3 days ASC

"Here they come!" shouted Katara, standing in the courtyard of the fire nation palace and pointing to the sky. Slowly, Zuko started descending the stairs to meet her.

It had been 3 days since the comet blazed across the sky. Katara and Zuko watched Appa slowly descend. Appa was carrying the other half of the victorious team having been dispatched from the fire nation capital soon after Azula's defeat. Katara and Zuko had learned of the battle and victory in the Wulong Forest via messenger hawk about 2 days ago. Not many specific details were given, but they were happy – and relieved – to hear that the war was finally won.

Once Appa had landed, the first thing Katara saw was Ozai, bound and restrained, being lowered from the gigantic saddle.

"Guards! Take him to the prison!" Zuko shouted. "I'll deal with him later."

Two fire nation guards swept Ozai up off of the ground where he had been kneeling and walked him away. He said nothing and did not acknowledge his son in any way.

Suki, Toph and Sokka soon dismounted the sky bison. Katara ran to her brother and gave him an enormous hug. "I'm so happy you are alive," she said to him.

"I'm alive, but did manage to hurt my leg. I guess that's not too bad considering we were jumping from airship to airship hundreds of feet in the air. Things could have been worse!"

"Well, you'll have to tell me all about your adventure then," said Katara.

"And I want to hear about yours as well," said Sokka. "I hear you had quite an adventure of your own."

"Hey, all in due time!" shouted Toph. "We just got here. Don't I get a hug, too?"

Katara and Sokka opened up their hug to include Toph. Soon, Zuko and Suki were included as well. Momo scurried from shoulder to shoulder as the group hugged each other. It had been only a week or two since they had their last group hug on Ember Island. Their separation to battle Ozai and Azula made it seem so long ago.

"Where's Aang?" asked Zuko.

"How can he still be sleeping?" Toph said to Sokka and Suki.

Suki responded, "I guess an epic battle with a Phoenix King and an extreme demonstration of energy bending will take the oomph right out of a person."

Katara climbed onto Appa and into his saddle. There was Aang, curled into a small ball – sleeping.

Katara gently caressed his cheek with her hand. "Aang." Nothing. No movement whatsoever. "Aang, " she said a bit louder, "you've made it back to the fire nation palace."

Slowly he stirred. He turned onto his back and let out a stretch. Rubbing his eyes, he finally got a look at who was sitting in front of him. Katara. He sat up and fiercely embraced her. "I've missed you," he said.