A Life of Lies

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All Alice Academy characters are seventeen, except Aoi and Hijiri who are sixteen and Tsubasa and Misaki who are eighteen.

Rated T for language

Summary had been changed...

Summary: Mikan Sakura is the most popular girl, she has the school on her palm and everyone kissing the floor she walks on. But then she decides to date Natsume-even threatening him. She rules like a queen in school, having everything handed to her on a golden platter. But behind the glamour she puts on, she's filled with lies. As Natsume sees the ugly sides of Mikan, he begins to hate her. Until finally, Natsume brings Mikan down to the dept of humilation. Then everything she ever knew is taken away from her, her lies are out and the one to be cast out is-her. The decision of dating Natsume, might have been her downfall; the turning point in her golden life. Will she ever forgive Natsume? Revenge is a continuous cycle... Can love conquer hatred?

Chapter 1: You are Ugh—gly

"Today she's wearing a pair of high heels from Jimmy Choo, an Armani Rose skirt, to accompanied a DKNY graphic T-shirt—oh, and not to forget the signature 'M' shaped necklace specially made from Swarovski." Anna exclaimed, vigorously writing down the clothing and drawing simple sketches.

"Anna don't forget the Louis Vuitton hand bag." Nonoko added, as she studied the most popular girl in Alice Academy Private School. In here, staring was a common thing most did.

It wasn't just outcast staring admiringly at the popular, no, even one of the most popular admired her. Yes, Mikan Sakura the most beautiful and ever popular and still rising Mikan Sakura.

She had wavy brown hair that appeared almost bronze against the sun's rays; her eyes were a creamy chocolate brown, and the most pink and kissable lips that will put anyone to shame. Her nose was long and slim, curving at the end, while her high cheekbones had a natural blush.

She was a natural beauty to behold, and her body appeared like it had been painted and perfectly proportioned, by the Master Da Vinci.

She had every male tied at the tips of her finger—and some girls too—and she haven't even lifted said finger. Not only that, Mikan Sakura made the rules here.

And if she said you were ugly, not even a minute later you will be shunned from everyone, teachers included. On the contrary, if she said you were her friend you were automatically included in her clique.

Everyone hoped they weren't the former, and could rarely dream of being the latter—so it left with the only choice: to be the wallpaper.

That was good, but if you were ever in her attention and she happens to say the word "Ugly" at you—please leave ASAP—or your school life will be hell.

Now, let's go back to what Nonoko had been saying just a while ago…

"…Luna has a Miu Miu hand bag! The limited edition one too!" Nonoko gasped as she stared at the bag which probably costed $15,000.

"What do you expect? She comes from a millionaire family, which owns the Koizumi Corporation." Hotaru pointed out, sitting beside Yuu Tobita.

"O.M.G look at what Sumire is wearing!" Anna cried, barely containing her excitement.

Sumire Shoda and Luna Koizumi were Mikan's best friends and one of the most popular girls after Mikan. Luna had strawberry blonde hair reaching her shoulders, and crystal blue eyes that could melt any guy's heart. She's also famous for her beauty mark under her lip, and milky smooth skin.

On the other hand Sumire had greenish black hair that curls at the end, her eyes a deep forest green, and her skin a soft olive color. She was famous for her smile, and it lived up to its name: Cheshire Cat Devilry. Not because she was evil or anything, but for her mischief ways.

"Nothing less from the Shoda Entertainment Business." Hotaru spoke up once again, seemly unaffected from the Prada dress Sumire was wearing.

"Get out of here, did you just see that?" Nonoko's eyes widen, as she stared with shock filled eyes.

"You mean Mikan kissing Hiroki?" Yuu questioned, haft confused why it will be such a big deal. It wasn't a scandal or anything; everyone knew Mikan dated guys and broke up with them like a recycling system.

"No, I think she means Mikan breaking up with Hiroki and giving him a farewell kiss." Hotaru replied sarcastically, but soon regretted her words.

