an exception." He said and barely had time to do anything before I had a hand sign in one hand, the other pointed at him. Hajin's eyes flashed in time for a spark of electricity to burst from my fingers, catching Hajin on the cheek and making him jump back a step. Where the electricity had sliced him, a thin scratch began to seep blood down his chin and the skin was slightly charred around the edges. He glared at me.

"Ruriko!" Akira cried, exasperated. Nero frowned and jumped to attention when one of the twins moved forward. He reached round and tore his maul from its place, slamming it into the ground and making rubble flutter up. Akira and I jumped back as well as the opposite team. Nero eyed the twin that had moved, Zoki, who's mismatched eyes lifted.

"One more step and it won't be the ground I hit." He threatened, his voice had hardened and it made me uneasy. I hated Nero when he was really angry. He just wasn't himself. Hajin smirked from behind Zoki.

"Let it go… We'll battle them during the exams." Hajin said. Zoki seemed to obey. Nero frowned, swinging his maul back into place and folding his arms over his chest. Hajin grinned at us.

"Well… At least I know his weakness… As for you two… I'll figure that out soon enough." He said, then whirled around and shot off with Zoki and Ayano at his tail. I frowned.

"What a jerk." I stated.

"Ruriko! Why did you antagonize him?" Akira demanded angrily. I stared at him.

"You should've left that to us…" Nero muttered. I rolled my eyes, folding my arms over my chest.

"I can do what I want, when I want. You guys are not in charge of me. You guys started it, I added to it, he ended it. I'm pretty disappointed in both of you myself." I retorted.

"What did we do?" Nero and Akira cried in unison.

"You," I said, pointing at Nero, "Showed him your stupid weakness, so now he'll know what to do. And you," I looked at Akira, "You're the one who started it by being mouthy, putting on a bad example for me. You both suck." I was a little peeved that I always got the blame. Even so, Akira relaxed a little.

"Yea… You're right… Sorry about that." He sighed at last. Nero paused, looking at my glare as I waited for an apology too. He slowly smiled and I had to admit… His crooked smile was pretty cute.

"Sorry, Ruriko. I was out of line." He said. I nodded.

"That's right…. Now let's get to training!" I announced.


"Your name is Sakura?" Ruriko asked, looking at the pink-haired kunochi, who sat in the hot tub next to her. Sakura smiled.

"Yea. You must be Ruriko. Lee told me about you."

"Oh… The weird looking one?"

"Yea… It's too bad you guys didn't come the first round of Chuunin Exams… I had some pretty good teammates." Sakura sighed, looking sad for a moment. Ruriko frowned.

"Who were they?"

"… Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto."

"NOOOOOOO! IT'S NOT TRUE! I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!" Akira screamed, clasping his hands over his ears as the world around him shook.

"Akira! Akira, calm down!" Nero yelled, but it was useless as Hajin laughed out loud, his fingers controlling ever chakra string he had connected to the youngest Tsukuyomi brother…


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