Chapter 2: Explanation

A/N: Sometimes, our mind plays the ancient game of perceiving falsely. Never trust anyone, even yourself.

I looked at the prisoner with disgust. Sweeping away my fringe, I plopped down on the chair. Opposite me, Cyrus looked smug. My eyes narrowed into a line.

"I believe that during the previous interrogation with Miss Cynthia, you have heard of the warning I gave about my officers," said Cyrus nonchalantly. His fingers drummed on the chrome table. Drup…Drup…

"But to force them into suicide! That would surely add to your list." I said desperately. Five! Five along with twenty more lives! Taken away by this monster without a shred of guilt!

"Cyanide gas seemed appropriate. It was a better alternative to bombs."

"Bombs! Are you mad?"

"No. Relatively anyway. Don't worry about me. My plan is going along well. In fact, it went spectacularly." His gray eyes stared straight into mine.

"Plan? Your plan to destroy the world, wipe out the human civilization?" I frowned, referring to the Cynthia's report.

"One, I'm not destroying the world, nothing that immaculate. Two, there wasn't a civilization in the first place. Look out to the world. Wars, famines, countries backstabbing each other, people distrusting their leaders, this is civilization? The word civilization means high-developed humans, from IQ, EQ, wealth, and health!"

I gulped. Cyrus was right. The state of the world was deteriorating rapidly. Pretty soon all of us is going to relive the Stone Age and don Pokemon fur. I shuddered, thinking about wearing my friends' furs, eating their flesh. A shiver went down my spine. Cyrus continued.

"My goal was not to destroy humans. I want to reconstruct the human mind, remake this universe. Have you ever stop to think why this world is so? Most humans think with their emotional mind, instead of their rational one! They should have thought about their future generation when they poured waste into the seas! They should thought about the Pokemon when they shaved the earth of forests! Civilization! Some advanced homo sapiens you lot turned out to be!" Cyrus's intonation grew fierce, but his face remained stone cold. I felt strangely ashamed. Our "civilization" has persevered over seven thousand years and yet we have so much on our hands. We, as a whole, have done heinous crimes, both to the environment, the Pokemon, and ourselves.

"You are a police officer, someone whom the feral humans hold in high esteem. And yet, you feel grief and disbelief over the deaths of twenty-five who sacrificed their lives to advance the human race to a better state, both mentally and physically. I can see why they take you so well." That brought me back to earth.

"You have just committed genocide!" I demanded, aghast.

"Twenty five, over infinite billions? Your choice, Officer Jenny, Your choice." His lips curled to a self-satisfied smile. He nodded absently.

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