"She did? What did I miss?" Anna asked, her face turning business-like.

"She was being sarcastic Anna, and no that's not what I'm talking about. Is the fact that the Natsume Hyuuga is approaching Mikan." Nonoko explained, though her eyes were still glued to what will soon unfold.

"No way!" Anna's voice sounded like she had discovered gold or what these scandals could do to the school. Like maybe bringing it to an uproar.

Everyone knew that Sumire and Luna have a thing for Natsume, and the fact that they both had confessed their love doesn't help. Especially when the most popular guy had rejected them.

For one Natsume Hyuuga is the most unattainable guy in Alice Academy history. He's the only guy that hasn't succumbed to anyone.

Well at least that's what is known, except the fact that there is one girl that also hasn't been submitted into the Hyuuga otherworldly features.

Mikan Sakura is the name.

Big scandal for sure.

"Let's talk." Natsume's husky voice was heard throughout the lunchroom. Everyone was quietly waiting, just waiting to see what the most beautiful girl will do.

"Sure." Mikan answered in her casual yet sweet voice, making blushes appear left and right.

"Seems like Hiroki is gone for good." Hotaru said in her matter of fact tone, before returning to the crab brains before her.

"I should write this down for the school journal." Anna said, but even before the sentence was completed she had already begun writing in an exceedingly fast pace.

On the other side of the cafeteria, Luna and Sumire stood glaring at the door Natsume and Mikan had just left.

Oh, why did it have to be Mikan Sakura?

"Well then, what did you want to talk about?" Mikan asked, as she sat in one of the benches outside the school yard.

"You know damn well why." Came the cold replied, as crimson eyes narrowed.

"Oh, do I?" Mikan widen her eyes feigning innocence.

"Don't act dumb, I came here to tell you that no matter—"

"No matter what? That you won't date me? That you will risk your little sister happiness? Puh-lease, this is not a yes or no question. I'm telling you to date me." Mikan threw her mock ignorance away, her voice sharper than before and deathlier as well. The creamy chocolate eyes seem to darken as she stood up and glared, with such a force it surprised Natsume.

"I'm saying no two faced bitch." Natsume responded with wicked speed, seemly covering his surprise.

"Ow, that really hurt. My heart is breaking—well keep on thinking Natsume—I'm not a little girl playing with fire. I know very well what backstabbers are, and when insults are thrown at my face. And it doesn't affect me. I'm not telling you to love me, but to date me, just so everyone sees I can get any guy. Then we break up and that's all, what will it hurt?"

Mikan continued in the same cold-blooded tone:

"But, if you refuse—your sister will suffer and not even the well known Hyuuga name can protect her. What else? Your group of friends can also say goodbye to popularity, and—"

"So? Is not like popularity matters—"

"It matters, Natsume. Although if you want proof I can show it to you right now," Mikan smirked, but none of that seems to decrease her beauty. No, it only complemented her features even more.

Mikan took out her cell phone, texted something and then returned it back to its place. Natsume stared confusedly, what could texting change?

And then inside the school laugher and screams could be heard. Before Natsume knew it, a boy named Hiroki ran from the same door Natsume and Mikan had just walked.

He was covered in lunch food and milk all over and not too long, came a bunch of people chasing after said male.

"You see what I can do? That could have been one of your friends or your sister." Mikan gazed at her ex-boyfriend that was right now running for his life.

Natsume stared at the brunette beside him, studying her features for any changes. But there was none to be seen, she wore a sweet smile, and her eyes appeared to be made of glass. Nothing could betray her feelings or thoughts.

Right then, he realized that this wasn't just a dumb popular girl that had won everyone with her beauty. In fact, he could see it; she was a mastermind behind that glamour. If she had been just a dumb girl, she wouldn't be at the top of the pyramid, but instead at the very bottom.

"Just a simple text to everyone in the school 'Hiroki is Ugly.' And there you have the results." Mikan stated, like she was talking about what 2 + 2 will equal.

"Although if you want to see a hard stoned proof, I can just text 'Aoi Hyuuga is an Outcast.' And then you will be able to see what bullying really is." Her voice was back to casual and sweet, but what she spoke was anything but casual or sweet.

Her words are rules in the school, and it sounded so true right then.

"Natsume, popularity does matter." Mikan returned her gaze back to his, and right then as the sun's rays hit her hair it seems to turn bronze.

"So what's your answer?" She pulled a smiled, that could have given anyone a heart attack, but Natsume only stared it in disgust.

"You're a two faced bitch."

"Isn't that how society is?" She countered calmly.

"Not everyone is like you."

"I admit, no one is like me, because I am Mikan Sakura. But there are many that have two faces, like for example: Luna. She has the appearance of an angel, everyone believes her and is enchanted by her, but she uses her beauty to make everyone her slaves. Sumire is also one of them. She's talkative and always supportive, but behind your back she's a backstabber. And you know who else is a two faced? You, Natsume Hyuuga."

Even as the brunette spoke, she looked completely normal. Like she was complementing her friends, and not the other way around. But what shocked Natsume was the last part.

"You wear a poker mask that hides your emotions. You appear aloof but you care for your friends. So I know you won't be able to reject what I have proposed to you."

There was a minute of silence, Mikan had forgotten about the bench but instead gazed at the basketball court. She watched as her ex-boyfriend got beat up, and through all that she still manage to look normal.


It was a quiet answer, barely above a whisper but Mikan heard it. Her face lit in what appeared to be happiness, but Natsume knew better.

"Well then, let's go back and enjoy our lunch." And with that, she dragged him back to the cafeteria, seemly forgotten about her ex-boyfriend lying on the court all bloodied.

Natsume felt himself shiver as she held his hand. It wasn't warm but ice cold, even through the smooth and soft skin it felt dead.

"Two weeks will past by in no time, and then we can welcome the break up." She said in what sounded like excitement, and then the door opened and inside her clique greeted her in warm smiles.

It was all an act.

Because behind these smiles, it was a vicious grin just waiting to attack. Natsume could finally see it, how many were two faced and fake. Maybe that's how society really is.

"I can't believe Natsume asked you out Mikan, I mean O. M. G!" Sumire clapped her hands, putting on a cheerful face.

"I'm sure when this bell rings it will be all over the school." Luna chimed, her eyes glued to Natsume for a second.

"I know, it will be such a scandal." Mikan replied, releasing a sigh which caused others to sigh as well. The brunette knew, that this complements and talk was all just something meant to do, yet not something welcomed.

Like saying: "That dress looks ah-mazing on you!"

Translates to: "That dress is oh-rrible girl."

"Anyway, I think today will be it." Mikan smiled her billion watts smile, and she stood up pulling Natsume as well. Their hands had been connected ever since they entered the lunchroom, and will be for awhile.

No one questioned what Mikan did, and as she left everyone turned back to another topic. When she said 'Today will be it.' she meant I'm leaving school, don't bother me.

Once outside the cafeteria and into a hallway Mikan spoke up.

"I'm going home." Mikan announced, as she stood before Natsume with her shoulders slanted in a casual way.

"Do you skip school often?" Natsume questioned half-heartedly.

"Does it matter? My teachers overlook my absents, so why not put it into use?" Came the bored reply, no longer sweet but monotonous.

Anyone would have flinched at that kind of dead voice, but Natsume ignored it by shrugging his shoulders. This girl had so many sides of her, and none of them were pretty.

"Ta ta." Came once again the pure and innocent voice, too sweet for Natsume's taste.

With that said, the brunette left through the entrance and Natsume watched as she slowly disappeared. She was right, no one cared that she skipped school as long as she held the top grades. Even the guards waved as she left, and bypassing students bowed to her in respect.

How could she have the school kissing her feet without even trying?

"Welcome home Miss Mikan, there's a message for you." The maid named Chizu said in her soft polite voice, her hands clasped together.

"From who?" Mikan asked nonchalantly, walking her way to her bedroom.

"Your mother, she said she will be away for awhile."

"A business trip?"

"Yes, is in London. She said she will call when she is free." Chizu replied, standing beside the rich wooden door and courteously opening it.

"You are dismissed." Mikan told her calmly, watching as she bowed and closed the door.

"When is she ever free?" Mikan muttered to herself.

She stared at the Louis Vuitton bag that had costed her two thousand dollar, seemly unimportant, nothing mattered at the moment. A rage she had never felt before, settle inside her, and before she knew it she had thrown her LV bag across the room. A Chinese vase that had costed five thousand dollar was destroyed along the way, ruining the LV bag.

Yet, she didn't care, even if she were to mutilate her whole wardrobe that will equal to one million dollar. Mikan just wanted to break everything, herself included.

She took the picture frame that sat on the coffee table beside her queen size bed. She was ready to throw it, to destroy the only family picture she had. Just then hesitation filled inside her, replacing her rage.

This family picture was irreplaceable, unlike all the expensive items and clothing in her room.

Mikan sighed, struggling to keep her frustration inside. I'm Mikan Sakura, she reminded herself. She was perfect from head to toes, therefore she had to appear aloof and calm at all times. She had to…

She puts back the picture that had been taken when she was six with her parents in the beach, back to its original place, before falling onto her soft bed.

Mikan stared for awhile, wondering why nothing could remain as the way it used to be. Everything she had ever known and loved disappeared before her eyes, and she couldn't stop it. They were a happy family, until her father had died of heart failure, that's when everything had gone down the drain. That's when the old Mikan disappeared with her dad as well.

Mikan took a deep breath, clearing her mind of depressing stuff. So instead she took her cell phone, and texted to her friends, and her new boyfriend.

"Meet me in LaRue at nine."

Maybe a drink and some dancing will release her stress.

And hopefully she will forget everything.

"Natsume why haven't you changed?" A girl of sixteen years old asked. She wore a mini skirt, a bright tank top, long earrings, and metallic high heels.

"Why should I?" Natsume countered, staring with a frown at the choice of her clothing.

"Why should you not? Mikan invited us; of course we have to go." Aoi replied with excitement, it will be her first time in a club.

"You are not going." Her brother remarked, returning his gaze back to the manga.

"I'm sixteen! You can't order me around, and is Mikan Sakura here we are talking about." Aoi replied instead, walking her way to the couch and picking up her Gucci purse.

Natsume thought about it, remembering Mikan's words:

'Your sister will suffer and not even the well known Hyuuga name can protect her.'

He couldn't let his little sister get hurt, and since she was so stubborn there was no choice.

"I'm going." And with that said, Natsume stood up and took his car keys.

"Mikan is late." Luna said impatiently, while her right foot tapped the marvel floor.

"She should be coming." Sumire said uncaringly, her eyes glued to the raven haired that had just walked into the club.

"Natsume is here." Sumire whispered, her cheeks flushing with color as she said the name.

At the mention of the name that could never leave Luna's mind, her blue eyes started searching for a raven haired male. Without a delay, she immediately spotted him; everyone was making way for him like he owned the floor. They both sighed, enchanted by his appearance.

Until a girl with wavy brown hair stood beside him, and took his hand into hers. There was no need to guess which girl would even dare to touch Natsume without their approval, for there was only one girl who could ever do it without getting killed by his fan club.

And that was Mikan Sakura.

Luna and Sumire couldn't understand why Natsume would ever choose her.

Mikan came from a rich family, and owned the Sakura Cosmetics. Currently their cosmetics are used world widely, and equally big; rivaling the Shiseido Cosmetic.

So she is rich, but Luna and Sumire wasn't that far away. Although is known that Mikan is a model, and does commercial for many different labels.

Even so, they couldn't understand how Mikan had risen to the very top of the chain of popularity. She did it so fast that Luna and Sumire haven't known what had hit them, until they too were kissing the floor Mikan had walked on.

How had she done it?

-Mikan POV-

"Wow, how did you get us inside? The guards just let us in as soon as he saw you, not even asking for ID." Aoi exclaimed, her eyes shining with curiosity.

"My family owns this club." I replied, watching as the employees bowed at me, and customers greeted me. I have been coming here for a year, everyone practically knew me.

When my mom found out I was coming to this club, she bought it. It was her way to know where I was, how to protect me, and keep me controlled. And I guess, I didn't care—that just meant that will be her limit in controlling me. After all, this wasn't the only place I could go to.

"That's so cool!" Aoi commented cheerfully, it was good to have someone as sweet and pure as her once in awhile. But bad to get too involve with me.

"Thank you." I said kindly, pretending to be a polite lady my father would had been proud of, and not instead and snobbish princess.

I turned to meet Natsume's gaze, it was starting to irritate me that his eyes kept following me. I lifted my head so I could whisper into his ear.

"No need to be so cautious." I could feel him tense, but he didn't move away. It was the other way around, he leaned forward his lips against my ear.

"I'm not." His voice was husky and seductive, and I'm sure it will have caused any girl to blush in happiness right then. Oh, Natsume—I wasn't just any girl, it will take more than that to see me blush.

"Good then." I smiled; one that I was sure will make any guy fall head over heels for me. Yet Natsume proved he wasn't just any guy, the moment he shrugged his shoulders had said it all.

There's always a next time.

We arrived at the VIP floor, and immediately I see my group of friends and Natsume's sitting in our usual table. Sumire waved, her cat like smile decorating her face.

Once seated on the black leather couch, I introduced Aoi to my friends.

"Have you met Aoi? She's my friend."

"Nice to meet you." Aoi greeted, her face appearing truly happy.

"Same." Sumire replied, while Luna nodded in agreement.

"I see you guys had ordered your drinks." I pointed out, lightly leaning against Natsume.

"We ordered yours as well." Luna said, her smile slightly forced.

"Well then, why don't your friends introduce themselves?" I gazed at Natsume's friends that had been sitting across from me.

"I'm sure you know who we are." Mochiage or known as Mochu snapped. His popularity wasn't bad; not only is he a jock, but very liked by others. Even with that kind of personality, he is acknowledged by the popular and a friend of Natsume—enough for him to be in my clique.

"What's with your attitude, Mochu?" Wakako defended, her palms set on the low metal table. "Do you know who you are speaking to?" she continued, her voice at edge.

"I know all too well, Princess Mikan right? The girl that doesn't lift a finger? Or even the need to speak? Fragile as glass?" Mochu mocked, his eyes blazing as we held each other's gaze.

"Mochu—" Natsume spoke up, but it was too late—insults don't affect me, but I still need to put people back in their places. Below me, low class and obedient, that's where they belong.

"Is true that I don't need to lift a finger for things to be done for me, and surely there are people that speak for me when I don't have to bother with people such as you. But I am not fragile, and if I wanted to I could shower you in misery and pain." I said in a low voice, void of emotions but dangerous all the same.

"Do you want to see what I can do to you, eh?" I asked sweetly, cocking my head to the side and lifting a fake smile. I could see Mochu pale, but his face still remained as it was before.

Everyone quieted, waiting for Mochu or me to speak, and surely enough it was the former that had spoken.

"I'm not scared bitch."

"Then come to school tomorrow, ugly."

To be continued…

I'm sure you're starting to hate Mikan, and I would too, but because I know how the story goes I can't hate her. You will understand once we go deeper into the story. Is my first time writing the main character as a bad person but hopefully it won't ruin the story. Anyway—

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